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Standard RP rules

---> Please respect all other members of the site. This means no petty or nasty arguments, foul language, spam or anything else deemed unnecessary or rude. If you have a problem with another user or even one of our staff members, please PM an appropriate member of staff and they will deal with the issue as best they can. This means excessive In RP language as well, please note at the top of your topic if it is going to be highly vulgar. Realistically we all speak the way the makes us feel comfortable the key factor in this rule is to be respectful. If the language or topic legitimately offends someone then be respectful and discontinue. If your topics contain material that is unsuitable for the PG-13 crowd please label the topic appropriately. Please no XXX topics. Failure to comply with this rule will result in warnings, followed by suspension and then a ban.

---> We ask you to please maintain a consistent high-standard of role-play on this site. Please try to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation as accurate as you can. This will help everyone understand and enjoy their roleplay with you and other members. However, knowing that we do have members whom are not as precise on the site as others, we are very lenient on this rule, and don't enforce it unless someone is being deliberately belligerent with another member while RPing, to the point where their intentions are insulting and angering the member. Among all things this is a place where roleplayers can not only come to have fun and showcase their talent but also where they may come to learn and sharpen their skills. This rule works both ways. If a member is not on the level of roleplay you are on try to give constructive criticism or say nothing at all. No member should be tore down or made to feel inferior because they rp differently or at a certain level.

---> Only members of staff may post on application threads such as character applications and other things. If you are not a member of staff and you post on one such thread, your post will be deleted and you may receive a warning. Certain members may be given special permission to post on applications. Please show them as much respect as you would a moderator or administrator. Failure to comply with the member will lead to exactly what failure to follow a moderator or administrator's instructions would be, lack of approval. To keep clutter and confusion down and not intimidate or confuse members there will be a limit to 2 mods in the approval process of any applications(this does not include admins).

---> Please refrain from double-posting. Instead, edit your previous post. There are certain exceptions such as training or when an opponent has been skipped due to delay.

---> Characters may be in multiple topics as long as the sequence of threads is made aparent. However characters can only be in one country at a time. meaning you cannot be in the North pole while you are in Ba sing Se.

---> Please do not spam. Excessive posting, in one topic repetitively, noted more than double posting is an example. Posting unnecessary comments or otherwise in character or out of character posts that are not approved of by everyone else within the topic are ill advised. An example of this would be entering a topic with a few posts to deliberately intrude on others who are role playing, without proper cause. We will delete posts and issue warnings if you do not adhere to this rule. This rule also applies to spamming in the C-box as well and includes but not limited to repetitive text, imaging, scrollers and bots.

---> This forum is PG-13. Adult content, foul language and anything else considered 'beyond' this age rating will be removed and can result in warnings, suspension or even an immediate ban. We would appreciate it if no topics are sexual but if there is a topic where it will get excessivly bloody please note in the title. However, we would also appreciate it if there are no excessive detail in the gutting of someone or if there was none of that at all.

---> Advertising your own site is not allowed. We would enjoy it if you would stay here and have fun but if you decide to leave the site we will sadly miss you but do not go into the C-box and tell everyone of your new site that you are making and tell our members to leave and join it. Nor in PMs would we love for you not to advertise.

---> Our staff members are busy people and have their own lives to lead. Please do not bug them about checking applications unless absolutely necessary. Constantly asking a moderator or administrator to do something often gets irritating and it is possible for your application to be at the bottom of the check list. Please, respect all staff in this manner and your topics will be check relatively quicker. Only bump topics once every 24 hours. Do not nag moderators in the chatbox to continuously check your submissions. Allow moderators at the very least 48 hours if your application has not been checked PM an admin. DO NOT ask an admin to check your application. An admin may help out and check applications but it is their job to maintain the order of the site and they usually have a large amount of work themselves. Do not nag admins for permissions you may submit a permission one time if you do not receive a reply the answer is no.

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General Site Rules
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