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 Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]

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PostSubject: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Sat May 05, 2012 7:22 pm

(this topic is open for everyone to join, it is the main plot topic for the festival and anything that happens in this topic effects the plot)

The festival was huge, lanterns were being hung up, large groups of people were huddling together, music was being played and festivities were taken place. It was a large party taken place inside the main city of Ba Seng Se. It was in honor of the time of year where all the nations came together in peace, and was now a festival to celebrate this. People from all over the world would come together at this place to enjoy the activities.

The sun began to set, lowering itself over the edge of the world and blanketing the world in darkness. However the city of Ba Seng Se would stay lit, bright lights of orange, yellow, red and many other bright vibrant colors littered the night sky. lanterns hung from trees, ribbons and streamers decorated the buildings, all to celebrate the day. In the center of town was a large town square where most of the activity was being held. Bands were playing popular traditional music while dancers pranced around the street. There was said to be fireworks being launched tonight at midnight. A large crowd of people would gather in anticipation that would soon light up the sky.

Kanda had finally arrived at the festival, along with the rest of the Nen Ken Po. They had been allowed to roam free around and enjoy things, while postioning themselves in a place where if needed could assist kanda. The brave leader wore a different garb then his normal one. He kept the black cloak on, however now had a orange sash around his shoulders, and his mask was replaced with a bright orange one. He slowly made his way through the crowd, watching people move about, all ready for midnight, when the fire works would be launched.

kandas mask
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Mr. Bubbles

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Sat May 05, 2012 8:35 pm

The greatly anticipated festival was now underway, and Data remained within the crowd enjoying the beautiful colors, and pure bliss of everything. Word traveled about this day through the Si Wong like wild fire, so of course he wouldn't miss such a wondrous and joyful event. He wore his typical outfit: black tinted shades, a cream colored desert cloak, and a loose fitting black hakama. His feet remained exposed to the elements, just as they should be.

"Almost happy I decided to show."

The titan spoke to himself with a small smirk placed upon his smooth ebony skin. He slowly made his way through the happy crowd as the female dancers began prancing around to the beat of the rhythmic instruments. The boy caught sight of the females - there hips swaying from side to side as there bodies were piratically the very definition of the word perfect. The titan stopped dead in his tracks and watched the females dance with pretty obvious enticing movement. After a moment or so, Data shook his head from side to side and continued onward - slowly moving past the people who were there to enjoy the festival just as he was.

"Good to see Ba Sing Se can produce such attractive women... I wonder how the alcohol tastes? Shit! I hope it's up to par with there women?!"

The boy thought to himself as he finally made his way to the side of a lone building, and away from the greatly increasing crowd of people. His new goal: Find a place where he can get something hard to take down to get him through this night full of crazy! Oh yeah! And women...
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Absolute Zero

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Sat May 05, 2012 8:49 pm

Loud noises filled the air of Ba Sing Se, the citadel of the Earth Kingdom. It was a mixture of laughter, excitement and joy. Mei scoffed childlishly at the fact that everyone was having fun, it was so stupid. She would much rather be in her room alone that at some stupid festival. Festivals weren't really Mei's thing, she was more of a "Watch people suffer" type of girl. Her cold blue eyes watched as children darted everywhich way in front of her. The sun started going down, its golden curtains of light turned pinkish as it continued its descent over the walls of Ba Sing Se.

Her arm was woven intricately with Kanda's, forever at his side. Mei's red satin kimono flowed behind her as if Kanda himself were bending the flames of their contact. Due to the special occasion, Mei wore her hair in a very elegant manner. Her normally long flowing, wild blonde hair was up in an intricate bun, perfectly styled and held together by very ornate chopsticks. Anyone seeing her would most likely think that she was some sort of royalty. The intricate designs of her kimono shimmered in the multicolored light of the sunset as she moved closer to him as they walked together along the space in between the rows upon rows of booths set up for various things. Kanda was wearing a very ridiculous mask, it was actually quite hilarious to Mei. Mei stiffled a giggle as she looked up at Kanda's face. A cool breeze blew by, signalling that the night was about to begin. Soon the sun would say its final goodnights and the festivities would truely begin.

Mei's Kimono :

Mei's Hair:

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Sun May 06, 2012 12:23 am

Jin-Sang had been walking around the city for a couple of hours enjoying the celebrations. He had gotten some fire flakes, and even a mask he only saw and was glad he got because Jin-Sang thought it looked really cool and festive. He was munching on a bag of fire flakes enjoying the music and many entertainers around the streets. Many attractive women were out as well. Some hanging on the arms of their lovers and some with friends. Jin-Sang thought it was sweet that some were together. Jin-Sang eventually made it to the central area where everyone would eventually migrate to for the fireworks. He was excited for it since he had not seen any since... well never. He had heard of what fireworks looked like but had never seen them for himself.

He found himself pushed into a large group of people dancing around having fun so he began to dance as well. He was doing some ancient fire bending dances he learned from Master Kasai with some girl. She seemed to know the female part so she must be from the fire nation. it was odd dancing though because he still had all of his gear with him. His staff, metal sheets, and water satchel. He used them intricately though with his dancing. It was very interesting and she seemed like a very nice girl. She also had a mask on though so he could not tell what she looked like. Eventually they migrated away from each other and continued on with their night. Jin-Sang knew this was going to be a fun and eventful evening.

Jin-Sang's Mask
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Kai Momiji

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Sun May 06, 2012 2:04 am

Rei Bei Fong

It was a nice time to have a festival, Summer had nearly arrived and the weather was mild, and of course, Rei was in Ba Sing Se. He had grown up with the Festival of Rebirth and had never missed a single one, and he wasn't one to break tradition. He was currently sitting on the back of Mala, his Shirshu and lifelong companion who easily wove through the crowd due to her vast size and intimidating stature. For him, the festival was comforting, it showed his ties to each and every nation, as well as his own home of the Earth Kingdom.

Looking around, Rei sought a few things; One, Food. Two, A good place to watch the fireworks, and three, someone to spend the evening with. He had spent every festival with his parents before now, but he had told them he was leaving Ba Sing Se, and that he wouldn't be back for a long time, and if he were to go with them now, it would be that much harder to leave. Which was why he needed to find someone else to spend the evening with. The fact that he was of the Bei Fong clan, and that he was the current holder of the Rumble Champion Title, would likely attract a number of people, women hopefully, and give him the company he sought.

With Mala making navigation easy, Rei watched for anything that would be good for getting up high, and for people to watch with. As for food, there were plenty of stalls to choose from, but Rei would let Mala's nose guide them to the best food. She didn't often get to choose what they ate, and she was okay with the meat Rei packed, but when she could choose, as she could now, she would always pick the best cuts.

Suddenly, with a jerk on her reins, Mala shot forward, her nose leading her through the crowd. People were pushed aside as when rushed through the crowd, yet she managed to avoid hitting anyone, she was nimble enough for that. And yet, there were still shouts of shock that pierced the joyous sounds of the festival. Mala continued to run, seeking out the source of the scent she had picked up.

Rei looked left and right, calling out apologies to the stunned people. Mala was technically well behaved for a Shirshu, but she did sometimes lose it when it came to fresh food. As they neared the end of the food stalls, Mala stopped running and skidded to a halt, right in front of a stall which Rei should have expected.

The Barbecued Beef stand. It was her favorite, and he should have known that she would go for this stand before any other. He enjoyed the food here as well, and it wasn't too expensive, not compared to the other stalls during the festival at least. Rei was so concentrated on the food before them that he wasn't really paying attention to the people around him, who were staring at the appearance of Mala and himself.


"To earthbend you must be stubborn, but also understand that the earth is much more stubborn, and will not bow to your will easily."

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   Tue May 15, 2012 9:12 pm

Honestly, Ayaki could never tell if he enjoyed a lot of human interaction, or prefered solitude to social mingling. He pushed this thought from his mind, and put up his wall of a friendly countenance, acting the friend to everyone, whether they be covered in wrinkles or three feet tall and running around inbetween everyone else. His day had been mostly filled with playing with the latter, showing off his waterbending to be rewarded with giggles and laughs. When children weren't watching him, they were chasing Shui, joyfully and energetically chasing the Wahmenitu, until she was just too tired to run from the little ones. When they caught her, they spent nearly an hour just petting and hugging Ayaki's lifelong friend.

Ayaki wore his smile practically all day long, enjoying the festivities and the overall companionship everyone seemed to share with each other. A dark thought sat at the back of his mind though; the thought that the Nen Ken Po didn't really feel the same. Sometimes Ayaki questioned why he had joined them, only to remind himself that he could really help people by being with them. Still, he questioned himself when left to his own devices. But he pushed it from his mind, and returned to living in the moment at the Festival of Rebirth.

Ayaki walked near the others, carrying half a warm piece of bread, of which he and Shui were both eating from, who walked faithfully walked right next to Ayaki, never letting much distance at all between them. Ayaki rubbed the top of her head, glad that she was tall enough he didn't have to lean to do so. It was a special bond they shared, a bond so strong that he never felt whole without the Wahmenitu. He affectionately compared this to the relationship between the Moon and the Ocean spirits.

Making his way over to an interesting vendor, Ayaki bought a curious scroll after close inspection and the urging of the vendor. Shui didn't react badly to the man, so Ayaki didn't think it a scam and handed the man what the item cost. Tucking it into his backpack, Ayaki went over and leaned against a wall, sitting and rested his head on Shui's shoulder as she sat next to him. He watched Kanda, walking arm in arm with Mei, and the rest of the Nen Ken Po filing out but staying close, as were ordered. Kanda always came off a little out of place and creepy, even when he tried to look festive. Ayaki chuckled, observing Mei's dress; now she had dressed the part, looking more rich and important than she was by tenfold, which in turn made Kanda look that much more rich and important. Which, honestly he was. Well, sort of.

There was much to be said of their group, some things flattering others demeaning and insulting, but they were mostly alright for people. Unless you could bend; then they were at the least abrasive, with the exception of any felt as Ayaki did. He sighed, rubbed Shui's head with his own and receiving an affectionate purr, and waited for the grand finale of sorts.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]   

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Chapter One: Festival of Rebirth [Festival group plot]
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