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 Festival Of Rebirth! (plot)

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PostSubject: Festival Of Rebirth! (plot)   Festival Of Rebirth! (plot) EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 1:14 pm

Festival Of Rebirth! (plot) Untitled-2

Festival of Rebirth

The festival happens once a year, on May fifth, and is a day to celebrate peace and unity between the nations. Held in the capitol Ba Sing Se, the festival invites people from every nation, all over the world to come together and celebrate peace and unity with each other. The nation puts on tons of shows, dances and activities, with hundreds of things to do. Its a meeting of cultures were each nation shows up to contribute, from fire benders shooting off fire works to water benders put on elegant shows. Lanterns blot the streets, as dancing fills the road and the sweet aroma of delicious foods fill the air. When the sun sets the sky is filled with fire works and light shows, and music is always playing from thousands of street performers. It is held all day and invites every person young and old to come celebrate.

The festival will be held in Ba Sing Se, any topic involving the festival must be started on may 5th and have [festival] in its title. Any topic started on the fifth involving the festival may continue after the fifth, they do not need to end on the fifth. You must be in the earth nation to post, meaning get your travel topics up and make your way.

Try to have some fun with this, its meant to provide a fun happy setting to meet people you may have never met before, get some good social topics in, and you never know, maybe a few surprises will be in store. If this works out well more things will be made for you, so lets make this an awesome experience.

Anyone who post atleast once in a topic will recieve a scroll (see below) the scroll allows for you to make any tech/spec tech/weapon and get it for free with out having to train it. Good prize huh. Also a massive group topic will be made towards the end of the festival with a big surprise involving the plot. So everyone gear up and get ready for a party!

Scroll of Rebirth
Festival Of Rebirth! (plot) Free_Avatar__Chinese_Dragon_by_FantasyStock
This scroll allows you to buy one tech or weapon for free without needing to train it

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Posts : 90
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PostSubject: Re: Festival Of Rebirth! (plot)   Festival Of Rebirth! (plot) EmptySat May 05, 2012 2:03 pm

Attention everyone, the festival is today! you have all day to post a festival topic. Remember [festival] must be in the title to get credit. You have till midnight to make a topic, however you can continue the topic after today.

Later tonight a large group topic will be posted to move the plot along.
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Festival Of Rebirth! (plot)
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