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 Daisuke Haruko [Done]

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PostSubject: Daisuke Haruko [Done]   Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:13 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Daisuke Haruko
Age: 16
Gender: Male


" My eyes..Cannot be deceived. I see the path this world is leading down. And I'll stop it if I can. "

Daisuke was blessed with beautiful long, black hair. Many often believed he takes after his mother, with flawless skin and gentle features. His hair has a shine that ripples down to the middle of his back, he ties his hair with a black band, so he want look like a female. Being noted on many times being beautiful when his hair is in full affect. The only feature on his face that isn't soft would be his straight grimace smile and his aloof, stern stare. Daisuke's crimson eyes hints at a childhood filled with pain and hatred, for only one who knows pain would have such a discouraging and a hopeless gaze. He has short bangs hanging above his eyes and longer bangs reaching past his face on the sides of them. His father in many ways is proud of his looks and in others are jealous of them. His is 5'7" and weights 123lbs, his body is a testimony the intense will that all fire benders have. His washboard stomach is packed tightly with four upper abs and etched muscles in his arm.

Simple in the traditions of the Fire Nation's attire. Daisuke can often be seen wearing a simple black , longsleeve black t-shirt . His neck is adorn with a necklace, that has quality string going through it with four, medium size, golden column shape stones in them. He usually has a black or purple sash tied to his waist over his shirt, giving a small skirt above his thighs. His dark jeans are tucked into black femur high boots. A golden bracelet with the design of two dragons meeting in fire is placed on his wrist. The design was etched into the gold by what seems to be a masterfully artist. On his arm over his long sleeve is a blue headband with long tails, tied around his bicep.

Personality: Daisuke is very stern in nature. He believes strongly in keeping the peace and balance in the world. Though he tries to maintain this part of his personality along side a more playful and cheery him. He walks around his home and the nation with a sense of understanding following close behind him. Though he hate to admit it, his most dominant trait is probably his curiosity. The need to want and desire to understand the actions and courses of others. By far the most puzzling to him is the power and intricates that allows the avatar to bend all four elements. If the legends are true, than why those the planet reincarnates itself in these beings ? and why them ? Do they possess some quality that the others don't. Why not him ? Is he lacking that special trait that the planet is looking for. Either way he digs deep into the actions of others and tries to understand them. His mother says this is a special, she said that empathy is something that most people will never understand. Daisuke is a very caring individual, very loyal, and most of all very complex person. He doesn't even understand himself some times but continues to dive deeper into what makes him ticks.

A very calm, yet condescending combatant. He could look his opponents in the eyes and without doubt proclaim their loss. He use to do this to a childhood friend, but as time progress he was quickly outclassed by the boy. Still though he trains constantly with him and tries to improve his fire bending skills along side him. He very persistent, thinking he could fight for ages, when he actually was quite tired. His enduring spirit is what has helped him reach his rank at such a young age. His fighting is very unorthodox, he fights with unprecedented styles, switching up where he needs too to combat with his opponents. Though there is one thing that remains constant, Daisuke's constant and eerie glare towards his opponents. His eyes becomes piercing and almost demonic with its red hue.

Rank Information:

Rank: Captain
Nation: Fire Nation
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Fire
Specialty: Tactician-Tacticians are smart battle ready individuals. They can focus in battle and have increased reaction time. They are fully aware of everything going on and can stay alert no matter what. this allows them to interact with multiple targets and be aware of everything. They act as sensorys, being able to be alert at all times.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:



Fire Bending:

Specialty skills:

Name: Exclusive Hints
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: Diasuke is capable of seeing the hints that others are not. His ability to react, mixed his incredible eyes allows him to accurately predict what move one might make. Though this excludes moves he's never seen before. He pretty good at seeing the moves that one might make during a hand to hand fight, along with weapon duel. It's something that he's come accustomed too.



Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:

Daisuke was the younger brother and son to a noble family. He himself had been blessed with the particular traits that made him exceptionally beautiful. His parents were fully devoted to making the boy a great leader and hopefully a powerful politic and what is now the fire nation. Since he was capable of walking the boy was brought with great scholars and global philosophers teaching him and shadowing his growth, by the directions of his parents they were to make him the perfect politic. At the age of three the boy's parents begin to notice he would indiscriminately squint at slightest brightness. The family doctor couldn't describe what was going on, but he knew the boy's eyes were under going a late mutation. That should have happened when he was in his mother's uterus. Over the course of four months the boy's eyes turned crimson where as his black pupil turned white. It was a mutation that would undoubtedly help him progress through his bending in skills.

When the firebending lad enrolled in school, he instantly was noted to be a shy and aloof kid. He hadn't spoke to anyone and because of his condition he was afraid he would be picked on and harass. So he always were dark shades to hide his peculiar eyes. Ever since the mutation had taken over his eyes, he was especially sensitive to in his sight. Being capable of seeing the grain of the chalk the teach wrote with, fall to the white marble floor. He had to admit, it wasn't the best thing to get, he would have much rather wanted advance speed or super strength. Not understanding that his enhance vision was a mutation and not some chosen power.

The next day of his class, he was approached by a kind, upper class girl. She couldn't had been no more than six years old, like him. With pleasantries and her company, she gradually peeled his shell off and was open to the real him. She would often smile at his questions of the mysterious and simple alike. Even when he questioned her on what makes a boy different than a girl, she laughed at it with most gentle smile. Daisuke really opened up after this, though not quite as rambunctious as the rest, he was alot more social than before and thanks to all the private tutoring that his parent's money could afford. He was quickly placed highest in his class, in grades and tactical combat. His eye sight saw to that. His popularity raised and with that the opportunity to meet different girls also came, but the whole while he kept his eyes on the girl that first broke his shell.

As the years went by the boy turned into a strong adolescent, and with age and determination the teen quickly became strong in the art and use of fire bending. His incredible eyesight granted him the ability to overwhelm his opponents with speedy attacks and counters like none before him. Even his father became lost in the progress of his son. A trail of dust that approached and past the leading head all to soon, that was what his father usually describe his son's progress when asked by others. The royalty of his family presented him with many opportunities and though he family wished that he would pursue political endeavors. Instead Daisuke headed towards the military arts of Fire Nation. In this he met a friend of his that he hadn't seen for years. The fire avatar: Raizo. The two met again on the during an important meeting, in which he was granted permission to attend. From than on, Daisuke has attempted to repair his lost ties with Avatar. As a result he attempts to meet with the boy annually to spar and train. To try and understand the power of the Avatar.

Rp Sample:
Taken From Fairy Tail RP

Oak Town was unusually peaceful, the families and civilians of the quaint little village were all enjoying their days. Unaware of the carnage and havoc soon to rapture there peace. A storm looked to be blowing in, as darken clouds swept from the west, and strong gale winds blew through the narrow alleys and wide streets alike. Angered cerulean eyes peered at a mother as she shield her son from the forceful winds. Nothing but animosity and jealousy raged inside of the already hostile vessel " This is your last chance, If you want to back out now's the time. " Runk floated two feet over his partner, his arms crossed in his facial features hidden by the hood of his brown cape. The dragon slayer sat on the ledge of the tallest building, his leg dangled over it while the other was placed on the cement surface of ridge. His chilling glare was placed on all the peaceful citizens of this forsaken town, a home to a Dark Guild such as Phantom Lord. Without letting a word slip from his lips, Renail would look towards Runk and stand to his feet, his long dark cloak flowed with the westward winds. The odd cat would understand. It was time to begin. His hazel tail wrapped around Renail's upper abs as he begin to fly fifty feet into the air. Up there Renail would feel all the wrath the storm had to offer, the strong gales and sparks of electricity in the clouds tingled across his skin. He pulled his hood off, revealing his back-length azure hair that instantly followed the current of the air. To everyone below him, he would appear as a dark flowing figure.

" Oak Town! Evacuate this place or die, there is no other choice. If don't evacuate than you will probably regret it." His tone was translucent as he tried to hide his anger, but in the end it begin to leak through " And you can blame no one but your precious PHANTOM LORD !" He waited to see if anyone would heed his warning, unfortunately they did not. His teeth grinded against each other, feeling ignored his anger rose even more. His voice would echo in the immediate vicinity. " Fine!, your choice." He bellowed towards the unwary town. Almost as if on cue, Runk would unwrap his tail from Renail and let him plummet towards a large building under them. A thunderous roar rippled throughout the town as Renail caved in the first floor of it. Within the debris, he stood on crumbling stone, his cloak now completely torn off. His hand would lifted up as if to high-five the heavens above, suddenly projecting an icy magical seal over his hand. Over the magical seal, ice begin to entwine over one another until a large frozen thorn extending over a hundred feet into the sky. The straight line of his lips would lower while he prayed that anyone innocent would not be harmed.

It loomed over the town, clearly being visible to everyone that looked. A moment passed by before small specs of thin branches begin to protrude from it. If they hadn't now they would begin to feel the horror of it all now. The look on their faces showed true fear when the thin branches begin to zig-zag out and pierced the buildings and pavement all around it. A few of the branches froze the ground and tore open the artificial roads, while others penetrated building, after building, freezing them into structures of ice. The wind around that area became chilling and the cries of the citizen created an uproar. Renail stood beside the thin trunk of his destructive rose before leaping into view of the town. He had but completely left that section of the town in ruins " Now, Where the hell is Shin ?" Renail gripped a wooden beam beside him, leaving his finger etched into it. His black high-collared, long-sleeved jacket was zipped down to his chest while his blue vest laid over it. A white, three tailed sash laid on his thigh with the silence of the wind. While his dark pants were tucked deeply in his knee high boots, with their unique shark teeth protrusion rising from the bottom of them.

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Daisuke Haruko [Done]
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