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The four nations: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Come join and start your own journey as a bender, weapon user, or a common cabbage vendor. Welcome to Avatar RPG!
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 Enjoying the food[Festival]

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PostSubject: Enjoying the food[Festival]   Enjoying the food[Festival] EmptySat May 05, 2012 4:43 pm

Hisaku got off the airship and walked down pathway of Ba Sing Se. The pathway was full of different types of vendors selling different type of food. Lights were strung all over the road and buildings. "This is wonderful. It smells so great here, where do I begin to get food?" Hisaku said aloud and several people looked at him strangely. He walked to the first vendor and he was selling cabbage and fish. Hisaku ordered two fish and waited for them to be cooked. "Thank you good sir please come again." The vendor said handing the fish to Hisaku. Hisaku quickly gobbled down the fish. He moved to the next vendor and they were selling potstickers with noodles. He ordered a bowl of noodles and potstickers. He waited and waited and he wondered what was taking so long to make the dish. Soon after he started thinking about the man came out with the food and said "Sorry for the long wait we couldn't get fire to light. Please come again and again I am sorry for the wait." "Its no problem." Hisaku said as he took the food and sat down beside the vendor. He grabbed some chopsticks and started eating. This dish took him a little while longer to eat, but was still no match for his stomach. Since childhood Hisaku has been a bottomless pit. He could eat just about anything and at just about anytime of the day. After he finished eating the noodles and potstickers, he moved on down the road. He came to a vendor that was not selling food, but pendants. The different nation emblems and been carved in stone and a piece of string and been tied in a knot around the stone. Hisaku thought about getting the fire nation but, he quickly changed his mind. He kept on walking and soon came to an inn. He went in to check to see how much a room would be for a night. "It will be around 5 gold for a standard room." the man at the front desk said in a monotone voice. "Here's 5 gold and the name is Hisaku." Hisaku said handing the man the gold. The man wrote down Hisaku's name and gave him a key to a room. "You will be staying in room 3 sir. Have a goodnight." the man said handing the key over. "Thanks." Hisaku said taking the key and walking down the hall to his room.
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Enjoying the food[Festival]
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