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 Ayaki Mizu DONE

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PostSubject: Ayaki Mizu DONE   Sat May 05, 2012 2:17 pm

Basic Character Information

Name: Ayaki Mizu
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Ayaki has a lean muscled build, and stands 6’6”, though he usually slouches slightly, putting him at 6’4” normally. He has white hair that he tends to keep around medium to shoulder length, at most. He’ll dress any of the ways depicted by the images, but usual goes with the white jacket, black shirt, black pants and combat boots regularly. He has pale skin and golden brown eyes. He appears attractive in a primal, having an air about him that is almost alien, which can be attributed to his limbs and bone/body structure being longer than they should. This isn’t always noticed, but at times the distorted proportions of his body (compared to that of an average person) can be seen. He seems dog-like or wolfish in both his appearance and personality, and people tend to describe him as such.


Typically a friendly and non-violent person, Ayaki dislikes being mean. He likes to help people, and children might as well be playing with a puppy when Ayaki is around to entertain them. The man loves making people smile, and enjoys the company of the good-natured. He tends to play the devils-advocate in discussions, dislikes talking negatively about someone when they aren’t present to defend themselves, and always tries to find a redeeming quality about everyone. Interestingly, even though he is typically great with people, he finds himself uncomfortable in the midst of a crowd, and is a bit on edge in such an event. Festivals aren’t really his thing, but he’ll tag along if someone wants him to go. Ayaki’s coping mechanism is laughter, so he tends to laugh in situations most people wouldn’t, and tends to act as the comic relief in stressful or negative situations. He’d find something funny about someone’s funeral, not to be disrespectful, but to able to deal with the loss. Ayaki will often times act like a wolf or dog, though not on purpose. What people see as traits such a canine would have, Ayaki seems to possess those traits as well. He is a loyal person, hesitating in the face of him possibly betraying someone. He doesn’t like to lie, so he tends to finds way to bend the truth instead. Of his five senses, his sense of smell is his strongest, and typically smells things before most people. He’s no tracker, but if he knows somebody’s scent, typically he can identify who it belongs to; for example, his best friend’s pillow. Ayaki has a primal attraction that draws people to him and animals always seem to trust and at least tolerate him, even the unruly and violent ones.

As for being in the Nen Ken Po, Ayaki doesn't feel like those who can't bend should be under him; he'd rather teach them to bend, even if they barely are able to manage the basics. He even thinks that there are other forms of bending aside from the four elements of a fire, earth, water and air. For example, he personally views various styles of fighting as a form of bending one's own power and skill. Until he can convince the Nen Ken Po that this is true, Ayaki intends to provide bending training to those that don't already. So, Ayaki can be considered a bit of a humanitarian in that sense.

Rank Information

Rank: Captain
Nation: Ex-Water Nation
Organization: Nen Ken Po
Bending Element: Water
Specialty: Medical

Skill Information

Special Characteristics

Name:Water Form
Nation: Water
Description: Residents of the water nation have extremely flexible and agile bodies. They can bend twist and move in very odd ways that would hurt a normal human body. This makes them very slippery and agile.

Name: Water Walk
Nation: Water
Description: Residents of the water nation are extremely skilled in, near and around water. They can swim faster than others, are really agile in water. They can run walk and move in water with out being slowed or hindered, and are a force to be reckoned with in the water.

Name: Calm Under Pressure
Range: -
Description: Though he doesn’t seem like it a normal times, when the situation calls for it, Ayaki almost becomes a different person, remaining calm and focused in even the most trying of circumstances.

Name: Unarmed Mastery
Range: -
Description: Ayaki has mastered the techniques of hand to hand combat, knowing all manner of disarms, grapples, and just where to place his punches and kicks to inflict the most damage

Name: Makeshift Master
Range: -
Description: Ayaki has an interesting knack for making “makeshift” items. Makeshift refers to things that are made using whatever materials are handy and are usually weaker (to be technical about it, two ranks lower) than the manufactured forms of the items, unless the materials are the same, which makes for an only slightly weaker version (at most one rank lower).

Name: Flexibility
Range: -
Description: Ayaki is even more flexible than normal for Water Nation Natives. His bones, primarily around joints, are hard to outright break. They can still be sprained or fractured by a force that would break someone else’s bones, however, and twice the normal force is required to break them. Because of this extra flexibility, he is also capable of escaping shackles and bindings that would hold even the most slippery person.


Name General Water Manipulation
Rank Recruit-Lord
Element Water
Range 5-60 gallons
Description From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Water bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Water is all in the mind of the bender. Ayaki is able to bend anything that is at least 50% water, and is able to condense gaseous forms of water into liquids such as fog or steam.

Name General Ice Manipulation
Rank Recruit-Lord
Element Water/Ice
Range 5-60 gallons
Description From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Water bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Ice is all in the mind of the bender.

Name Ice Gauntlets
Rank Soldier
Element Ice
Range Self
Description Ayaki forms gauntlets made of ice from his skin all the way up to his elbows, complete with ice spikes on the knuckles and top of his forearms. This ice can withstand fire at equal rank, earth at one rank higher, air at one rank lower, and physical attacks one rank higher breaking.

Name Geyser
Rank Captain
Element Water
Range 15m
Description Ayaki pushes water under the ground, and causes it to erupt with force from the ground at his target. The more this attack is pressurized, the stronger it is.

Name Heal
Rank Recruit
Element Water
Range Touch
Description Given to all natural born Water Nation persons, Ayaki can heal basic cuts and bruises with this technique.

Name Ice Spike
Rank Soldier
Element Ice
Range Up to 15m (for best accuracy)
Description Ayaki launches ice shaped like a cone or spike, 7 in long and a 1.5 in base radius.

Name Water Whip
Rank Recruit
Element Water
Range 3m
Description Creates and fights with a whip made of water, of which the tip can be quickly frozen and thawed back for added damage.

Name Water Sphere Trap
Rank Soldier
Element Water
Range 10 m
Description Ayaki forms a sphere of water around his target, in which he can continuously swirl to trap and drown the target of equal rank to Ayaki. Air technique two ranks lower can disrupt the sphere enough to allow escape.

Name Ice Sphere Trap
Rank Captain
Element Ice
Range 10 m
Description Ayaki forms a sphere of water around his target and then freezes it, in which the target of equal rank or lower to Ayaki is trapped in a form of cyrostasis. Fire Technique at equal rank can melt the sphere enough to thaw the target and allow escape, Earth Technique at one rank higher can shatter the ice to allow escape, Air at one rank lower can slice the ice to help escape, and physical technique at two ranks higher can shatter the ice to allow escape, however all at the possibility of injury of the target.

Name Webbed Phalanges
Rank Recruit
Element Water
Range Personal
Description Ayaki forms watery films between fingers and toes, better increasing the ability to swim.

Name Breathing Apparatus
Rank Soldier
Element Water
Range Personal
Description Ayaki traps oxygen in a water bubble around his head, allowing him to be submerged underwater and maintain the ability to breathe. Oxygen in the surrounding is filtered into this bubble, providing a ceaseless access to oxygen. This bubble can be given to others, but he or they water bend the bubble to filter it, it won’t filter. This filtering is much harder to do in stagnant water, and in water that has no real access to the atmosphere it won’t happen much or even at all, up until there is no more viable oxygen in the water. (Like a fish and its gills)

Specialty Skills

Name: Greater Heal
Specialty: Medical
Ability: Ayaki is able to heal serious, life threatening wounds with his extensive knowledge of medical treatment.

Name: Filter
Specialty: Medical
Ability: Ayaki is able to filter out poisons in his target’s body quickly, curing the target.

Name: Ice Tourniquet
Specialty: Medical
Ability: Ayaki can make a tourniquet only from ice, or use ice to reinforce any available tourniquet currently in use.

Name: Water Bearer
Specialty: Medical
Ability: Ayaki is able to withstand storing extra amounts of water in his body. The limit of how many extra gallons he can store in his body safely increases by 1 gallon for every rank he has acquired. For example, Recruit gives him 1 extra gallon and Soldier gives him 2 extra gallons, and so on and so forth until Avatar rank, giving him a max of 6 extra gallons. This count doesn’t include Civilian rank.

Name: Curer
Specialty; Medical
Description: Ayaki has extensive knowledge of medicine, and can make better usage of items meant to cure and ail. He can incorporate this knowledge into water he bends, giving it a medicinal property, such as (but not limited to) pain relief.

Name: Poisoner
Specialty; Medical
Description: Ayaki has extensive knowledge of medicine, and can use that which is meant to heal to harm, and can use any poisons and venoms he owns. . He can incorporate this knowledge into water he bends, giving it a poisonous property, giving it a (but not limited to) paralyzing property for example.

Name: Alchemist
Specialty; Medical
Description: Ayaki has extensive knowledge of the natural world, and can make poisons and medicines from natural sources, such as (but not limited to) an antidote from a snake’s venom or a herbal remedy.


Type: Closed
Name: Shui
Gender: Female
Species: Wahmenitu ("Spirit in the Water")
Element: Water
Description: A dog-like or wolf-like amphibious creature that has unique connections to the water. Rarely seen outside of its habitat (really anywhere with plently of fresh water), this creature typically only reveals itself to those who are a part of its habitat. Because of this, interaction with humans is rare indeed. These creatures are rather intelligent, able to create rather intricate bonds with others. Though not as smart as humans, they can be trained and are able to perform actions that seemingly require some cognitive thought (think chimpanzee plus a german sheppard). Often these creatures are referred to as "Water Dogs", "Water Wolves" or "Water Sprites". Their senses are like that of wolves, as are their phsyical capabilities (for example, they can bite just as powerfully as a wolf and run just as fast, and their nose is just as strong, even underwater). Since they have webbed paws and finned tail, they can swim faster than run.
Special Abilities: The Wahmenitu have several water based abilities. Firstly, they can camoflage themselves while in water, assuming the appearance of the water itself. Secondly, being amphibious, they can breathe both on land and in the water. Thirdly, they can attack with several water based attacks. One such example is a jet of water they spew from their mouths. Sometimes they will spew watery bubbles that pop on contact, stinging a bit. These bubbles are used more to slow a Wahmenitu's target. Fourthly, upon death, a Wahmenitu will turn into a puddle of water. Upon the next full moon, the Wahmenitu will be reborn, usually in a spiritual or important place to the individual creature. Lastly, Wahmenitu are intuitive creatures, and sense the emotions and basic intentions of others.
Origin: Wahmenitu came into existence when the Ocean and Moon Spirits felt the need for a companion like a dog was for a human. So the Ocean and Moon Spirits imbued their power into a group of wolves that they selected, giving birth to a new creature, the Wahmenitu.

Ayaki and Shui have always been together. When Ayaki's Master found him as a babe abandoned, Shui was watching over the infant, protecting the little one. Shui allowed Master Badru Yue to take the baby, but she has stayed with Ayaki ever since.


Name: Hand Claws
These claws are made of a well-tempered, highly durable metal. Black leather cover the part of these claws that fit over the palm so all the wielder is actually touching is the metal.
Range: Melee, Personal
Rank: Captain
Special Abilities:The blades are hollow, having a tiny hole about the size of a rattlesnakes fang, allowing the wielder to deliver poison/venom. The ends of the holes, one for each blade, is opened by a simple small button on the side, easily pushed by the wielder's thumbs. When this button is pressed, the poison/venom is released, much like the bite off a snake.
Poison/Venom: Gontal Each claw contains 3 pints, 1 pint per claw.
Origin: A gift, from Ayaki's master, Master Badru Yue.


Name: Backpack
Rank: Recruit
Special Effects: Allows one to carry and store one's belongings.
Origin: A gift, from Ayaki's master, Master Badru Yue.

Name: Water Satchel
Rank: Recruit
Special Effects: This Ancient Northern Tribe Water Satchel is not very large at all. It only holds 5 gallons of water and has a large strap that sits diagonally across ones chest and rests on the back. This positioning will not interfere with anything else one is carrying/wearing (for example, a backpack). It also has a strap that wraps around the waist so it stays on tight when moving at increased speeds. The actual satchel rests on ones lower back and has a removable cap that can be opened by the water rushing out of it, but must be closed manually. The closing mechanism is attached, so one doesn't have to worry that much about losing it. It sits comfortably on one"s person and is made from very thick and durable hide that can withstand cuts from a sword and bending attacks. It is no where near invincible however, so repeated attacks can tear a hole in the hide, but can be easily fixed by stitching more hide onto the satchel.
Origin: A gift, from Ayaki's master, Master Badru Yue.


Name: Cowa Seeds
Rank: Soldier
Container Small bottle
Special Effects: Relieves moderate pain
Origin: From the fruit of the Cowa Tree, found in rainforests.

Name: Toa Seeds
Rank: Recruit
Container Small bottle
Special Effects: Relieves nausea and stomach aches, and the symptoms of colds and the flu. Eating the whole fruit/berry itself will also provide the effect, as one would also be eating the seeds.
Origin: From the fruit (berries) of the Toa bush, an evergreen shrub. Found in forests.

Name: Genka Beans
Rank: Captain
Container Small bottle
Special Effects: Accelerates healing by 3.5x's (What would take 7 days to heal would heal in 3 and a half days)
Origin: Genka Bean Plant, found naturally in forests


Name: Gontal poison is collected from the Gontal plant, a type of flower that can be found near salt or fresh water. Gontal poison causes vivid hallucinations, problems clotting blood, and difficulty breathing. Each claw contains 3 pints, 1 pint per claw. Rank: Soldier
Container: Small Bottle/Vial
Special Effects: The effects take 2 minutes to begin if injected into the blood, and lasts around 10 minutes a pint. If Gontal poison is ingested, the poison will take effect in about 30 minutes. Someone who suffers from athsma or other respiratory problems can find this poison fatal.
Origin: Gontal poison is collected from the Gontal plant, a type of flower that can be found near salt or fresh water. When the petals or leaves of this plant are finely crushed and mixed with water, a liquid poison is made.
Antidote: Eating the roots of a Gontal plant. Grinding the roots up and mixing them with water will have a near instantaneous effect, taking only about a minute to begin working, and five minutes will generally eradicate the poisoning. A large dosage will be needed for a lot of posioning, however.

History and RP Sample


Newborn and Infant
Ayaki was born on a rainy February 15th, to two Water Nation traveling merchants. His father was named Gorou Mizu and his mother was Akemi Mizu. As an infant, Ayaki loved the water and always seemed to appear healthier under the light of the moon. Everyone who met the child would say that the child seemed to be blessed by the Ocean and Moon Spirits. Because of this, his parents always called him their little lucky charm, as they began to make better money at night, and were able to sell Water Nation items for more than they were worth. However, their luck ran out one fateful night about a year after his birth, as a band of lowlifes attacked, robbed, and killed the couple. Before they could sink their blades into Ayaki, a Wahmenitu assaulted them, forcing them to retreat. The Wahmenitu stayed with him, watching over him. After a few days of this attack, a Water Bending Master, Badru Yue happened upon the pair. Noticing the baby, Badru waited patiently for the Wahmenitu to warant him as a friend instead of foe, and took the babe when the Wahmenitu would allow him to approach. She followed the Water Bending Master, never letting the child out of her sights.

Growing Up
Ayaki grew up under the guidance and care of Master Badru, learning the ways of water bending, hand-to-hand combat and much of the medical field, and things such as reading and writing and cooking, so the boy could take care of himself properly. Shui never left his side, proving to be a dedicated and faithful companion to Ayaki. His Master Badru became very much like a father to him, and the trio lived to together in quite contentment in the rainforest they called home. Ayaki's training procedded well, the boy having a natural aptitude for it, his mind constantly craving as much knowledge as he manage to obtain. He eagerly trained and memorized his water bending and his education in medicine, which included the knowledge of all forms of healing, poisoning and alchemy. His Master intended to teach all he knew to his adopted pupil, but eventually Badru realized that could not happen, at least not in the sense he had originally thought. Badru was terribly sick, and even with all his knowledge, he had never encountered anything like this, nor did he know how to cure his ailment. So, he resigned himself to copying down all he knew onto scroll, so that Ayaki could still learn Badru's knowledge. Badru decided to teach Ayaki teh techniques and tricks he felt that should be introduced by a living teacher instead of by scroll alone. One such technique was the technique that had earned Badru his nickname of "Aquarius", the water bearer. It was a passive technique of storing extra amounts of water in one's body.

Badru suffered from his sickness for almost a year, using his medical abilities to porlong his life as best he could, a task which fell to Ayaki after Badru was bed-ridden. After about another month, Badru passed peacefully in his sleep.

Orphaned yet Again
Ayaki was 19 years old when Badru died. After mouring for his master, Ayaki set out to travel the land and learn more about the world around him. At first, he set out to discover what he could about his parents, piecing what he learned together what Badru had told him. Finally, he knew his real name; Badru had simply called him "Little Aquarius" all his life. Now knowing his real name, he actively made sure to use it instead of the name Badru have given him, in the attempt to keep it somewhat private and to maintain its sentimental value. Together with Shui, Ayaki lived as a vagrant, traveling around, helping those he could with his knowledge of medicine. Whenever his visit to a village or city was prolonged, Ayaki made attempts at teaching people water bending. He gave them the basics, and told them to practice everyday. Even if some weren't that good, they could still shift the water a bit. Some couldn't however, in which case Ayaki would suggest they find a teacher for a different element.

At the age of 23, Ayaki learned of a group of people who referred to themselves as the Nen Ken Po. Ayaki agreed with them to a point, and felt that by joining them, he could more easily help others learn bending. If everyone could bend, Ayaki felt there would be less chance for things like what happened to his parents to happen, that life in this world would be better. Also, by joining them, Ayaki felt that his life would be given purpose, as life as a vagrant left him feeling a bit lost in the world. To this end, Ayaki is loyal to the Nen Ken Po, even if some of what they might have to do wouldn't be entirely appealing.

So this is how Ayaki devotes himself: Suporting the Nen Ken Po and trying to teach others bending, so that all could be equal, and so that life as people know it would improve.

RP Sample:
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Ayaki Mizu DONE
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