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Basic Character Information:

Name: Yui
Age: 15
Gender: Female


Yui is cheerful, realistic and an easygoing person. She can make people smile or laugh with her bubbly attitude. She likes to party and meet new people, make friends and converse. She is easy to befriend since she's friendly and helpful. She can be very active and incontestably frank. Her feelings are usually perspicuous on her face. Yui is not secretive and does not do things surreptitiously. She doesn't have tonnes of secrets like some other girls do. Yui doesn't seem to make a difference between male and female. Yui can be sarcastic sometimes to amuse people, but she can also be violent if she wants or needs to. She is a persistent person and tends to get what she wants, when she wants it. She will never give up.

Yui extremely fears that something might be wrong with her appearance. She would sit in front of the mirror for at least five minutes to check if anything is wrong and fix them because her mother told her to always look perfect. She always looks perfect because of this. Growing up in a rich family, she buys lots of expensive stuff and these include beauty products. Yui's mom - who she used to live with - also loved to take care of her appearance, so whichever beauty product Yui wanted to buy, she would buy it for her, even if it costed 10 million Jewels.

Yui loves her friends and will get rid of anyone who dares to hurt them, or even insult them. Because of her love for her friends, if anything happens to them, Yui would probably go berserk and kill the person who cause the problem. If Yui is angry, it's usually because someone hurt her or her beloved friends. She will not tolerate it. That is for everyone to be wary of.

Yui is a cautious person and doesn't like careless or silly people. She is a confident person most of the time, but she is not smug. Yui also has dyslexia. In other words, she has difficulty in reading and spelling. She also has ADHD. This is all because of her inborn battle reflexes for being a mage. Yui is a light-hearted person and likes to amuse others, but she does not do things like bossing around or criticizing others. She hates people who censure. If anyone did that, she'd slap the person's face. Yui is a reliable person who knows her responsibilities and does them carefully. If she ever joined a guild, she would respect the guild master and respect the guild members. Yui only fears that she wouldn't be able to protect her friends. Other than for that, her responsibilities and her appearance, she is a carefree person.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Fire
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Fire

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:


(these are different techs and styles you can do. If a bender they would be custom bender attacks and styles your character has created. If a non bender they would be fighting styles, weapon styles and other techs as a non bender.)


Specialty skills:



Special Abilities:


Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:
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