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PostSubject: Hisaku Firebender   Hisaku Firebender EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 1:51 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Hisaku Yamata
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Looks: He has black hair and usually wears it up in a ponytail or topknot. He is a thin but muscular young man. He wears a red short sleeve shirt with the emblem of the fire nation on his chest. He wears tan pants and tabi shoes. He is usually seen wearing a mask due to half of his face was burned in his father’s agne kye when he was little. Hisaku Firebender 83fbf7eec986f3c98358263bd2405fb21238326944_full

Personality: Hisaku mainly tends to suffer in silence. Since he has no true friends he tends to be sad half the time. He is scared of Agni Kyes. Hisaku is almost all the time depressed. Hisaku feels that his mind is a maze. No matter where he turns it always leads to a dead end or a hole.
Hisaku loves to be around people but chooses not to be because anyone he tends to hang with ends up getting killed. He has an anger problem to go along with the depression. The anger tends to get the worst of him when someone starts talking junk. While he did not know his mother he stills holds a special spot in his heart for her.

Rank Information:

Rank: Soldier
Nation: Fire
Bending Element: Fire
Specialty: Medical

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Sterilization
Range: Self
Description: Hisaku is immune to natural diseases due to the hotness of the fire within. He heals more quickly than usual.

Name:Furnace Flesh
Description:Residents of the Fire nation have lived and are around fire all the time. They have built up a resitance to heat and will not feel hot from their own fire or others. They can still get burned and feel pain from fire but will not be bothered by heat.

Name:Cunning wits
Description:Residents of the Fire nation are extremely cunning, they are good at battle plans and are very devious. They can formulate ideas quick in battle and are very sly indviduals.


Name: Fireball
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Fire
Range: 20 meters
Description: A ball of fire is produced from the hands or feet. The ball grows hotter as the rank increases.

Name: General Fire Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Fire
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Fire bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Fire is all in the mind of the bender.

Specialty skills:

Name: Cauterize wounds
Specialty: Medical
Ability: Able to tend to friends in battle or in any circumstances. Can also tend to his own wounds. He can stitch himself up without a problem and cauterize any cuts. If he can move his hands and has a cut, he will usually go on and seal it up.


Type: n/a
Special Abilities:


Name: Kriss
Appearance: Zigzag shaped blade about 10” long.
Range: 1’ foot
Rank: Recruit
Special Abilities: Heat originates from the handle and in the hands of a Firebender it will give small amount of reserve power for extreme fights. The blade heats up to a minimal amount and can be used to increase the power of the bending.
Origin: This particular short sword was past down generation to generation. It has been passed down as a family heirloom and increases the power of the bearer. Hisaku Firebender Kris-sword

History and RP Sample:
History: Birth: From birth Hisaku was destined to for a bad life. His mother died during birth his dad was devastated. As Hisaku got into his toddler years his dad kept leaving and staying away longer and longer on different missions for the fire nation. His dad hired a women to tend to Hisaku while he was away and act as a mother to the boy. Hisaku always missed his father and awaited the day he would come home.

Childhood: Hisaku had started growing into the fact that his dad would not always be there when he needed him. He also got use to the fact that the women caring for him was not his real mother. One day when his father did return, Hisaku was waiting at the gates to the fire nations gates for his dad. He waited and waited and never saw his dad. He finally asked one of the passing soldiers where his dad was. About the time he started to ask his dad came running into the gates just before they were closed. His dads commanding officer looked him in the eyes and then looked at Hisaku. “Agne Ki” yelled his commanding officer as he looked back up at Hisaku’s dad. Hisaku’s dad stood his ground and the Agne Ki began. As Hisaku watched he began to worry that his dad would not win. Later in the fight Hisaku saw the commander start up for a deadly blow. He stepped out in the way and was burned on the side of his face. His dad threw Hisaku out of the way so he would not get harmed anymore than that and he was struck with the blow instead killing him instantly. Hisaku looked at his dad as he fell to the ground and blood cover the spot where he fell.

Joining the Fire Nation: When the day finally came to enlist in the military Hisaku was first in line. As the officer sitting at the table started to take his information, Hisaku was having flashbacks of that horrible day when he was ten. He sat there and felt completely powerless as his dad was in a fight for his life. “Have you been trained to fight at all?” the officer bellowed. “Yes sir” Hisaku replied. The officer went back to writing and then realized Hisaku’s last name. “Your dad was in the army here wasn’t he?” “Yes sir he was killed on the road a few blocks from here” Hisaku replied once again feeling the same emotions from that day once again. “He was a good soldier son, if your half the man he was then we would be honored to have you in our army.” The officer said finishing the paper work. “Report to training tomorrow morning.” “Yes sir.” Hisaku walked away and prepared for the next day and the entire time he did this he thought of what the officer had said and his father.

Current: Hisaku completed the training camp and went on his first mission. Three men were badly wounded and with the medical training Hisaku has came in handy. He cauterized the wounds and got them out of the battle and then went back out to defend the rest of the group. When they returned the general pulled Hisaku out of the ranks to talk to him. The general had received the report of what had happened out in the field. “How did you pull the courage to help your friends and get them out of the field and then after that go back to fighting?” the general asked as he looked puzzled why a recruit would risk his life like that. “Well sir to be honest I really didn’t think about I just acted and it all came out good” Hisaku replied. “For this courageous act I hereby promote you to soldier” the general said as he stood up and shook Hisaku’s hand.

Rp Sample:
Walking down the road, Hisaku sees a group of recruits on guard duty. Hisaku stops expecting them to look at him and salute. They just keep standing there, acting as statues. Hisaku calls to one of the recruits, but he does not move. Hisaku grabs that one by the helmet and pulled him over to the side, away from all the others. “You are supposed to salute any and all officers above you. You do know that right?” Hisaku said with a determined look on his face. The recruit replied “I did not know that sir and from now on I will remember that. Thank you for your hospitality sir.” Hisaku threw the recruit back with the others and walk by again. This time the recruit saluted Hisaku and the other recruits did the same. Hisaku went on walking the road. He looked up into the sky and realized that the sun was setting. He turned back around and went to the camp. When he got there he got something to eat and then went to his tent and went to sleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Hisaku Firebender   Hisaku Firebender EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 9:57 pm

ok to start things off

add more to both personality to looks and personality. They both need to be at least 2 paragraphs, if you add a picture for looks, then it is reduced to 1 paragraph for looks but still 2 for personality.

there is a list of General Manipulation Techniques found here:


use the fire technique one for your character

add a little more detail to the specialty skill "Cauterize Wounds" just so people fully know what the skill does

for your weapon, add more detail to how much power it adds to your bending, and the single word, "Thailand" is unacceptable for an origin. Make an origin of how your character obtained the weapon or how it was crafted. Be creative

after these things are fixed i will look over your app again
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PostSubject: Re: Hisaku Firebender   Hisaku Firebender EmptySat May 05, 2012 12:02 am

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