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 The wind seeks peace to enjoy freedom

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PostSubject: The wind seeks peace to enjoy freedom    Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:00 am

It had been a rather long and arduous journey for the young monk, having to do much of his travel by foot. Though Saito had brought that upon himself, choosing to walk most of the way so that he could experience a change of scenery. For the most part it had been a good journey, but during his travels he often experienced trouble with the opposite sex. His youth was often a magnet for older lecherous females. "Who would have thought women could be more perverted than men. Though I suppose its naive of me to think otherwise." Saito would think as he sat down quietly upon a bench within a local park. He took this time to gather his thoughts, and to appreciate the nice weather. The sun was out today, and the wind was quite comforting. At his feet rest his Airbending staff, which often drew curious glances, but not enough to cause people to question him. It was nice here, something he had not expected him to think considering his families horrible past here. It was good to know that he would not harbor biased feelings due to his father's murder here."After all, why condemn an entire nation based off of one corrupt soul. It isn't a single person that represents the whole...even if we like to pretend with titles of royalty." He would reason this after having leaned back upon the bench, closing his eyes. The shade of a tree blocking the light of the sun. Here he was at peace and currently wanted to rest his weary feet before doing anything further. However Saito's moment of solace would not last long, for he would feel a presence. That persistent feeling you get when you think someone's watching you. Saito would open his eyes. "Holy!...Just when I thought I had escaped...another woman finds me....Why can't a humble monk live his life free from harassment?" Would be his exact thoughts as he gazed in to the purple eyes of a young woman whose face was so close to his he could smell her breath and feel the warmth of it. Saito knew he could not move without being awkward, and he really didn't feel like saying anything. Instead he hoped she would move, and then upon extricating himself he could simply walk away. As if she could read his thoughts she would stand up, and at that moment she would say "You do realize public places aren't meant for napping right?" her voice not rude at all, but rather playful. Despite himself Saito's lips would move upwards at the edges, hinting at a quick grin. Before it happened he would regain control of his expressions and simply not say anything, taking this chance to pick his staff up off the ground and stand up.

"Hey Hey, Where do you think you're going?" She would ask, genuine concern simply because Saito looked more tired than he felt. The journey was a rather long one even if he had spent some of it amongst the local caravans. Still Saito had said nothing, determined to not allow this woman to bother him any longer, but she would not give up. She would even go as far as to put her hands upon his chest, trying to keep him from moving. Oddly enough he felt compelled to sit back down, an ache in his legs that he had not felt before. "You do know it's not nice to ignore someone right?" Saito would stare at the woman for a moment, looking in to her eyes as is trying to ascertain what she was really about through a single glance. Sighing inwardly he would sit back down. The young woman would do the same, taking a seat next to him. "I don't have time for this...I have to meet with the Firelord..but...there really isn't any point in being rude to her..I suppose I'll appease her." He would think, taking a short pause to gather the words he would say. During this moment Saito would look up at the tree, noticing the sunlight filtering though the green maze of leaves, trying desperately to break free. Saito would snap out of his short reverie to reply "Yes, I suppose I shouldn't be sleeping here.." Not bothering to point out that he had not been sleeping in the first place. She would adjust herself upon the bench, a bit uncomfortable from having not moved since she sat down. A smile would be upon her lips, for she was happy to be talking with someone. Everyone she knew was out and about with their own lives, having forgotten her. While she moved, Saito would continue speaking, but this time his voice was calm and lacking the sarcasm and with his eyes facing her eyes instead of looking up at the leaves. "Though if I shouldn't be sleeping here, why were you standing over me like that? That seems to be worse than taking a nap.."

She would blush, realizing that she had indeed been acting rather strange, but would counter by saying "Well that really isn't the issue...more importantly you look exhausted...urmm...who are you and...where are you coming from?" Saito would grin, amused that she had managed to change the subject so quickly. It simply proved that he was right and so he would not attempt to redirect the conversation back towards the subject. All the while he would be thinking. "Hahaha, I was right...funny how quickly she changed the subject. I wonder why she's so curious about me though." He would be quick to respond to her question, saying politely "I am Hajime, Saito..I'm from the Air Nation, the Eastern Air Temple to be more exact. And your name is?" The girl's eyes would widen slightly, realizing how far Saito had come to get here. With energy she would reply "My name is Nahrya...and wow that's a pretty long journey.." A slight pause "Sooo, what are you here for Saito?" Saito wasn't sure if he should answer her, but in the end decided that her knowing wasn't really a big deal. So without further adieu he would reply "I am going to meet with the Firelord, after all I am the leader of Air Nation." At this instant the wind would pick up as if on cue, his words highlighted by the sound of birds passing by. Nahrya would stare at him for a moment, shocked. Then realizing how much she had embarrassed herself her face would turn a bright red. "Oh my goodness, I was standing over the Air Lord..I'm such a weirdo!" Nahrya would bury her face in her hands to attempt to hide her eyes from him. Saito would start laughing happily while correcting her, upon stopping he would say "I am not a Lord, I am simply a Monk that everyone seeks advice from. I hold no say over anyone, I simply have their loyalty and so they do what I say, but I can not ever make anyone do anything. Please, do not be embarrassed, I am a human being just like you are. We are equals Nahrya." To distract her from her self abuse, Saito would continue speaking "You know, to prove that we are all human. I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous about meeting the Firelord. A lot is riding on what happens in the Palace. Would you believe it if I told you that I could be nervous too? Embarrassed even."

Nahrya would remove her hands from her face, the sun adding a gleam to her clear eyes. She would give him a beautiful smile and nod her head saying that she agreed with him. Saito would smile back at her, supremely happy for the first time in a long time. Nahrya would respond with "Thank you for that...Saito..It's good to know the world is lead by such great people. Speaking of, the Fire Lord isn't a bad man, you shouldn't be nervous. Live free like the element you so proudly represent." Saito would stand up then, sensing that the time had arrived. He was to leave this place and face the Fire lord. He was ready, he had always been ready. Saito had dealt with powerful men before. "What am I doing assuming the worst of this man? Just because he represents fire, one of the most aggressive elements, does not mean he will be the same as his element. After all, my mother was a Firebender and she was not an evil tyrant by any means..well..for the most part."

Saito would think to himself as Nahrya stood up with him. "Thank you for your time Nahrya, It was a pleasure" Saito would say to her, picking up his Airbending staff with his right hand and resting the bottom upon the ground. Nahrya would respond in kind, saying "It was also a pleasure to meet you Air Monk Saito." She would grin wolfishly "Don't let me catch you sleeping again." Saito would simply reply "I hope you do." before turning around and walking away, waving his free left hand as he walked off towards the palace with renewed enthusiasm.

"How odd the power of a woman's touch."

Saito would enter the chamber, the sound of his staff hitting the ground becoming a prominent noise. He would take in the sights of the royal gold, obsidian black, and blood red. It was all quite beautiful in their own respect, but still it lacked the colors of nature. It was too dark and macabre for Saito's taste, however he was not opposed to it. As he went deeper in to the room he would notice that the hall was lit by a singular source. That was the massive wall of fire surrounding what appeared to be a throne. Saito had impeccable sight, but still he could not see behind the mass of flames. Instead he would wait to be addressed at the Firelord's leisure, after all this was the person's home. Saito wanted to announce himself, but due to the fire he could not tell if the Lord was even seated yet, so he thought it better to simply wait, after all it would look foolish to speak to no one. He would stand tall, gazing at the flames with a look that hinted he was bored and indifferent, but really he was simply weighing different thoughts in his mind. It was time to create a bond, to ensure this peace that has been around for a time would be ensured to last longer. An alliance was to be made, but Saito was not sure if the Firelord had the same intentions.


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PostSubject: Re: The wind seeks peace to enjoy freedom    Wed May 02, 2012 8:46 pm

- Hiatus, saving till Eman decides not to be AFK for an eternity. I have other things to do.


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The wind seeks peace to enjoy freedom
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