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PostSubject: The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki   The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 3:09 pm

"Mother Gaia...

The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki 347i6nn
Is my weapon...!"

---Basic Information

Name*Data Oki*
Sexual Orientation*Heterosexual*
Alignment*Chaotic Natural*
Birth Place*Si Wong Desert*
Current Location* Traveling*


"Life In Si Wong...

The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki Vxyjpt
Ain't never easy, yo..."

Similar to all native Earth-Bending natives, Data is in absolute peak physical condition. Toned ripped muscles run down his ebony smooth skin - this is proof of his intense Earth-Bender training through the years. Data stands at a phenomenal six foot, six inches - looking down at must who oppose this titan of a man. His ebony toned skin glistens in the sun, giving off the look of a superior being. Seeing how Data is a traveler by nature, the youth normally travels lightly and efficiently. Data normally doesn't ware any type of upper body clothing - for he wants the world to see what hard physical training can accomplish if one pushes themselves past the limits. And besides, women seem to throw themselves at the sight of this handsome smooth talking individual - yet another reason to walk around without upper body clothing.

Data's clothing choise if fairly simple - for he is a very simple man. Data can almost surly be seen without any type of upper clothing, that much is sure. But when he travels through the blistering Si Wong Desert, or even travels to a new location. The boy may be seen in a cream colored desert type cloak covering his massive body. Along with the shaggy cloak, another strong trademark of the boy is a white colored headband, with a metal plate. The metal plate also has foreign markings etched into it - these markings origins are unknown. Going down to his lower body, Data can usually be seen in a hakama's ranging from color to color. This hakama's are extremely loose fitting and stylish. Typically, Earth-Benders exclude shoes and anything similar - for it hinders connection with the earth itself. And Data is no exception to this rule. He needs and wants to maintain a strong connection with the earth.


"Aye, yo...

The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki 162r8z
Shut the fuck up!"

//Joker*The one thing Data enjoys more than traveling and exploring the world, is to crack a joke - no matter what the situation. Data spent most of his life laughing and smiling so spreading joy is what he does best. When people meet Data they instantly think he is nothing but a common joker and has no type of ambition what so ever. But this the exact opposite, Data is the type of person to say a joke or something funny not because it just pops into his head. But to ease whatever tension that is around him. With a nice voice, and friendly smile. No person with a heart could stay mad or sad when Data is around exhaling out cheesy puns. Ever so often, even Data will have a nice jock - but these are rare, extremely rare...

//Determined* Now, Data may be a joker. But this young man has something to prove to the world and himself. He may not know exact what it is he is looking for, but he knows something is out there calling for him. When Data talks, the ground underneath his feet quakes in fear, the wildlife stops to listen, and time itself ceases. All the elements within this earth knows when this male speaks its always important it's never rubbish. With the eyes of a god, and the soul of a lion. Data's determination basically radiates from his massively strong titan like body.

//Arrogant* Traveling the world and seeing what he sees. A person grows to become confident in themselves and their heritage. But Data, he takes this to the extreme - He's just down right arrogant. This doesn't mean he goes around saying he's better than everyone else, but he thinks it, and lets his actions do the talking for him. To Data, nothing beats Earth-Bending, it is the ultimate test of soul and body. If you even make one mistake around this male, he'll attempt to show you up on no whatever what it is. But if he also fails, he'll instantly admit he was wrong. He may be arrogant, but he does recognize when and where he is wrong.

//Ruthless* When in battle, Data takes every fight seriously. This usual happy and smiling individual turns into a earth throwing monster. But even when in battle he might throw out a few quick jokes, still showing a glimpse of the person he normally is. He never kills unless it can't be helped, so when fighting he'll never use a life threatening technique. Not wanting to kill another living creature also shows a sign of the person he normally is. Anyone witnessing Data fight will instant see a different person - a person out for blood and superiority. Almost as if his body was possessed by a demon.

---Rank Information

Rank* Lord*
Organization* ---*
Bending Element*Earth*
Specialtie(s)* Tactician*

---Special Characteristic(s)*

Long ago; before the beginning of time. A tribe of Earth-Benders reside within the Si Wong Desert and worshiped Gaia; the mother of nature and earth. This tribes connection with the earth was legendary. When Gaia felt pain, so did the people. And when the people felt pain, so did Gaia. This tribe's bending was legendary; capable of doing Avatar type feats with great ease. But suddenly, the tribe vanished; leaving behind nothing but there love of the Si Wong Desert and mother Gaia herself. But this legend lives on; lives on strongly within the heart and soul of one boy...

Name: Gift Of Gaia* [Seismic Sense "Seeing" With The Feet]
Range: 45 Meters* (Long)
Description: Allows Data the ultimate ability of "sight", and perceive surroundings using his bare feet. He can use this sense to detect things out of his line of sight, even right behind him. Obstacles that would normally obstruct regular vision, such as walls and thick dust clouds, are ineffective against Seismic Sense. Even earth that isn't on the ground can still be detected. The sense allows the boy to sense the interiors of humans, and any changes in their status. Since humans have a physical reaction when they lie, Data can use Seismic Sense and easily tell when one happens. This ability isn't without its limitations. Seismic Sense only detects things in contact with the ground; objects floating in water or thrown in the air are undetectable unless they are earth. He must also be in contact with solid ground to use the sense at all; again, if the user is in the air or water, or even standing on a non-earth solid such as ice, Data will be unable to sense anything. Sand - although an earth-based substance, is not firm like normal earth, and renders Seismic Sense unreliable and very imprecise.

Name: Body Of Gaia* [Rough Hide]
Range: 0 - 1 (Self)
Description: Life in the Si Wong Desert has greatly improved Data's physical resistance to any type of physical damage. The intense physical and mental training with his father pushed this boys body to perfect condition. The first few layers of his ebony skin still remains very soft and smooth. But if he is attacked with a sword strike or punch, the skin hardly gets cut. This is do to the fact, underneath the first few layers resides the tough and rough skin one would think someone like Data possesses. This however doesn't give the youth the perfect defense against said strikes - it merely reduces the damage to a bear minimum.

Name: Strength Of Gaia* [Brute Force]
Range: 0 - 1 (Self)
Description: Being a Earth-Bender by heritage, Data has ultimate physical prowess in every meaning in the word. This means, everything the boy does physically is going to be greatly enhanced and almost nearly unmatched. A simple punch from this youth can shatter bone, and turn stone into pebbles. He even has the capabilities to catch or knock away solid flying projectiles coming his direction. While being able to hit harder and knock away pesky projectiles, Data has also learned to hold his ground if a object or person breaks through his solid defense. Most simple things that'll knock down another individual will more than likely stagger the youth - keeping him still on his feet and connected to the earth.

Name: Armor Of Gaia* [Elemental Resistance]
Range: 0 - 1 (Self)
Description: The Si Wong Desert has numerous ways to test a humans resistance when it comes to the four bending elements. Blistering heat that could cook the human flesh to a crisp, ominous powerful winds that could tear flesh from the bone, massive sandstorms with so much speed and momentum behind it, the small grains of sand collide with the body can pierce the flesh with easy, and cold winter like nights that could freeze the body in moments if one isn't prepared properly. All these things mixed with Data's unmatched physical strength adds for a grand resistance to the elements. (This translates to a -1 in power rank to all harmful bending techniques).

Name: Ancient-Bending* [Tectonics]
Range: N|A
Description: Through the power of Gaia and life threating training. Data has achieved the greatest level of Bending in his eyes. He has reached Avatar type levels in terms of Earth-Bending. Data is capable of Earth-Bending on a scale vast enough to move entire landmasses - just like the Ancient followers of Gaia back in the days. Data uses his strong connection to Mother Gaia, and his perfect mastery over the art of Earth-Bending to split landmasses away from the main land, or even move a massive castle. This takes a full turn of concentration to complete and cannot be used in battle. This move is strictly for RP purposes and nothing else.

---Fighting Style(s)

The Wrath Of Gaia;; Data Oki 20080324054905!Dudley-stance

The Fist Of The Desert

Name: Boxing
Range: 0 - 3 Meters (Short)
Description: Boxing is a combat style in which someone uses their fists with perfect effectiveness. Alongside being physical strong, boxers usually have more stamina, speed, and endurance then normal people due to training, which consists of running, punching, sparring, and weight lifting. Boxers are extremely dangerous up close due to the fact that this is mainly a punching style used with quick powerful blows. The punches carry more speed then power, but with the right amount of training, no matter how fast a boxer punches. The strike should always have the same amount of power within the fist. Once a boxer is up within a opponents personal space, he/she has the ultimate advantage. Boxers also work in the way of the feints, which misleads the opponent into thinking an attack is coming from one direction when really its coming from another. Boxing only has one weakness, and it's the greatest of them all. Seeing how this style is a hand to hand style, any distance longer then three meters becomes useless to the boxer for their arms cant reach, thus not causing any damage. But boxing has one giant advantage, something other fighting styles don't have. Boxing has many different forms of fighting, and these forms are:

  • Outside Fighter* Outside Fighters seeks to maintain distance between himself and his opponent, fighting with faster, longer range punches, most notably the jab, and gradually wearing his opponent down. Do to their punches being weaker, the like to maintain the three meter distance while stepping in with great speed, throwing a few weak punches, and then retreat. They keep this pattern up until the opponent can no longer go on and when this happens, they'll throw a final barrage of punches taking them down once and for good. They are often regarded as the best boxing strategists due to their ability to control the pace of the fight and lead their opponent, methodically wearing him down and exhibiting more skill and finesse than a Insider Fighter. Outsider fighters need three things. One is reach, the longer the arms the better. But this isn't important because outside fighters are faster then any of the other forms of boxing. The second is reflexes, outside fighters have a reaction time 50% faster then the normal human body. So attempting to hit one straight onward isn't going to work. And the last is footwork. Footwork is the main weapon for any form of boxing, but the outside fighters seemed to mastered it the best giving them a speed boost of 50% faster then a normal person.

  • Inside Fighter* An inside fighter is a well-rounded boxer who is able to fight at close range with a combination of technique and power, often with the ability to knock opponents out with a combination and in some instances a single shot. Inside Fighters throwing intense flurries and combinations of hooks and uppercuts. Many in-fighters utilize their stature to their advantage, employing a bob-and-weave defense by bending at the waist to slip underneath or to the sides of incoming strikes. Unlike blocking, causing an opponent to miss a punch disrupts his balance, permits forward movement past the opponent's extended arm and keeps the hands free to counter. A distinct advantage that in-fighters have is when throwing uppercuts where they can channel their entire body weight behind the punch. They can withstand a good amount of damage while throwing out even greater damage for themselves. Inside fighters normally have double the amount of stamina as all the other forms of boxing. Their movement and tactics are similar to that of an out-fighter. Fast movement, perfect footwork giving them a significant 25% speed boost, and a wide range of fast feints. An inside fighter can end a fight with one powerful perfect punch, but they can also win by tiring out their opponent and going in for the finish do to their almost endless amount of stamina.

  • Brawler* A brawler is a fighter who generally lacks finesse and footwork in a battle ,but makes up for it through sheer punching power, doing twice as much damage as an inside fighter. Many brawlers tend to lack mobility, preferring a less mobile, more stable platform and have difficulty pursuing fighters who are fast on their feet. They may also have a tendency to ignore combination punching in favour of continuous beat-downs with one hand and by throwing slower, more powerful single punches. Their slowness and predictable punching pattern, single one use punches with recognizable movement are easy to predict. But Brawlers found a way around this. They are capable of withstanding a phenomenal amount of damage before going down. Any and all type of damage is dimmed down two power ranks lower from the original rank. This doesn't mean they are immune to damage, but it just takes a lot longer for their body to process the actual pain.

  • Counter Puncher* Counter punchers are slippery, defensive style fighters who often rely on their opponent's mistakes in order to gain the advantage whether it be to disarm an opponent or a gain a perfect knockout. They use their well rounded defense to avoid or block attack and then immediately catch the opponent off guard with a well placed and timed punch. Thus, fighting against counter punchers requires constant feinting and never telegraphing a attack for the counter puncher to generate a good offense from. Counter punchers and outside boxers have the same speed, but the counter puncher has the force of a Inside boxer when releasing a punch.


Name: Earth-Bending*
Rank: Recruit - Avatar*
Element: Earth* (Supplementary)
Range: 1x1 - 20x20 Meters* (Short|Long)
Description: One of the four elemental bending arts, is the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock, in all their various forms. It is utilized by people of the Earth Kingdom. Earth is the element of substance, making Earthbenders and their people diverse, strong, persistent, and enduring.The key to Earthbending is neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike and, when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, Earthbenders generally endure their enemies attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself, then strike with unyielding force.

Name: Metal-Bending*
Rank: Recruit - Avatar*
Element: Earth*
Range: 1x1 - 20x20 Meters* (Short|Long)
Description: Metal Bending is a ferrokinetic sub-skill of Earthbending developed by a legendary Earth Bender. Most Earth Benders are unable to affect processed metals. Usually, the trace amount of earth still present in metal is so minuscule that it goes undetected even by the best Earth Benders, lending to its use in detaining Earth Benders. However, if the Earth Bender could "see" or "feel" the earth within the Metal, it'll be much easier to Bend, but this isn't the only way to achieve Metal Bending. Another commonly known way is with brute physical force. Seeing how the traces of earth within the metal is so tiny, The Earth Bender would have to take their Bending to the next level to even be able to reach such small traces of Earth. This can sometimes be mentally painful for it takes a lot more control and concentration then a person with the ability to "see", but that ability is extremely rare and almost unheard of nowadays.

Name: Earth & Stone Levitation*
Rank: Recruit - Avatar*
Element: Earth*
Range: 10 Meters* (Long)
Description: The basics of earthbending involved the ability to levitate large pieces of earth and stone in mid air. The user begins by pulling a piece of stone or earth out of the ground and propelling them at foes with punching or kicking motions.

Name: Earth Slip*
Rank: Recruit - Avatar*
Element: Earth*
Range: 25 Meter (AoE|Long)
Description: A fairly simple Earth-Bending technique that is very effective in it's use. The user simple stands on sold earth like normal and slips his or her foot outward in one fast motion. By doing this, the user causes a type of shock-wave of kinetic energy through the ground at almost instantaneous speeds. The energy travels underground so it remains virtually unseen by the user and opponent. Once the wave reaches the opponent, the kinetic type wave will land right under their left or right foot, and pull the leg in the opposite direction - causing falling or tumbling on the opponents part. No matter how strong's one stance may be, disrupt the center of gravity and they will always succumb to Earth Slips sneaky effects.

Name: Great Earth Spike*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 3 Meters* (Self|Short)
Description: Thrusting the Wrath Of Gaia into the ground, the Earth-Bender brings up a great spike of earth around their body with the user safe in the middle. The way this technique works is pretty simple, and can only be done when one has the Wrath Of Gaia ready for use. The User holds the weapon by the great ring right in the middle clinching their fist closed, than punches the ground with all three metal like poles pointing straight at the earth underneath the user. This weapon gives the ability to Earth-Bend greater, and ever create more powerful creations like walls, slabs of earth, ect. Once the great spike comes from the ground, it covers the user with a radius of three meters with them safe in the middle. This technique may be best used for defense, but it's also perfect for offensive. If the enemy is anywhere within three meters of the creation, they will suffer deep cuts and a great deal of Blunt Force damage, because the spike is raising up into the air while being sharp as a sword. While putting together the massive force behind The Wrath Of Gaia, with natural Earth-Bending, this spike becomes almost unbreakable and extremely sturdy, shrugging off Bending techniques of equal level, and becoming virtually unbreakable by anything weapon related. This technique can't be done without the help from The Wrath Of Gaia, for it is the only reason this spike is capably of withstanding so much, so easily.

Name: Million Spikes*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 7 Meters* (Long)
Description: Similar to Great Earth Spike, the user with the Wrath Of Gaia will punch the ground with all three metal poles pointing straight at the earth underneath the user creating a massive group of spikes that travel extremely fast in a straight line. This Technique is almost the exact same as Great Earth Spike, all the motions are the same, expect the payout its a little more greater with this technique. It has the ability to become a defensive technique like most Earth-Bending attacks, but it's real purpose is for a perfect offense. The very moment the user punches the ground, one spike will raise from the ground one meter in front of them, while another will raise in front of that one, and so on for a distance of seven meters. The spikes can close that seven meter gap within two seconds for they almost all raise at the exact same time. These spikes have the defensive capability as a Adept Earth-Bending technique, so can withstand somewhat of a great deal of force. So if the user would be attacked with a technique, the technique would have to be strong enough to get past seven recruit level strong spikes within the time frame of two seconds, which is a challenge to accomplish. Like Great Earth Spike, this technique can not be preformed without the use of The Wrath Of Gaia.

Name: Shotgun Pebble Barrage*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 15 Meters In All Directions* (Long)
Description: A fairly simple technique, with the greatest payout thanks to the Wrath Of Gaia. The Earth-Bender jumps a few feet into the air and quickly slams their legs against the earth causing a great deal of small chucks of rock to exploded all around them, while they are safe within the middle. The user can also get this same effect with a powerful Earth-Bending leg slam. The User thsn quickly shifts their body into a powerful Earth-Bending stance while having the Wrath Of Gaia in it's proper stance, and than quickly starts swinging the Nunchaku as if they were just practicing their speed skill, but this is far from the truth. As the Nunchaku spins, the stones all around the user, are being shot with amazing speed 25% faster than a normal speeding arrow, and in all directions creating whistling sounds as they cut through the air like a hot knife through butter. This may be a General level technique, but it easily has the power of a Avatar level technique, for it can pierce any defensive Lord level and lower, while greatly damaging Avatar level defensive techniques almost piercing through them. If these extremely fast pebble's come into contact with human flesh, the skin is easily being pierced as if the opponent was shoot by an arrow. These small pebble's have a traveling distance of 15 meters and can reach that distance within .5 of a second do to the speed boost the Wrath Of Gaia gives to the user when pushing their muscles past natural limits. This is a truly dangerous technique, and can only be done with the Warth Of Gaia.

Name: Spear Levitation*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 10 Meters*
Description: Using the same concept as Earth & Stone Levitation. The User takes this simple technique and takes it to the next level with a great power and speed increase. The way this technique works is fairly basic but takes a fairly small amount of skill to fully pull off. Slamming a body part on the ground, or using simple Earth-Bending hand movements. The User brings up four nice sized slabs of earth. Four Meters long while being half a foot thick. As the slabs rise up into the air surrounding the User, the slabs strongly resembles the appearance of earthen spears, with very sharp points capably of cutting right through a person. This process is fast and accurate making this technique perfect for close quarter combat. These spears can be thrown straight forward with the speed of an arrow easily getting through other Air,Water, and Fire defensive techniques General level and lower, while only getting through Captain Level Earth defensive techniques. Do to the speed at which they travel and the sharp point located at the front. But if this technique hits a another person, it's impaling with great momentum most likely passing right through the body. The user also has the ability of using this one of the spears as a real one, taking it out of the air and swinging it at a speedy approaching opponent. This is one of the few Earth-Bending techniques that has no defensiveness quality's, but makes up for it with a huge offense. As the User grows stronger in Rank one more spear can be created for each Rank the user is higher then Solider level, giving them a maxing out total of seven spears.

Name: Earth Tunnling*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 100 meters* (Long)
Description: Earthbenders can move through the earth to out-maneuver their foes either by opening tunnels or by pulling the earth past them, literally swimming through the ground.

Name: Rock Shield*
Rank: General*
Element: Earth*
Range: 3 Meters*
Description: Earth-Benders specialized and have the best defense of all benders, and this is the starting of their defensive capabilities. The user uses their Earth Bending ability and levitates slab of rock and uses it as a shield against attack. This can also be performed with a slab or sheet of bedrock thrust out of the earth's surface. The shield can be hurled at the opponent for quick retaliation. The shield can defend against techniques up to General rank.

Name: Remote Earth-Bending*
Rank: Lord*
Element: Earth*
Range: 30 Meters* (Long)
Description: Requires absolute mastery over the the stubborn element known as Earth.This Bending technique combines the Benders stubborness with the Earths stubborness in order to Bend Earth normally outside the Benders reach, or if they aren't connected with solid Earth. This is done by focusing the Benders energies on a specific point - thus bending the earth as if the Bender was connected to it in the first place. This easily allows the Bender to Bend earth they know are there but just can't see or accuss it. If the earth is under wooden planks, the Bender would easily be able to Bend it with this technique. Or even if it's concealed under a sheet of ice - the Bender can easily reach it with sheer will power alone.


Name: Wrath Of Gaia
Appearence:[x] Blue like the endless ocean, and harder than Carbon Fiber itself, but still carries the appearance of a heavy steel weapon. The Wrath Of Gaia is truly a magnificent and beautiful weapon. Built like normal nunchaku's, but instead of two poles, this weapon has three with a ring in the middle just big enough for the user to fit their entire wrist inside. Three one foot chains connect this ring to the three ocean blue poles. The ring gives the user the ability to spin this weapon like a type of fan adding more speed and a great deal of feints to the endless amount of versatile attacks that come with this powerful weapon. The poles themselves are two feet, giving this weapon a one meter reach from pole to pole.
Rank: General*
Range: 3 Meters* (Short)
Description: This weapon has one use, and one use only; "To destroy your opponent with the force of Gaia!" Meaning this is best used when in the hands of a Earth-Bender, but it is not limited to only them. When in use, the user must take the stance that comes with this weapon. Their legs must be a perfect shoulder length apart with their upper body full bent straight. Their hands must also be in a specific position also. One hand must be on the lowest pole, while the opposite pole rests under the armpit. The last pole must be held high above the head with the last arm [x]. If the stance is perfect, every single swing made by the user, should be almost untraceable and nearly impossible to predict. This is due to the fact of the extra pole attached. With normal nunchaku's, it's difficult to keep up with the fast hand movements and moving poles. And if one attempts to watch the poles or even the hands, they'll find themselves receiving a swift blow to the face ending up in massive blunt force damage and maybe even broken bones depending where contact is made. The Wrath Of Gaia is extremely light weight, coming in at about 2Ibs. So the quick movements come almost naturally, leaving the user having to put little to no effort when preforming attacks. When attacking, the speed is easily 50% percent faster than normal human speed, for one to obtain such godlike speed, the user must push their bodies past natural limits. This can be down for three straight turns, before having a cool-down of two turns drastically reducing the user's speed -50%. On top of the advance speed, there is all the easy ability to feint with this weapon. When going for an attack, the user could easily feint there opponent into a false reaction, and attack when their defenses are up or down. This capability makes The Wrath Of Gaia the perfect weapon for quick and easy take downs. When swinging this weapon, the user has the power of a god behind it giving them the required power to crush Earth-Bending techniques that are Adept level and lower, and also dissipate Water,Fire and Air Bending projectiles no bigger than one meter. But this can only be down for one full turn, with a one turn cool-down in between, and the user must be a Earth-Bender in order to destroy and bend the stone into little pebbles. This weapon also allows the user the ability to send Earth type projectiles flying 25% faster, and +3 more meters longer. This is do to the sheer physical power and momentum coming from each and every swing. Much more power then a punch or kick would be able to muster up. To use this properly, the user must be in the stance, or something equally just as stable, like a Earth-Bending stance.
Special Abilitie(s): Read Description*
Origin: A rare old weapon passed down throughout Data's family. The children with the strongest connect to Gaia obtain this mystical and powerful weapon. Legends have it that this is the only thing remaining for the ancient days, but where did they find it? That is the question Data himself is off to answer, even if it kills him. A history shrouded in mystery...


Type: ---*
Species: ---*
Element: ---*
Appearance: ---*
Description: ---*
Special Abilities: ---*
Origin: ---*


Data's birth was a normal one, nothing special at all. Being born in the desert with his mother, father, and grandfather the three had to deliver this child without the help of a trained professional, which they did. Data was giving the name Data because that was the name of his grandfathers named on his Mothers side. A strong Earth-Bender that fought to protect his family from the invading Fire Nation Army. The Fire Nation only wanted one thing, and that thing was the "hammer of gaia". A powerful weapon Data senior used during his time within the army. The Fire Nation didn't want to use it, they wanted it for a type of trophy they could show as a sign of strenght and fear. But Data senior wasn't going to let that happen. He grabbed the hammer, and drove the Fire Nation Army away from his family, but he was never seen again after that day. Data's mother told him this story countless times as he grew up, bringing pride to his special name and within this young child.

At the age of five, Data showed a great skill of Earth Bending without even being taught. One day he was out with his father, the two needed to make a stop within the Earth Nation to sell many type of different goods. As they entered the great stony gates, Data noticed a group of kids a little order them himself playing a game with a stone. They kept the ball up within the air using Earth-Bending. A great childlike smile swept across the face of Data. Leaving his Fathers side he watched as the boys played this simple game, but to Data is was much more then that. It was his calling. Once his father finished vending off his goods, he walked over to Data and the two left the city. As they walked home through the desert, a group of rocks stood in a perfect line leading to a small oasis. Tugging on his fathers sleeve, Data pointed in the direction and left his father side once again. Mimicking one of the moves he spent so much time watch from the group of boys, The Young Data shot the stone out of the sand and up into the air, landing directing into the water. His father couldn't believe his eyes. He didn't understand how he learn't such a move without being taught. He didn't question this event for to long because he was excited. His son was a Earth Bender, and training was right around the corner.

Five years later, Data and his Father trained hard within the way of the Earth Bender. His father taught him the basics and even a few advance technique's within the art. Alongside the Earth Bending training, the two had many camping type trips out in the desert where Data's father taught him how to respect all living things. Data was only ten so he really didn't understand what his father mean't at the time, but he still listened and asked questions. When out on these camping trips Data was put up against the hard elements of the desert without the comfort of his mother and home. His Father never held his hand or told him "everything will be alright", everything they did out in the desert was a training exercise giving Data the strenght to face any other type of danger. At the age of ten, Data was a happy boy. But he was also different do to the life or death

Thirteen was the age Data realized he had a attraction that everyone enjoyed when he was around. But always out the group there is that one person that hate when others take the attention away from them. His mother and father allowed him to go into the Earth kingdom alone now. Being brought up in the desert around no one, Data grew responsible quicker then most. Spending time with just his mother, father, and grandfather. Data picked up his grandfathers corny type joker manner but he was happy with his nature so he never gave it much thought. When in the kingdom, he instantly noticed he was much larger then the normal boys. This was from all his desert training something they probably wont never experience. The boys didn't like it but the young ladies sure did. When ever Data walked by they would giggle and wave in his direction. His father taught him how to speak to girls so he wasn't worried about the girls stranger actions.

The other boys quickly became envious to all the attention Data was receiving, even though he never asked for it. One boy had enough, he stormed over to where Data was standing showing he wasn't scared of the larger male. He began yelling and telling Data he wasn't welcome. Data had no idea what to do, he knew had a person dislike him so much before. His first reaction wasn't to run home and cry, it was to tell a joke and that was exactly what he did. Everyone around him laughed expect the boy that tried to prove he was cooler, but Data kept smiling and stayed friendly. Everyone around the boy began enjoying Data's company, even the boys that didn't like him and this made the boy that was talking to Data extremely angry. Within the blink of an eye, rocks started being thrown in Data's direction. Instantly his body reacted before he could even think about the situation at hand. He used his well developed body to deflect the rocks and then caught the attacking boy within a type of rock prison. Once Data finally realized that happened, he didn't stay to see the reaction of the other children, he ran home and didn't look back.

Five years had passed, and Data became stronger, wiser, and more arrogant. The day that boy attacked him, was the day he realized he was superior in every way. His mother and father had nothing else to teach this genius Earth Bender. And one day Data came to a decision he wanted to travel the world and see other types of bending first hand. His Mother didn't want her son to leave, for the fire-nation was at no good again. Being the good son he is, Data quickly comforted his mother and guaranteed her everything was going to be alright. While his father had nothing to say about this matter, he knew this day was coming sooner or later. It was time for the world to see what a true Earth Bender looks like, and that was Data. Packing a simple and small bag, Data was ready to start his personally journey. Something was out there for him but what was it? The answer laid across the desert. With a smile on his face, and determination pouring out of his body, Data faced his calling head on.

---RP Sample

RP Sample:

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  • Changed Rank to Lord
  • Added Special Characteristic: Ancient-Bending [Tectonics]
  • Added Bending Techniques:
    **Spear Levitation
    ***Earth Tunnling
    ****Rock Shield
    *****Remote Earth-Bending
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