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 Leaving For Now [training][exit]

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PostSubject: Leaving For Now [training][exit]   Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:35 pm

Jin-Sang had packed his bag and was ready to leave. He has not gone down to see Hiro, his sky bison, in a couple of days. He must miss Jin-Sang a whole bunch. Jin-Sang packed his bag with, some spare clothes incase his current ones were singed, his bison whistle, and all of his items for Air Bending. He walked outside into the Sky Bison Gardens and grabbed his whistle out of his bag. He has yet to use this and Hiro was the only full grown bison in the gardens, so he should react and come soon. Jin-Sang took out the whistle that looked like a small bison, and then he took a deep breath and blew into the mouth piece as hard as he could. To any human, it would just sound like air going through a whistle, but to a sky bison, it released a pitch that called them to user of the whistle. Within a few seconds, Hiro was flying in and he landed right on top of Jin-Sang. His giant wet slobbery tongue began to cover Jin-Sang and he yelled, “Ah, hahaha, stop it Hiro, hahaha, get off buddy.” Hiro climbed off of Jin-Sang and Jin-Sang got up and said, “This whistle calls to you well, huh? I guess we can keep this around for a while since it helps.” Jin-Sang was glad it worked, that way he can call Hiro from great distances. Jin-Sang grabbed his bag and staff that he dropped, and then leaped onto the saddle on Hiro’s back. Jin-Sang looked around at the area as he was on top of Hiro. He saw the young Air benders in the courtyard, the thick meditation gardens, and he saw the two other mountain tops the Eastern Air Temple Rested on. The brides that connected them were arching over with a couple of people traveling across on them. He was going to miss this place for a while, but he would be back soon. It won’t be too long before he would return, hopefully with some new friends, or some friendships he had left behind. He was ready to take the journey though. Jin-Sang grabbed his whistle and place it back in his bag. He then jumped up and landed on Hiro’s head and grabbed the leather strap that was connected and tied to his horns. He whipped the strap and said, “Yip yip, Hiro.” The sky bison then leaped off of the ground and flew high up into the air and began to fly for their new destination.
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Leaving For Now [training][exit]
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