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 Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame

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Fire Avatar
Fire Avatar

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PostSubject: Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame   Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:03 pm

"An Avatar is supposed to have wisdom, control, and inner self peace. Psh, screw that. I'm not like those old hippies. I have power, and I'm going to use it how I see fit! I'll leave the balance of the world to the other three!"

Basic Character Information:

Name: Avatar Raizo
Age: 17
Gender: Male



Raizo stands at the height of 5'7 and has an average build compared to the next boy. He's not muscular but nor is he abnormally lean, weighing in at 152 pounds. His skin is slightly tanned thanks to the constant rays of sun coming down upon the Fire Nation. When it comes to his hair, he has black bangs that fall over his head head, and ties the rest up into a small pony tail that reaches down to the back of his neck. Raizo's eyes are colored amber and holds an intense flame within them that shows a hint of determination somewhere in his soul. His usual facial expression is one of a cocky smug smile that goes hand in hand with his cocky personality. Even while taunting someone or playing a cruel prank, this smug smile stays upon his face and has become one of his most known traits. When it comes to his attire he wears standard fire nation clothing with a few custom add ons. Around his neck is a red cloth that can be used as a head band to wipe away sweat. His top consist of a red shirt that stretches down pass his waist line that is tied with a black sash. He has brown pants for his bottoms that stretch down to a pair of black shoes that allows ease of movement. Around each leg is a series of bandages to keep them wrapped tight so his acrobatics aren't ruined from the bagginess.

When it combat, Raizo's stance is very strong and balanced. Keeping one fist balled by his ear, and the other with its palm facing the opponent; the young avatar will stagger his stance and attack his opponents aggressively. In doing this, it appears as though he is throwing out attacks without plan, but in reality he is attempting to force the opponent to pull off a fault dodge and send them spiraling back with a powerful blast of fire. Each move is powerful, as Raizo uses the rage side of fire bending to fuel his flames.


Unlike the other more mature avatars, Raizo is a hothead that many believe does not deserve the title. Instead of bringing balance and peace, he uses his inherited skills to play pranks on the lot of others and believes his power should be used for fun purposes only. He's very hotheaded and cocky, making it hard to get along with him, as he seems to always have a smart comment behind anything someone has to say. Though he doesn't follow the customs of an avatar, he wears the title with pride. Well not pride, per-say. More like, he'll use the title to get out of trouble if he happens to come across it. Being such an irresponsible child has caused his training to be slightly more difficult. His skills in the other elements, such as Air, Water and Earth are very limited. However, his fire bending is top notch for his age. Some believe he's on Fire Lord terms when it comes to the rage behind his flames; however he hardly cares about that. Though he should be training his other elements, no master wishes to deal with his cocky attitude and care free demeanor. This is the primary reason why his training is slightly behind the rest of the Avatars who have become masters of their trade. When it comes to life, he's on the top regardless. Avatar or not, Raizo believes he is unbeatable, showing off his cockiness when it comes to combat.

When in combat, Raizo is an arrogant prick. Though behind this blunt demeanor is a boy who has a little method to his madness. He'll test an enemy out to see just how skilled they are before charging in for an all out attack. If he finds himself abit too overwhelmed, he'll make some sort of excuse and pull back from the fight. Those may consider this him losing, but he'll respond saying it was his own choice not to win. As it stands, Raizo is probably the worst Avatar in terms of personality and ambition. He doesn't care for training, and uses the abilities he has already mastered to cover the weakness of the other elements he was to learn. Even though he doesn't want to, the higher ups of the Fire Nation are looking for Masters to train the young Avatar so he can finally grow in terms of personality and wear the title of "Avatar of Flame" properly.

When it comes to his own bending, Raizo has a very aggressive style. This makes his Fire Bending formidable, as he was taught to base it off rage, but it makes it harder to learn an element such a water because of the calmness needed. This also goes for air. However, Earth Bending is like second nature to him, and he would only need the proper training to master it within weeks. Focusing mostly on fire, Raizo has pressed his experience even further and has practiced in the art of Lightning Bending, just to show off infront of a crowd. Rage fuels his bending, and if he ever wishes to reach the ranks of the other Avatar he'll need to learn how to calm himself and find inner peace. To Raizo, fire bending is for destruction..He needs to learn it is also used to create and preserve life.

Rank Information:

Rank: Avatar
Nation: Fire Nation
Bending Element: Fire, Lightning [Air, Water, Earth] [Only Recruit Level in Water and Air. // Soldier level in Earth]

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:



Fire Bending:

Lightning Bending:

Air Bending:

Water Bending:

Earth Bending:

Specialty skills:

Name: Acrobatic
Specialty: Athlete
Athletes are fast, quick and extremely agile. They are good at jumping around the battle field and out running their opponents. They have increased speed and agility, making them hard to catch and keep up with.





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Fire Avatar
Fire Avatar

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame   Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:38 pm

History and RP Sample:


Rp Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame   Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:58 pm

1/2 Approval

now we wait for the other half and any other questions Soul may have
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame   Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:14 pm

2/2 approval, Cant wait to meet you IC *evil grin*
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PostSubject: Re: Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame   

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Avatar Raizo :: Avatar of Flame
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