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 Problem Post: Help Plz

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PostSubject: Problem Post: Help Plz   Thu May 03, 2012 5:55 pm

Now. Im posting this so that I can get multiple viewpoints on the circumstance I have gotten myself in to. Anyone who helps and gives me their opinion and a reason behind it will earn hugs and cookies from Nisha. Also some affections.

To start explaining my problem you'll need to know a little background information.

So basically to all the people unfamiliar with the British school system. There are three stages to high school. Key Stage Three, which is for 11-13 year olds. GCSE (Graduated Certificate of Secondary Education) which is for 14-16 year olds. And A (Advanced) level which is for 16-19 year olds who have completed GCSE's.

Now Key Stage Three and GCSE stages of high school are compulsory. GCSE's are the qualifications employers look for in people when sorting out their basic skills. Nisha has finished GCSE's with more than average qualifications. She received 7 C grade GCSE's which is above average, and very good, even if they are C grades. She also received one B grade qualification for physics, and one A* grade in Religious Studies, which is the highest grade possible.

The problem is that I have studied two years worth of A level stuff, and hated every single minute of it. I hate everything about school. The teachers are not only deluded into thinking they are superior human beings, but they refuse to see students as individuals. They are arrogant, ignorant, and downright rude. The students are a similar matter, deluded into their own twisted sense of fun they hurt others without mercy or remorse, purely for entertainment. Well I dont need to tell you how school works. So bleh. But I must also note that the dark dangerous atmosphere of school not only depresses me, but makes me down right dangerous. I've had several Councillors on the matter, (Who vanished after promising to help me through my issues with school, so its not like I didn't warn anyone at school this would happen if I continued...) and Im on my last warning for... lets call it "dealing" with horrible individuals.

For several months now I've been missing a LOT of school. I mean whole weeks worth at a time. I have a single subject that I study, and that's Religious Studies. I love the subject, but I despise going to school. My solution would be to stop going all together.

Now before people shout "YOU NEED AN EDUCATION" I must point out that the majority of the general populace do not have as many qualifications as me. Advanced Levels are for University entries, and Im entering a local college next year, not a big league university. I have already been accepted in the college, and dont need to complete the course in order to get in. I also have experience in a variety of areas, charity work, people to people experience, dealing with distressed people, student council, martial arts, ect. So there is in no way a need to complete this course, and if I did, the grade would be so low it would be a blot on my record anyway.

However the other side of the argument is that I have invested two years into this course. Two years of my mortal existence. People say Im throwing that all away, and that I'll regret it later. Others say im running away from my problem (Though Im seeing it as walking away from an issue I dont need) and of course Im letting down the one teacher and subject I actually like, religious studies.

So what should I do? Deal with the horrible atmosphere at school and risk hurting myself and others? Or escape into a new world I'm ignorant of?

Kisses and hugs. ~Nisha
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PostSubject: Re: Problem Post: Help Plz   Thu May 03, 2012 6:12 pm

Forget what I said earlier, I told you what I felt in the chatbox.. College > This school.


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PostSubject: Re: Problem Post: Help Plz   Thu May 03, 2012 6:40 pm


Well...Nisha Listen I am from America and I am not the brightest of people but my feelings on this topic are clear. While, Yes you do need an education. You seem to have more than enough, I have noted you intelligence and seen the way you react and communicate...and that is just in the chatbox. I can imagine you are able to further express your intelligence in person so I believe you are more than ready for college material. I say if this school thing is really as bad or dangerous as you portray it to be, simply bid farewell to that teacher let him/her know you liked his class but you have to go. Then do your thing in college. Now don't go and fuck up cuz then Imma feel bad for telling you this but try your best. You can make it in life...that is something I am sure of.
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Absolute Zero

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PostSubject: Re: Problem Post: Help Plz   Thu May 03, 2012 7:38 pm

I say that if you feel like youre ready for it, and I mean 100% ready to do your best. Go to college!! I think you can totally handle it, you seem more than qualified. I have been thinking about doing the same quite honestly.

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PostSubject: Re: Problem Post: Help Plz   

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Problem Post: Help Plz
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