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The four nations: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Come join and start your own journey as a bender, weapon user, or a common cabbage vendor. Welcome to Avatar RPG!
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Basic Character Information:

Name:Reiji Endo
Age: 32

Looks:Reiji looks young for his age has short messy brown very clean non greasy hair and brown eyes. He is 6'2" and has a runners build. Reiji also has slightly dark white skin. His nose is of average size and He also has two tattoos witch look like the picture shown below accept one is the mirror of the other.
He has one of this tattoo on each arm with the part that looks like an angel wing starting on the arm right next to the shoulder blades and extending onto the back, and the part that looks almost like a fire right on the shoulder and heading down the arm, but on the left arm the tattoo is sky blue and on the right arm the tattoo is white.

Clothing wise Reiji wears sage green robes but when he takes his robes of he is wearing a plain white flexible short sleeve shirt and and white pants that are very flexible and thin so they don't get too hot
Reiji [Wip] 83-33

Personality: Reiji is cold hearted and will do whatever it take to keep balance between benders and non benders. He is also cool headed making on the fly decisions and stressful situations easier to handle.

Rank Information:

Nation: Air
Bending Element:
Advancement: Solid Air

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Endless breath
Description:Residents of the air nation have large lung capacities and are able to hold their breath for extremely long times. They can breath in rough weather like sandstorms smoke and ash, and are very good and holding their breath.

Name:Perfect Aim
Description:Residents of the air nation have extremely accurate aim, they can locate and pin point things quickly and accurately, and almost never miss their target. They are the best marksmen out there.

Name:A journey to the water tribe
Description:Reiji has taken a journey to the north pole and the south pole and learned to have more fluidity and to easily redirect attacks

Name:Extreme Focus
Description:Reiji is able to control even the smallest amount of air if he takes the time to clear his mind and focus. It takes one post of uninterrupted focus or 3 posts of interrupted focus for Reiji to clear his mind before he can use this technique.

Name:Psychic Bending
Range:normal bending range
Description:Reiji has masted the art of bending with his mind so he can bed without moving a muscle. It takes one post of uninterrupted focus or 3 posts of interrupted focus for Reiji to clear his mind before he can use this technique.

Name:Vibrating Wind
Range:normal bending range
Description:Reiji can bend air at high enough vibrations rates to make it able to cut through some of the strongest objects

Name:Solid Air Mastery
Range;normal bending range
DescriptionSolid Air is white and is made by compressing the air so much that it almost becomes a solid but enough pressure will break through it depending on how dense you make the air. Reiji has masted the art of Solid Air

(these are different techs and styles you can do. If a bender they would be custom bender attacks and styles your character has created. If a non bender they would be fighting styles, weapon styles and other techs as a non bender.)

Name: General Air Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Air
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of an Air bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Air is all in the mind of the bender.

Name:Thin Air
Element:Solid Air
Range: normal bending range
Description:This is a technique Reiji created when studying solid air he accidentally did the exact opposite of solid air and made the air thinner Reiji uses this to catch his enemies off guard and make them feel like they're not getting enough air

Name:Flow of Water
Range:normal bending range
Descriptionthe Flow of Water lets Reiji fluidly deflect attacks and manipulate air with the fluidity of Water

Specialty skills:



Special Abilities:


Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:
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