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 Zevas Chikyū kasai (WIP)

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PostSubject: Zevas Chikyū kasai (WIP)   Fri Apr 20, 2012 10:19 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Zevas Chikyū kasai
Age: 16
Gender: Male



Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Earth Nation
Bending Element: Fire
Specialty: Feint-Feint is the ability to hide, trick your target and even seem as if you are magic, They are extremely good at hiding and staying hidden, they can conceal weapons and other objects and are extremely good at tricking other people. they are also good at pursauding and speech craft making them very sly people.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Hardened Skin
Range: Self
Description: Zevas, being born in the Earth nation, but his parents being from the Fire nation, Zevas didnt get much of the adaptibility to fire as if he were born and raised in the Fire Nation. INSTEAD, his skin had hardened slightly to become callous to the fire he produces as not to harm him. Fire still harms him just not as much as originally.

Name: Fire Touch
Range: touch
Description: Zevas is able to ignite items by touching them, but instead of burning the item he instead coats it with fire, which it then can be used as a weapon with a fire element. (lasts till the weapon item hits something and the fire will cause burn damage then go away)

Name: Instantaneous Combustion
Range: As far as one can bend fire
Description: Instead of forming fire by him, Zevas is able to form fire as far as his bending capabilities reach. He cannot form fire where fire cant be formed, so he couldnt form it in water or inside an arm or something.

Name: Conscious Body Heat
Range: self
Description: Zevas is able to increase the temperature of his body to high temperatures, causing things touching him to start to burn first degree burns.

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation


Name: Fire Hands
Rank: Recruit
Element: Fire
Range: Touch
Description: Zevas will ignite his forearms, covering them in flame. This does not hurt him but causes him discomfort and will burn what he touches.

Name: Jet
Rank: Recruit
Element: Fire
Range: self - 10 meters
Description: Zevas will eject fire from his hands/feet, propelling him along the ground or through the air at a speed of 20mph.

Name: Flame Orb
Rank: Captain
Element: Fire
Range: 5 Meters
Description: Zevas will extend his arms out to the side and spin, forming a shield of fire around him.

Name: Fire Breath
Rank: Captain
Element: Fire
Range: 15m
Description: Zevas can breathe fire, whether it be in a stream or a wide arc.

Name: Exploding Bullets
Rank: General
Element: Fire
Range: 20m shooting range 8feet explosion
Description: Zevas will form his hand into a makeshift gun shape. The using his fire bending abilities he will shoot out small orbs of fire (golf ball size) and when they hits something it will expand into a 8 foot diameter orb.

Name: Fire Dragon
Rank: General
Element: Fire
Range: 40 meters
Description: Zevas will form fire and move his arms in a fluid motion, the fire will mold itself into a serpent like dragon. The dragon is ten meters long and moves to the movements and will of Zevas. As with all fire it does burn damage and General limitations

Specialty skills:

Name: Hidden Heat
Specialty: Feint
Ability: Zevas is able to send out an invisible heat wave, like the warning before the tornado. Where ever the wave is it can be instantly ignited and will cause damage to the rank the person is.


Special Abilities:


Name: chokutō
Range: 3 feet
Rank: Captain
Special Abilities: No matter what bending ability the user has the sword can channel the energy from the element to use as an attack. Thus if the user had fire they could channel fire through it, making the blade hot and burning what it touches, possibly melting the item or catching it on fire.
Origin: The sword was made from a special material, hard as steel but it could channel chi. It was a sword made, only a few existed, and Zevas found it.

Name: Glaive
Range: 20 meters
Rank: General
Special Abilities: Always comes back to the owner
Origin: The glaive has a gem inside of its center that recognizes its owner's chi and will return to it. This was given to Zevas by his uncle.

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:
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Zevas Chikyū kasai (WIP)
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