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PostSubject: Koaba Bean W.I.P   Koaba Bean W.I.P EmptyTue Jul 17, 2012 9:29 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Koaba
Age: 33
Gender: Male



Koba is your average water tribe man. His skin tone is light-tone darkskinned male. His build is about 250 pounds as he is very muscular and loose. His forearms are very hairy and are ridden with cuts. His most revealing cut is the one of his left hand which is in the shape of a slash going across.On his upper left arm he has a tattoo of his beloved Northern Water Tribe. Another one of his infamous scars is over his right eye coming down slanted. This does not effect the way he can see or anything but it does hurt when he closes his eye. As for the shape and formation of Koaba's face he has a 5 o'clock shadow ranging from his chin towards his sideburns. He has two tiny scars on his forehead and his face is more long than it is wide. As for his eyes they are sky blue and sometime shine in the light. His hair fits his body perfectly with its brown toned color. He has his hair covering his hairline which is straight and leans all the way to the backside. His hair heads back leading into a ponytail being pint up but still enough for it to come down to his neck. At the end of his hair he has a couple of feathers which look to be sowed into his hair. As for his attire his upper body wear is a light sleeveless shirt with blue fur trimming around the arm and neck. In the front and back the shirt continues down to about the knees in a v like shape with fur trimming and a dark blue strip coming down its middle. He wears two guantlet like objects around his wrist towards his lower forearm. Their is 1 on each arm and they contain half a gallon of water each. Their color is simple. Light gray all around with a dark blue strip down on the middle where the water would be released from. As for pants he wore dark blue standard water tribe pants along with brown standard watertribe boots. When not on the battlefield Koaba carries his tribal war helmet in his pouch. The helmet is shaped like a wolfs face and covers everything but his face actually. He keeps his boomerang side and his sword on his back.


Koaba Bean is a rather strange individual. He is one of the coolest guys you could ever meet and he is far from a closed book. The man loves to talk and will talk to you all day if you allow him to. Koaba can be rather pushy and over hyper at some times and it makes him look stupid sometime but that is just part of his wild side. Even tho it does not look like it Koaba Bean is quite strong and can sometime hint that alot just for the fun of it even tho it may make some people very mad and tired of hearing it. Believe it or not Koaba has a strong love for children as he says they are the source of life that keeps the world going along with the on going fact that he thinks babies are made of natural energy from the air, Not to mention Koaba gets a drive that makes him very determined and eager to do things no matter how difficult. The man is very loyal and will follow his leader to the ends of the world as long as its making the world a better place. Koaba is a man who loves to fight even if its just for 2 seconds he doesn't care if its a spar or even a life or death situation, A fight is a fight and that is how Koaba feels. Even when Koaba is angry or sad he tries to makes the best out of every situation just so he can control himself and keep his cool, His bond with his brethren is like no other. They share almost everything and are completely different. His ideal on females is rather simple. He believes nothing is better than getting casual sex without any ties to said person unless love in in the air. Besides that Koaba does not bring up any form of sexual intercourse between him and his partner(S). Sometimes Koaba can be a jokester. He does believe that life is a game and it goes by how you play it. His favorite subject is humans and he loves to learn new things about them. He loves to train and would do it all day if possible. As for his dislikes they are many things. Such as people who think bending is a work of the devil. And people who believe they are better than others.

Rank Information:

Rank: Master
Nation: Water Nation
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Water
Specialty: Athlete

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:


(these are different techs and styles you can do. If a bender they would be custom bender attacks and styles your character has created. If a non bender they would be fighting styles, weapon styles and other techs as a non bender.)


Specialty skills:



Special Abilities:


Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:

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