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 Dancing of Shadows

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PostSubject: Dancing of Shadows   Wed May 02, 2012 10:29 am

The small wooden cart moved slowly across the dirt path, it was a rickety cart pulled by two large bullhorses, slow but steady animals. The driver of the cart was a old mysterious man who had been hired by the Nen Ken Po on several occasions before, he was trusted by the group, mainly because his throat had been ripped out and he was unable to speak. He lived in a old shack right off the coast of the island, so eh was hired often to help the group. He steadily led the cart through the large mountains, keeping the cart hidden and a secret.

Kanda was sitting inside the cart, for it had walls and a roof the kept both the sun and wondering eyes out. The windows of the cart had curtains, so that the room was filled with darkness and made kanda feel at home. With him inside the cart was Mei, the only company he wanted right now. Her presence eased him, and made the ride through earth nation a little easier. He was not nervous, but did not want a full out fight to break out just yet. So having her in the cart gave him something to distract his mind.

Ruaxel and suidao were charged with standing guard outside of the cart. Sure it was kind of cruel to make them stay stationed outside in the heat, but they were loyal servants, and understood the reasoning behind it. Soon they would arrive at Ba Seng Se, and the real fun would begin.
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PostSubject: Re: Dancing of Shadows   Wed May 02, 2012 3:45 pm

Phase kept his eyes focused, fixed on everything around him, he only blinked when needed, he made no sound, he moved no muscle, he was a statue, a perfect gargoyle, standing guard over his master, and ready to pounce if need be. The Air bender stood perched on the roof of the cart, crouched with one hand holding the rim of the carts roof, while his other hand sat on the hilt of his blade. Nothing would get past him, his sole duty today was to guard the cart and protect the lives inside it. The Nen Ken Po was on its way to the earth capitol, why, he did not care, all he knew was that he had never failed a mission, and if he was told to keep them alive then he would.
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PostSubject: Re: Dancing of Shadows   Wed May 02, 2012 7:01 pm

Mei sat quietly inside of the cart being driven by the shady and ever present man who was one of their flunkies. He had been very loyal to Her and the rest, and for that she respected him. The air inside the cart was humid, which didnt sit very well with Mei. In fact, it made her very uncomfortable. Mei waved her hands very slowly in an upwards motion from her waist up focusing her chi, encasing herself in a thin layer of ice. "Much better." she breathed a sigh of relief. This hot weather was a signal of the upcoming festival. Food, games, haunted houses, dancing, fun. Yes, fun indeed. She would enjoy this festival especially. Mei snuck a glance towards the only other person in the cart, Kanda.

Kanda, the fearless and powerful leader of the Nen Ken Po. His presence was very unsettling to most. However for Mei he was like a stone that anchored her to the world of the living. In many cases people would flee from Kanda, Mei would gravitate towards him. Fire, and Ice. Robert Frost was right when he wrote the poem.

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PostSubject: Re: Dancing of Shadows   

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Dancing of Shadows
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