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PostSubject: Kai Xin -Open Your Heart- [Completed!~]   Kai Xin -Open Your Heart- [Completed!~] EmptyThu Sep 20, 2012 11:27 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Kai Xin
Age: 12
Gender: Female

Standing at a rather short 153 cm, it's easy to mistake Kai for someone much younger. Her face still bears the childish looks of a smaller child. Kai's hair is a dark midnight black, falling to her waist in a long glossy curtain. It's rarely ever seen tied up for Kai dislikes the constricting feeling it brings. She has large dark eyes, although the colour is often uncertain. Under a bright light, it may appear to be a dark brown, but if the surroundings are darker, her eyes are eerily black. Contrasting with her eyes is her healthy tanned skin, a result of having spent so many days out under the sun.Much to her frustration, Kai is ruler straight, and isn't as slenderly proportioned as her other female friends, who have all grown up quite nicely.
Kai holds herself in a rather straight posture, while at the same time having an airy grace to the way she moves, her slender but toned limbs moving in a coordinated fashion.
Kai Xin -Open Your Heart- [Completed!~] Full_997161615

Very much like air, Kai is a free spirited girl who enjoys people's company all the time, whether they be an elder teacher, monk or a younger friend. She's open and welcoming to almost anyone she meets, and can talk their ear off within the first few minutes. It is rare to see this young girl without a smile over her lips. However, she's not a whole ray of sunshine either, for this girl holds a varying range of emotions.
Temper Kai can flip emotions faster than a Kyoshi warrior and flip a fan, she has the quickest and harshest temper anyone has ever seen, (Or so she's been told). However, this temper of hers rarely surfaces. When it does, though, Kai will usually have a good reason for angering. Due to her strict sense of right and wrong, Kai can be easily infuriated if she sees someone wronging others.
Gentle As odd as it may seem for such a hyper young girl to be gentle with something, Kai does possess a gentle and almost motherly side. However, this side of Kai's is reserved only for the young children of the air temples and various creatures she may encounter. When this side of her surfaces, Kai can seem much more mature and understanding.
Loyal Kai may not be as responsible as the others most of the time, but there is no denying her sense of loyalty. This loyalty applies to her closest circle of friends, her family and generally, the air nomads. Ironically, this chatterbox will seal her mouth suddenly when asked to divulge a secret that others have bestowed on her. Due to this, Kai doesn't have much patience for two faced liars and backstabbers, even when it comes to daily life.
Patience Kai isn't a very patient person, just saying. Though she may not outwardly express her impatience at someone, it shows in her actions. Used to doing things quickly herself, Kai feels no need to slow down to wait for others. This gives her some trouble with meditation and has been a grief for her all her life.
Hate Yes, this positive, happy girl is capable of hating, such like any other normal human being. But what have you done to garner such a negative emotion from a girl? Kai doesn't simply hate simple things like eating her veggies, nor even practicing. For her to hate something, that something must have had a profound negative significance on her life, or of those she holds dear.
Mischievous Kai, like most of the other children, possess a sense of humour and mirth, often finding entertainment by playing small pranks or tricks on others. Although this gives her pleasure to do so, she takes care that her tricks aren't severe enough to harm someone, or cause distrust among friends.

Rank Information:

Rank: Recruit
Nation: Air Nation
Bending Element: Air
Specialty: Defender

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:
Name:Endless breath
Description:Residents of the air nation have large lung capacities and are able to hold their breath for extremely long times. They can breath in rough weather like sandstorms smoke and ash, and are very good and holding their breath.

Name:Perfect Aim
Description:Residents of the air nation have extremely accurate aim, they can locate and pin point things quickly and accurately, and almost never miss their target. They are the best marksmen out there.

Name: Actress
Range: Herself
Description: Considering that Kai is extremely emotional, she can 'persuade' herself into believing small little emotions or lies, making her an effective actress. In an instant, she can appear to be an innocent bystander after committing a small mischievous prank.

Name: Judge
Range: Herself
Description: Having met and interacted with many people, Kai can be a good judge of someone's character and intention, although as young as she is, she can be fooled by a very convincing actor.

(these are different techs and styles you can do. If a bender they would be custom bender attacks and styles your character has created. If a non bender they would be fighting styles, weapon styles and other techs as a non bender.)

Name: General Air Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Air
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: rom the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of an Air bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Air is all in the mind of the bender.

Name: Air Darts.
Rank: Recruit
Element: Air
Range: 10 Meters
Description: Using air bending, Kai can focus small jets of air to strike someone, however, with increased distance, the jets will lose focus and power. If the victim is close enough, such as a few inches away, the dart strike can render a small bruise.

Name: High Jump
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Air
Range: 10-65 (Varies on rank)
Description: With air bending as a push off force, Kai can jump pretty high, or horizontally, depending on her choice over large distances. It all depends on the skill and rank of the bender.

Specialty skills:

Name: Small Shield
Specialty: Defender
Ability: Through the use of air bending, Kai can manipulate air to flow in a circular and flat motion in front of her. It's strong enough to repel smaller flying objects, but may be shaky when faced with a larger object, or other forms of bending. With this, Kai can protect herself and one other person from incoming attacks or dangers.


Special Abilities:


Name: Slingshot
Appearance: A bendy wood slingshot with a leather strap between the two ends, as well as a small pouch to contain projectiles.
Range: 20 meters
Rank: Recruit
Special Abilities: With the slingshot, Kai can shoot small items at random people with enough force to sting. Small projectiles she often used would be pebbles or rarely, in defence, blunted splinters of wood. If she wants to, Kai can accompany this with her Air Darts, but only for the first 10 meters.
Origin: This weapon of hers was given to her by a visiting young bender in training from one of the other air temples. Up till now, Kai still has no idea why the bender would have given it to her, for no reason at all. She had simply been his companion throughout the length of his stay.

History and RP Sample:
Kai's history starts with an airbender in training, who didn't have enough patience to finish learning the element. However, Qiang Xin's parents were really strict and all but tied him to the temple and forbade him to stop. So one night, he snuck out of the grounds, just for a little stroll (That's what he told himself anyway). Slowly, he reached the bottom of the mountains, and came across a small village- benders and non benders alike. Considering by now, it was really late- Or early in the morning, he was knackered and decided to look for a place to stay. Coming across a quaint inn slightly separated from the village, Qiang decided to stay there for one night before returning to the temple.

There, one night became two nights, and it slowly stretched on for a full month. The reason for his procrastination was not because of his unwillingness to return to the temple, it was the innkeepers daughter that had gained his attention. Just a year younger than Qiang, Mei Ai and her beautiful personality quickly won him over. She was a quiet listener, and often a peacemaker, while he was a spirited and self assured man. The two complimented each other perfectly. A whole moon's cycle passed before Qiang returned to the temple with the love of his life, ready to start a family. Unfortunately, he was devastated when his parents did not condone their marriage for Mei was a non-bender.

Determined not to be ruled by their rules again, Mei and Qiang returned to the inn and held their own marriage ceremony, with the blessings of Mei's father. It was then they had Kai, their lovely daughter. When she was around seven, Kai was sent to live in the temple as she was showing signs of being an airbender, and Mei wanted her to be trained, against the wishes of her father. However, in the end, Qiang conceded as he loved his family too much to deny their wishes, and he felt that his daughter could make a decision for herself as to whether she wanted to learn airbending or not.

Currently, when she's at the temple, Kai is under the care of her grandfather, her grandmother having passed away a few years ago. Occasionally during the holidays, Kai will hop down to the inn to visit her parents.

Rp Sample:

Kai held on tightly to a borrowed glider as she peered over the edge of the cliff. Her normally healthy coloured cheeks were flushed in excitement and her eyes were sparkling with anticipation. This wouldn't be the first time she took a spin on a glider, but this would be the first time she could do it alone, and out of the bounds of the air temple. No no, it wasn't as if she was sneaking out or anything, she actually had permission to do this. What if something happened though? What if she lost control or something? There would be no one to catch her and keep her safe. Anxiously, Kai turns her face up towards the sky, and she found a hint of reassurance among the clear blue skies. It didn't look like a storm was coming on, that was a good thing. Come on Kai, she chided herself mentally, you're an airbender aren't you?

"Technically, I'm still training and.." Kai muttered to herself, before shrugging. "I can save myself, can't I? I guess I'll have to find out sooner or later." Done with her monologue, Kai threw herself off the edge, glider carefully held above her. For a quick moment, she was frozen in time, her slender frame gracefully arched, her arms angled above her head and her toes pointed. Then she started falling. Kai loved the rush as she felt the wind buffet against her, the adrenalin that flew through her veins as the ground drew nearer with every passing second. Now. The glider's wings opened above her, and immediately she felt her body being lifted up with the air currents. A high chiming laugh burst forth from her lips as she glided among the clouds, free as a bird. From up here she could see almost everything, the lush green sides of the mountains, covered with a blanket of white snow near the peak. Further below was the village, teeming with life and laughter. She loved this, and she wanted more. Carefully tilting the glider upwards, she felt her course changing until she was much.. much higher up. From this vantage point, she could see the curve of the distant horizon, where the green land met the blue sky.

"There's the inn!" Kai cheered excitedly and guided the glider into a sharp dive. The lithe girl picked up speed and squinted her eyes against the cold wind. The roof of the building loomed, and at the last moment, she shut the glider's wings and aimed the soles of her feet at the porch, bending a small cushion of air to soften the landing. That, however, through her off balance and Kai fell sideways into the cold snow, squealing. From the ground, Kai jumped up excitedly when she saw the door opening and a pair of man's boots stepping out. "Daddy!" Kai cried excitedly, throwing herself at him and hugging him tightly- Quite undignified for a 12 year old like her. She heard a low laugh, and felt a pair of warm arms enveloping her.

"Kai! Hello!" Qiang looked down fondly at his daughter, feeling a swell of pride at seeing the yellow and orange uniform on her, as well as the glider lying on the ground. She was able to accomplish something he had never did- And it was thanks to his lovely Mei that Kai had an opportunity like this. Anyone could see she was happy learning air bending. Another reason why he was so happy was because of the beautiful woman- his wife- and the second child that she carried in her growing womb. "You came just at the right time Kai, your mother and I have something to show you." He said lovingly as he ushered her inside the inn.

[Word count for sample: 602]
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Kai Xin -Open Your Heart- [Completed!~]
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