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 My Earth Shall Pierce The Heavens! [Open]

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Mr. Bubbles

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PostSubject: My Earth Shall Pierce The Heavens! [Open]    Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:59 am

"Lets do this...!"

The Titan said to himself as his massive legs carried him to the center of the earthen type ring. The crowd was beginning to grow restless - their synchronized hisses of boredom filling the entire area with much tension. The participates from the last duel slowly made their way to the backstage - both holding a specific part of the body showing great pain upon their faces. It was a great fight, both fighters had the heart of a lion and the determination of young bulls. To Data, they both won, but it didn't matter what he thought - he wasn't being paid to think. The ebony skinned male eyed the fighters until they were no longer in his vision. His tinted black sunglasses keeping the burning passion in his eyes hidden from view, while his toned body glistened from the powerful spot lights overhead. A thousand and one thoughts riddled into the boys mind: Who would he fight? Would this person be strong? Would this person even be a Earth-Bender? Would this person be male or female? Suddenly, the titan released a faint chuckle while he slowly shock his head from left to right - he was indeed nervous.

"Look at me. I might as well be pissin' my damn pants right now!"

He spoke as he began rotating both his arms in little perfect circular motions, while his muscular neck did the same. The questions riddling the youths mind almost came to a instant stop as he began moving. But he still didn't quite understand why he was so nervous. These fights weren't any different from the ones back in the Si Wong, so where did this sudden wave of nervousness come from? It didn't matter at this point honestly - he needed to get his head in the game! Slowly his rotating arms ceased, and the young male took a very well balanced and powerful stance. His legs shoulder length apart, his weight even balanced on the balls of his feet, and his hands held right up to his face. Data began jumped around slightly - his feet only mere inches off the ground while swift wind splitting jabs, hooks, and straight punches were released. As each punch reached the climax of it's travel, the wind would produce a low pitch whistle do to the speed and power behind each blow. The crowd began cheering loudly as they witnessed the titan bring his body to speed, but the youth didn't notice - he was now in the zone. His "sight" picking up mighty seismic relations coming from the crowd - they were just as excited as he was, but he too drowned this out. His lower body remained completely normal: A typical baggy black hakama and no footwear in sight. Clipped on his waist resided his mysterious weapon which gave off a faint blue pulsating glow.

"I'm ready!"

He whispered to himself coming to a complete stop in his actions. Now, Data waited for his opponent...
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My Earth Shall Pierce The Heavens! [Open]
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