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PostSubject: Coming Home   Coming Home EmptyFri May 04, 2012 3:33 pm

Hisaku opens the gate to his beautiful home. The gate slams shut and Hisaku walks up to the door. The door isn't locked. Surprised Hisaku continues inside and starts to take off the officer gear he is wearing. He starts by taking off his helmet and then moves down to the torso armor and so on. When he gets to the short sword he holds it in his hands for awhile. He thinks about his dad and how he had once held the same weapon. He puts the blade down and walks away still thinking of his dad. Walking down the hallway he turns left into the kitchen and walks over to look out the window. Hisaku looks left and then right and then took a step away from the window. He was acting like he was being watched. He went back out to the hallway and turned left towards the back of the house. Passed the spare bedroom that had once been occupied by his father, down to his bedroom. The room was dark and cold. Hisaku thought that he could see something move in the shadow of the moonlight. He then heard a noise come from the dark. "Hello Hisaku." He heard a voice from the same area. He quickly pulled up his hand and made a fireball so he could see. It was a spy that Hisaku had payed to get him information on the man that killed his father. "You startled me Ting." Hisaku said now moving to light a candle. Ting is a slighly muscular, middle aged man who earns an honest living selling fish and on the side he acts as a spy for whoever will pay him. "I have some more information for you today."
Ting walked over to a small table in the room and sat down on a stool. He then pulled out several scraps of paper from his shirt and sat them on the table. "Come over here if you want to see the information, boy." Ting said without looking up from sorting the papers. Hisaku walked over to the table and pulled a small cloth out of his sleeve and handed it to Ting. "Thank you kind sir." Ting said taking the money and carefully counting it. Hisaku sat down at the table and started looking over the information. He picked up a few pieces of the paper and tried to read it. "Ting, I cant read your hand writing." Ting looks back up at the table and starts to read the papers. "The officer that killed your father is a man by the name of Shinzo Taira. He is an officer same as you. He has two children and a wife. He is living on the other side of town and his mother and father are dead as well." Ting said now looking at Hisaku. "How did you get all that information Ting. I asked you to just find the name of the murder not everything like that." "Well, when a man starts to drink he going to talk to much." Hisaku started to laugh and then held it in. A rustling sound was just heard outside by the window. Hisaku quickly jumped up off the stool and moved over to the window and looked out. He saw nothing. "Guess it was nothing then. Your so jumpy lately." Ting said looking at Hisaku and chuckling. "Well if you were going to kill a member of the fire nation you would be just as jumpy." Hisaku said sitting on the bed and laying back looking at the roof. "Im going to sleep now so if you would kindly show yourself out it would be greatly appreciated." "Well then I will see myself out but be warned do not take this man lightly he has killed many a man before your father." Ting said walking towards the bedroom door. "Thanks for the advice old man." Hisaku laid back on the bed and closed his eyes.
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