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PostSubject: Leaving Ba Sing Se   Leaving Ba Sing Se EmptyTue May 08, 2012 9:28 am

Hisaku awoke in the bed at the inn. His head was pounding and he couldn't really see straight. He stood up and stumbled over and hit the wall with a THUD. He picked up his sword off of the desk and attempted to put it on. After fumbling with it for a while he finally decided to just carry it. He opened the window and quickly closed it back shielding his eyes with his hands. He hurried to the door while trying not to fall down. He walked down the hall squinting his eyes so he could only see what was in front of him. After laying the key on the front desk, he walked outside. He head a voice call to him "Hisaku how was last night?". Hisaku didn't remember much from last night and he was guessing he went drinking. "To be honest with you my head is killing me and I can't see straight." Hisaku could barely see the shape of the figure who was standing in front of him so he walked closer. "I thought that you would be able to recognize a friend when you saw one." The man said still standing there. As Hisaku got closer he started to recognize a few small details from an old friend a long time ago. "Is that you, Shou?" Hisaku asked still stumbling towards the man. "Bout time you remembered. How long has it been? Ten years or twelve?" "I think it was twelve. What are you doing here?" "Well ever since we moved back when we were both kids we have lived here in Ba Sing Se." "Cool, you know I hate having to run but I got some unfinished business back in the Fir Nation." Hisaku started to walk away. "So your leaving? Well at least let me walk you back to the airship." Shou walked up beside Hisaku and started walking along side him. Hisaku kept walking and he soon began to stagger to one side and Shou quickly pulled him back over so that he would not fall. When they finally reached the airship, Hisaku boarded and waved goodbye to Shou and shouted "I will be back soon.".
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Leaving Ba Sing Se
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