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Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete]   Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete] EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 7:36 pm

Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete] Pbucket

Basic Character Information:

Name: Tara Okashi
Age: 23
Gender: Female

The image above is almost accurate: She is a young woman with a light skin tone, and perfect complexion. Her hair is black and long reaching down to the small of her back, with bangs curled to the sides of her face so that eyesight is not compromised. Her eyes are black, blending completely with her pupils and giving her a look of shallowness. Her nose is small and her lips fine. On her right shoulder is a black tattoo comprised of many curves and swirls, yet also sharp points. For clothing, what she wears is quite simple in concept, but odd. Her top is a black tank top that does cover her stomach but has a collar low enough to reveal some of her cleavage. It is easy to tell that she is not wearing a bra despite that her breasts are at least F size. On her hands are fingerless black gloves with a rectangular section missing from their backs. For her lower body she wears a pair of blue jeans of loose fitting jeans, only held up by a brown belt. For footwear she actually wears very dark green combat boots.

- Heartless: Tara has no friends or family left, nor any ties. And because she had everything in her past, and then nothing for it was taken away from her, she fell further than anyone can relate. She couldn’t recover from this throughout the years of her life, and still retains her depression. She doesn't care much about anything anymore, not even human life. There is nothing short of a miracle that will overturn Tara's heartlessness. Whenever Tara isn't seeking to kill or maim someone, her personality becomes quite empty, as if she was permanently stuck in a state of boredom, lacking a care in the world

- Hatred: Related again to her past; such a catastrophe broke Tara's heart into a billion pieces, which couldn’t be fixed by glue, tape, or staples. She has no hope for love, and in fact seems to hate anyone and everyone off the bat regardless of their personality and identity. She doesn’t seek to fix this either, as she refuses help, friendship, and love. There is only darkness left in her heart, and she enjoys letting it out by harming and killing and destroying. It's one of the few things she enjoys nowadays: causing destruction for others.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Ex- Earth Nation
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Earth, Metal
Specialty: Tactician

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Rough Hide
Nation: Earth
Description: Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name: An Avatar's Journey: Air
Type: Discipline
Description: Tara, unlike most Earthbenders, has traveled the world to study the other bending styles of the world as an Avatar would, training herself with the movement though she could procure no bending of said elements. During her time at the Air Temples, she figured out that Air is the element of freedom, and just how much they rely on moving this way and that. Though air is a direct opposite to earth, her time training under its tutors has granted her great physical prowess in terms of speed, making natural running speed unassisted 20 miles per hour, while her sprinting speed unassisted is 30 miles per hour, and lastly her lunging speed can go up to five meters at a speed of 45 miles per hour. Also, her lessons in the style of Airbending have allowed her mastery over the Ba Gua style.

Name: An Avatar's Journey: Fire
Type: Discipline
Description: Tara, unlike most Earthbenders, has traveled the world to study the other bending styles of the world as an Avatar would, training herself with the movement though she could procure no bending of said elements. During her time in the Fire Nation, she found how most Firebenders manipulated their element through intense emotion, and she picked up that it was the element of power. It transition into her natural Earth Nation power, creating a mix of fire and earth to create an unyielding force. Her strikes can smash through most things as if the hands were made of steel and launched out of a cannon (Replaces Brute Force SC). Also, her lessons in the style of Firebending have allowed her mastery over the Shaolin style.

Name: An Avatar's Journey: Water
Type: Discipline
Description: Tara, unlike most Earthbenders, has traveled the world to study the other bending styles of the world as an Avatar would, training herself with the movement though she could procure no bending of said elements. During her time at the North and South Poles, Tara has picked up on the fluidity involved in a waterbender's style. She also picked up on a very key detail for their bending; Waterbending is acting in concert with one's environment and guiding it, rather than avoiding, controlling, or working against it. She transitioned this into her earthbending to a degree that allows her to sense things seismically by using the earth as a medium. With this, she can map out the objects on top of earth as long as they too are connected to the ground. This works up to fifty meters, and fails in sandy or similar places where the seismic waves are distorted. Also, her lessons in the style of Waterbending have allowed her mastery over the Tai Chi style.

Name: The Essence of Earth
Type: Sense
Description: A sixth sense of sorts that stems from none of the normal five; Tara has the ability to "feel" nearby earthen material at up to twenty meters, without any of their other senses playing a part. And with that sense she can also bend the earth remotely as long as she can sense it, whatever may be in her way. This also works with metal.

Name: Force of Will
Type: Skill
Description: This is an ability specific to Earthbenders, mastered by Tara, which involves using 5% movement and 95% will to bend their element. This allows for more discrete manipulation of Earth, or it can merely be used when the typical movements involved in the bending style take too long.


Name: General Earth Manipulation
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 10x10 meters
Description: Earthbending is the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock, in all their various forms; It is the element of substance. The key to earthbending is utilizing neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike and, when that moment comes, acting decisively. Its style of use is based on heavily rooted stances and strong kicks and punches that evoke the mass and power of earth.

Name: General Granule Manipulation
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 50 meters
Description: Sandbending is a geokinetic sub-skill of earthbending to manipulate not simply one, two or a couple masses of earth, but rather hundreds and thousands of minuscule bits of earthen material such as dust, gravel, or sand. This sub-style of Earthbending is significant due to its difference of execution. It borrows from the fluid style of waterbending, yet still maintains a sense of earth's nature to it. It uses precise rigid stepping, yet fluid and elegant movements of the arms.

Name: General Mud Manipulation
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 40 meters
Description: Mudbending is yet another geokinetic sub-skill of earthbending to manipulate the earth in mud. Though even the most common of earthbenders can bend the mud with adequate skill, it takes the disciplines of the waterbending style and a more fluid execution in order to master such a technique. Mudbending is almost a mimicry of waterbending, due to its half-liquid state.

Name: General Metal Manipulation
Rank: General
Element: Metal
Range: 10x10 meters
Description: Metalbending is a ferrokinetic sub-skill of earthbending to manipulate metal in its various forms. Usually, the trace amount of earth still present in metal is so minuscule that it goes undetected even by the best earthbenders, but due to recent studies it has been made clear that skilled Earthbenders can locate the small fragments of earth in metal, target them, and utilize them to "bend" the metal portion. A master of metalbending can wield the element as well as natural earthbending.

Name: Powered Compression
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 10 times smaller
Description: Tara has mastered the technique of taking even the largest boulders and using sheer force and pressure to compress them into a smaller yet denser material, up to ten times the original size and density. This one-post action causes the affected earth to become much harder and heavier—good for more volatile attacks or durable defenses.

Name: Pebble Projectiles
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 3x3 inches each
Description: This is a high-speed bending technique used by Tara that allows her to shoot out small pebble-sized projectiles up to seventy-five miles per hour, in a straight line that once launched, can't be manipulated by Earthbending until it is slowed. The projectiles launched by this technique have high piercing power, and are meant to perforate right through a normal person.

Name: Earth Tunneling
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: N/A
Description: Earthbenders can move through the earth to out-maneuver their foes either by opening tunnels or by pulling the earth past them, literally swimming through the ground. They can execute this technique in a way that causes the earth to reform behind them when they pass through, making it appear as if they had never dug through. Tara, being a master of this technique can travel through the ground at the same speed she could sprint.

Name: Earthshifting
Rank: General
Element: Earth
Range: 40 meters
Description: Earthshifting is a technique developed by Tara that swiftly displaces the top layer of the ground to move things on top of it without them even having to move. This allows actions like moving herself around an opponent without moving her legs, or taking ones legs out from under them by very quickly shifting the ground they're standing on to the right or left.

Specialty skills:

Name: Accelerator
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: Tara has probably one of the most potent minds on the face of the planet, as she can use a significant deal more of the brain than others can, and control it. Her memory is perfect, able to keep track of her entire past. She can make connections and notice things that others would not be able to even see, and can run several thought processes throughout her mind without impediment to any of them. One of the most useful tools of such a powerful mind is that she can process things so fast that time will actually seem to move slowly for her, allowing her split-second decisions that can turn things into her favor.

Name: Too Slow
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: This is sort of an extension of the previous ability; Tara is very very capable of defending herself even without her bending, and uses her slow-time perception of her surroundings to easily spot and react to enemy attacks. Most everyone would seem to move "too slow" for her, which is when she breaks out one of her fighting styles. Even her own movement is slow through her perception, allowing her to make infinitesimal corrections to it to make for perfected precision.

Name: Unreadable
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: Tara can usually always be seen with a bored expression on her face. However, some of the time this is merely a defensive tactic to keep her thoughts to herself. She can almost unconsciously shift into a bored expression with dull eyes that betrays none of her own thoughts. Lie detectors will have nothing to go off of, not even pulse or body language. Tara can make herself unreadable.


Name: Cable Gun
Appearance: This is a device as well as something worn on Tara's right wrist and forearm. The device is a small rectangular cable-ejecting box attached to the back of her wrist, with two nozzles. Threaded from the back of the device is a long coil of steel cable coiled around Tara's fore arm nearly up to her elbow—it is so tightly coiled that it is as effective as a solid plate of steel defending her entire forearm. However, a black leather bracer covers these coils up. The tip of both cables is pin-sharp
Range: 25 meters
Rank: Captain
Special Abilities: With metal-bending, Tara can manipulate the cables to eject or withdraw, and manipulate them freely. It also defends her forearm as well as thick steel armor would due to the tightly-wound coils.

History and RP Sample:
History: When the day of Tara's birth came, both of her parents were present; Cyrus and Elva. It was a painful time, but a rewarding one. Three things were noted when she was delivered: First, that the nurse had never seen such vibrant blue eyes before. Second, that she did not cry during birth. And third, that her chi was so powerful that the nurse said she was able to feel it, which was very unusual for a baby.

By a random whim, Tara’s parents found an old woman who passed off as a fortune-teller, and asked her to tell of their child’s future only a week later. No word about the honesty or reality of her prediction was given, but she did grant a prophecy to the couple. The fortune was read off of human bones tossed on a table top, and the old woman pointed out each part, telling of it most ominously.

The first part stated “long natural life”, which mean that unless another man or woman killed him, she would live much longer than the average human. Her second fortune was of her power, which was described as “a gift of the Ancients”. Then the girl’s fortunes grew more difficult and clouded… The third part was told word-for-word like this: “The year the girl becomes a woman, three bonds will be severed and never to be mended again.” The fourth fortune told that Tara would have much energy as a child, but lose a lot of it in her later years. The fifth spoke of the girl becoming a great bender… and then Tara’s parents stopped the woman before she could continue any further.

They didn’t like the overall predictions of the fortune-teller, and tried to put it all through denial. They left her business soon after, and ten days later the old woman left the Earth Nation. Aside of that, Tara’s parents tried to ignore the fortunes of this woman as much as possible, because they were turning out to become more and more dreadful, and they just couldn't accept them. They figured that they could stop her from all this happening, that if they could stop her from being a bender, then they could stop the rest of it from occurring as well.

Despite her parents arguments, Tara went to the bending academy of the Earth Nation. She was absolutely thrilled with the concept of becoming a bender, taking down criminals, being the hero, and honing her power. She was just so into the idea that she couldn’t be stifled by neither Cyrus nor Elva. She was a little trouble-maker just before entering the school, always evading the rules set by her parents. She would constantly run away from home to go do as she pleases, and neither parent could ever catch him.

Though it may have been against her parents wishes, Tara was utterly happy whens he was finally accepted into the academy. It was unbelievable for a child to have so much energy really, because as her classmates slacked off and hated any of their school work, Tara was entranced by all the knowledge being taught. Because of how much effort she put into her work, her scores were aces; near perfect. And when the time came to train to be a bender, all her instructors agreed that she was an amazing child.

Tara passed all the way through the bending academy early, going so far as skipping some of the more meager lessons because of how much she figured out by herself. She was so gifted, in fact, that some of the higher-ups in the Earth Nation wished to bring her right into more advanced training lessons so that she could become a soldier of the country. Surprisingly, her parents were ecstatic. They realized that they were too scared of the fortune that they didn’t even get to see how bright their child was. They made a milestone decision to drop the fear and embrace their child’s path with full support. Tara happily accepted her parent's new turn in life, and now entered the advanced lessons.

The next few years of Tara's life could be summed up by the effects of a Boom Town: It kept getting better and better, even when it felt like it couldn't get better at all. Her squad in the army was headed by one of the more famous earth benders; a man named Gideon who had fully mastered the art of metalbending. Her teammates included Claire, a feisty and unique girl who befriended Tara immediately, and Aron, a long-time wanderer whom Tara thought cute. She got along well with them all.

Despite how great Tara was, she wasn't the best. Claire and Aron were already veteran members in this squad, and had learned how to bend metal from Gideon. Though her earth could almost contend with their metal, metal still trumped her in the end. The worst of defeats were given out by Gideon. Tara always learned about her own weaknesses against Gideon, in every match. It wasn't long before she became enthralled by his metalbending, convinced that she needed to learn it. Tara sought Gideon's personal lessons, and metalbending became her focus for a time. But while that monopolized her bending life, Aron monopolized her personal life.

Aron's energy—his playfulness; his personality all attracted Tara so strongly. The last straw was his mystery, which intrigued her to no end. There was just something about his presence that threw her off guard and wormed its way into her mind and eventually her heart. She began to fall head over heels for the guy, and for months he never seemed to even recognize her heartset. It wasn't until one day when Tara stalked him to one of his personal relaxation areas that things were said and feelings revealed. The two came back holding hands together.

On Tara's 16th birthday, her parents gave her her greatest gift; and that was the money for a world-round trip. Aron promised to travel with her, and Gideon told her that she would be able to leave the army for a time to have fun on her trip. So, along with her new boyfriend, she would depart for the long travel, going to all the three other nations of the world and learning about their history and benders. At this point, she considered herself the happiest person on the planet. Aron was more than proud to be Tara's lover. Cyrus and Elva had long forgotten about the prophecy of the old woman, and were overgladdened by how far their daughter had gone. Tara's life was so perfect...

But this was the peak.

While Tara was on her trip with Aron, Gideon began to show signs of old age and weariness. He could no longer metalbend or earthbend at combat effectiveness. And within weeks of this revelation, Gideon could no longer stand. Sickness had struck, and although he was healed, the virus had already done so much damage to him. The bedridden man spoke to each of his squadmates before his death, and had written a letter for Tara and Aron... by the time they had received his letter, Gideon had died.

It was depressing, but his students did get over it and try to live on with happiness left in them. Tara herself still had so much left for her, and something new as well. She treasured the lessons that Gideon had departed onto her, cherishing all the she learned. With Gideon dead, Tara found solace in Aron while on her trip. Aron couldn’t be happier that Tara had grown so attached to him. The two were a real couple, and Aron was ready to take it one step further. It was fast approaching her birthday, and he decided to reveal his plans then. Soon, the two would be home from their world-round trip.

Age 18, Tara finally turned into an adult, and her birthday had just begun. Her parents invited every one of Tara’s friends, which was a lot to be honest, as well as Aron. There was celebration and games, and the cutting of the cake… everything. Then near the end of the party, Aron brought Tara away from the rest of the crowd to tell of his plan. He wanted marriage, and all the implications. He was ready to drop everything to be with Tara. Everything looked perfect from his point of view…

But Tara refused. She wasn’t ready for commitment, and wasn’t ready to drop everything like Aron wanted her to. She still had a passion for being a soldier in the Earth Nation, and wanted to live out her life before she settled down and got married. She tried to explain this to Aron, but he couldn’t get past her refusal. Something broke in him, causing him to leave the party crying. Tara tried to follow, but her parents stopped her at the door, worried for their daughter.

Apparently, both had seen something in Aron that worried them, that they both had talked about and had agreed. They were only worried for her and her future, of course, but Tara wouldn't listen, just as Aron didn't listen to her. Convinced she had said something wrong to Aron, Tara pushed through Cyrus and Elva and ran to the only place she could think to find him; the first place the two had truly come together; the secret hilltop of their's.

She waited... and waited. Yet she never saw him. It was hours long before Tara even thought of returning home, and she was very unhappy at the time. What did this mean for her? What would be of her future? All of her questions would be answered soon enough when she arrived at home. It was deadly quiet, with a salty stench in the air... something that unnerved Tara. And then when she unlocked the front door and opened it, she came face-to-face with a living nightmare. She couldn't bear it, running away from the house as if it was toxic; screaming in agony. Because at the foot of the door were the bodies of her mother, father, and Aron, layed neatly in line... dead. The walls were stained with blood, and everyone who had gone to her party was killed.

Tara never recovered mentally from the event: She never stopped blaming herself and she never was able to feel truly content a day later in her life. All it was to her now was a motion, an act to go through as the Gods wished. But when her stay in the living world came to an end; she would embrace it with a smile on her face. Because there was really nothing left for Tara anymore. In fact, the only things she had were broken memories. Her eyes lost their vibrant blue and became black, and her mind became a cold and calculating tool. She turned her hatred out on the world around it, for it was a cruel world—she had traveled the world, but she had chosen to ignore the slums, the acts of cruelty. All the power she had accumulated in her life would now be used to cause the hurt she felt every day in her heart and mind.

Rp Sample: You know me >.>

Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete] 10ndflk

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Completion Bump.

Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete] 10ndflk
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Tara Okashi, I Hate Everything [Complete]
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