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 Arriving in Ba Sing Se

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PostSubject: Arriving in Ba Sing Se   Fri May 04, 2012 8:30 pm

After a few hours of non stop traveling, the team had finally made it to the outskirts of the Earth Kingdom capital. Raizo would be lying if he said he didn't plan on flying right into the place on the back of his dragon. However, he figured he'd be abit more subtle. The Fire Sages back at home told him stories of people who would hunt and kill Dragons for sport. Though the boy would never admit it, he had grown fond of Wafu. To the point where'd he'd raise his hand against his own people to protect him. Patting the back of the dragon's head, the massive beast would begin to descend behind a small mountain. With a soft landing, Raizo would turn around and look towards the two females who accompanied him. One being the little Riri and the other the woman who was to teach him waterbending. Tilting his head slightly to the side, Raizo's amber eyes would shift to their corners. "Alright we're here. I've never been to Ba Sing Se, but I'm sure the money we got at the tournament will come in handy. Also this festival is supposed to be a pretty big deal." Placing a finger on his chin in thought, Raizo would turn away from the group and look towards the bright sky. "This festival will probably have alot of people there..meaning a pretty big chance to get alot of fans. This is perfect for me.." Raizo would nod his head a few times before flipping to his feet and pointing towards the two females. "It's settled! We'll head into Ba Sing Se for this festival. We'll put on an awesome show in my honor and get lots of fans to support the Raizo cause!" Swiping his nose, the Avatar would let a smug grin spread on his face. "Any objections to my awesome plan?"


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PostSubject: Re: Arriving in Ba Sing Se   Sat May 05, 2012 5:15 am

Time slowly passed and Umi had learned to love this new way of traveling. Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable one, but it wasn't completely uncomfortable either. The feeling of the wind in your hair, and the amazing scenery visible from a mile above the ground were amazing. It was like nothing the girl ever felt, and she loved every minute of it. Of course it was scary at times, like when the dragon had to make a 360 degree turn to avoid a large flock of birds, but that didn't ruin it for the girl. She even started getting used to her new companions.They haven't spoke much, as the little girl was sleeping tightly this whole time, and the guy was somewhat focused, probably trying to control the dragon, or perhaps he was doing off as well. Either way the girl enjoyed her time so far.

Umi watched the sky slowly change color from pitch black to morning pink as the sun appeared on the horizon. Far away, she could see the silhouettes of the grand city they were heading to.The dragon slowed down a bit and started slowly lowering its altitude, approaching the ground. It probably wouldn't be good if they decided to park their 50m long beast in the main town square. This would mean that they would have to walk a bit, but Umi didn't really mind. She needed her morning exercise anyway, and this was a decent replacement.

After a few moments, the dragon's legs hit the ground. Umi had grabbed the beast's scales, assuming that the landing wouldn't be pleasant, but it turned out to be much softer than the girl expected it to."Alright we're here. I've never been to Ba Sing Se, but I'm sure the money we got at the tournament will come in handy. " Raizo finally spoke. Umi smiled at the thought that money was still the guy's biggest issue. The girl was more worried about how they would be able to find their way around the city. It was a good thing that the girl had never been here before, even tho her father wanted to take her with him on numerous occasions, because she now didn't have to worry someone would recognize her and tell her dad where she really was. She was just beginning to have fun and she didn't need anyone ruining it.

"Also this festival is supposed to be a pretty big deal. This festival will probably have alot of people there... meaning a pretty big chance to get alot of fans. This is perfect for me... It's settled! We'll head into Ba Sing Se for this festival. We'll put on in awesome show in my honor and get lots of fans to support the Raizo cause. Any objections to my awesome plan?" the boy said, nodding a few times as a grin appeared on his face. The girl would only let out a small laugh, extending her arm and swinging her hand left and right a few times. The boy was surely full of himself, but it was kinda funny as well. The girl was probably somewhat like that as well, but there was no way she would ever admit it.

Umi got up slowly and headed for her bag. As soon she picked it up, the girl was surprised with how it acted. It was slightly heavier than she remembered, but the weird thing was the noise coming out of it. As she opened the bag, she was in for a big surprise. Inside it, snoring, was her pet otter Coco. The girl smiled as she picked the little thing up and petted it's snow-white fur. It soon woke up and started running up and down the girl's arm. "How did you get in there little girl?" Umi asked with a wide smile on her face. The pet was a present from her parents, and the two soon became really good friends. It felt good knowing that the girl had someone she knew with her. She turned back towards the boy and said, "Shall we?"

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PostSubject: Re: Arriving in Ba Sing Se   Sat May 05, 2012 7:13 pm

At some point they'd gotten off of Raizo's dragon. They were behind a mountain, or something like that. And Raizo was doing some kind of self motivational pep talk. Riri was a little too drowsy to notice, she'd slept the entire trip, and had only been awoken by the travelling coming to an end. She rubbed at her eyes sleepily with balled up hands. Where were they again? Oh yeah Ba Sing Se. Riri didn't know much about the city, but if it was anything like the cramped underground arena she knew that she wouldn't like it. Stretching her arms widely, opening her little mouth into an open yawn, she tried to pay more attention to what they were doing.

Raizo planned to get fans at a show. Ick! a show. In front of people. scary. Riri shuffled nervously at the suggestion. Biting down on her bottom lip. Should she say something to him? He was looking and sounding excited at the prospect, and the avatar needed fans right? Cause that's how famous people worked. With fans. She looked to new lady on the team for some signal, she didn't seem to mind talking back to Raizo. But Umi seemed pre-occupied with some cute little creature that reminded her of water mink. Only it was white. Riri wondered if it was sick or meant to be like that.

Realizing she was on her own in standing against Raizo's evil plan she skipped over to him, with many tiny footsteps, looking up at his face with large round eyes. "Uhm... Uhhh... Raizo..." She held her hands tight behind her back, pulling her ankles together as well shyly. "Riri wont have to perform or do anythin' like that will she?"
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PostSubject: Re: Arriving in Ba Sing Se   

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Arriving in Ba Sing Se
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