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 Training some arrowheads.[open to one]

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PostSubject: Training some arrowheads.[open to one]   Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:18 am

Mori loved their shape. The hooks were so sharp and the material from which it was created was amazing. he poked at the tips while walking on his way back from the village he purchased the arrow heads in. He entered the swamp and inhaled the swamps fog. It was familiar to him and he new the thickness of the air all to well. He was on the damper side of the swamp while he lived where it was dry and largely forested, He had a long way till home. he stepped over various vines and small puddles he caught a glimpse of a crocodile fish and Mori had Just returned from buying a couple of arrowheads. They were nice and shiny and he loved a Giant water viper duking it out. He watched until one of the animals instincts kicked in and they noticed Mori. Mori was terrified he had only his bow and 70 arrows with him 16 of them hook tipped. He was prepared for a fight but he was not in the mood and the swamp mud slowed his movements. He was confident he would survive but he was scared.

He started to run, the water viper had swam away but the Crocodile fish was chasing after him. Mori was going to be his next meal. Mori refused he reached for the purple great bow laying on his back he grabbed an arrow randomly from his back and let it fly he had no intentions on being eaten. he ran forwards knowing that one arrow would not stop the beast.

A large hissing sound came from behind Mori he knew he had hit it he then used his lightness to his advantage he jumped into a tree without making a sound. It was then when Mori had a chance to actually see his surroundings they were beautiful and his view on the damper side of the swamp changed. He still said nothing but the whistle of three more arrows broke the silence as three more arrows hit the beast in the upper body area. The monster made no sounds from there forth and Mori felt safe. He lowered himself down from the tree and landed right in front of the beast. Out of nowhere as if the beast was playing possum it arose from its fake slumber and charged at Mori, who was completely off guard. what would be the results of this attack? Mori might not live to find out.

Word count = 413//400 I guess weapon obtained.
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Training some arrowheads.[open to one]
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