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Hisaku got off the airship about midday. Hisaku walked straight into town instead of walking along side the outskirts like he usually would. He remembered the discussion he had with Ting. He remembered that the man that killed his father, Shinzo, lived on the other side of town. He walked passed the butcher shop and down the back alley beside his favorite bar. Hisaku saw that it was almost nightfall and still walked through town and towards Shinzo's house. A stray dog ran in front of him and Hisaku nearly tripped over it and into a mud puddle, but he quickly regained his footing. The dog yelped and looked back at Hisaku and then at the paw that he had stepped on. Hisaku felt sorry for the dog and tried to coax it back over to him. The dog would not budge, but as soon as Hisaku would move towards the dog it would move and run. "Fine then, if you don't want a good home then keep running." Hisaku said while starting to walk away. The dog started following Hisaku and whenever Hiskau would look back the dog would stop. Hisaku continued through town and the dog followed. Hisaku passed by his favorite noodle shop and could smell the wonderful aroma of food. He refrained from walking in, but he made this yummy sound as he walked by it. He walked past the shop and was finally on the other side of town. "Now, where to find his house." Hisaku said as he walked past a couple of houses and didn't see the mark of an officer anywhere. He walked up to one house and knocked on the door. An old women answered the door. "Hello, may I help you sir?" the old women asked with a raspy voice. "I was hoping so. Do you know in which house a man by the name of Shinzo lives mam?" "I do he lives two houses down from me." "Thank you for the help." Hisaku said as he walked back down the path to the road. He got back out to the road and walked down two houses. He walked up to the house and put on his officers helmet. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. After standing there for a few minutes the someone finally opened the door. A medium size man answered the door. He was about the same height as Hisaku. "Who are you?" The man said with a voiced that seemed to bellow. "Are you Shinzo Taira?" Hisaku said getting ready for the fight he always wanted. "Yes. Now who is asking?" "Hisaku Yamata, officer in the fire lords army, and man who is going to kill you." Hisaku said drawing his sword from the sheath.

"Is that so Mr. Yamata? Well may the fight begin." Shinzo walked outside and closed the door to the house. "Now DIE!!!!!!!!!!" Hisaku shouted as he ran up to Shinzo with his sword in front of him. Shinzo mearly blocked the attack with a hidden dagger that he pulled from his sleeve. Hisaku stopped looked back and wondered how he could have deflected the attack. Hisaku thought about his next attack and then moved into position to do it. He put his hand in the air, still with sword drawn, he made a forward motion and a fireball jumped from his hand. "Ha try dodging that." Just as he said this the fireball reached Shinzo. Shinzo did make a move. He had a fear stricken face and sweat dropped from his brow. Shinzo was hit full blast with fireball. Shinzo's armor was badly burned and so was his face. He got up and looked at Hisaku and said aloud "You will pay for that boy!!!!!!" He ran at Hisaku with such raze. Hisaku just fired another fireball at Shinzo. Shinzo again fell to the ground and this time all of the armor across his chest was gone. Hisaku saw that this was the right time to kill Shinzo. He ran up to him and ran his sword into Shinzo's chest. He then repeatedly stabbed him in the rage of his anger. Blood was flying all over the road. Hisaku was getting covered in the blood and Shinzo was now dead. After a few minutes of stabbing the man, Hisaku realized what he had just done and looked at his hands. He thought to himself "What have I done? How can I cover this up?" He then ran back into town. The dog followed him and ran with him. He ran all the way back to the middle of the town. He then turned back towards his house. He reached his house about ten fifteen minutes after running down the road. Now it was early morning, the sun was rising and Hisaku was covered in blood. He opened the gate to the house and the dog went in first. He unlocked the door quickly and like a flash he was inside. The dog remained outside. Hisaku got a rag from the kitchen and wiped down the sword. Then he started cleaning himself. After he wiped himself down, he let the dog in. He then went to the bedroom and laid across the bed. Not to soon after he laid down on the bed, he was asleep.
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