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 Amarante Sheng

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PostSubject: Amarante Sheng    Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:04 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Amarante Sheng
Age: 22
Gender: Female


The Body Structure
When looking directly at Amarante she can clearly be seen as a woman with all the curves and dips a female should have. Her body can be described as a pear figure as she is not very top heavy but her lower half is very heavy and curvy ( That being a B cup while she can probably sit a drink on dat ass, excuse le French ). Her lower body has the most strength and easily stands out against the rest of her well toned frame. Amarante possesses childbearing hips that sway hypnotically much to her embarrassment. Thighs and calves thick with muscle yet still retaining soft features making them look plump and smooth instead of the muscular mass they would be if not for some rigorous training of her own special kind. Growing up as a Earth Bender first Amarante naturally enjoys walking bare footed on the ground. This gives her a strong connection to the earth below her and only strengthens  her use of earth bending, as it does for other earth benders who take the bare foot route. Amarante's feet are surprisingly small and dainty, but like the rest of her lower half they are strong and are able to keep her rooted to the ground quite easily while giving her much balance. With that being said Amarante is not a clumsy woman and can be seen is very poised.

As stated before Amarante has a well toned body. Her upper half may not be as impressive as her lower half but it does not lack in physical strength. Her Abdomen compliments her healthy lifestyle as it is flat and tight. Her body is meant to withstand hits so she can naturally take them, tightening her stomach to make it feel as hard as bricks. Amarante being the age she is has stopped growing and growing through puberty. Her breast are a perky yet soft B-cup almost borderline C. She does not stress over her breast size and rather enjoys them because they do not get in the way.Though really they are extremely sensitive and in fact are very annoying so they do get in the way.
The arms connected to her body are quite flimsy looking but they can carry things twice maybe even three times her size and weight. Her hands are just as dainty as her feet, and just as dirty with grimy dirt under her nails ,and her palms usually lightly coated with dirt.

The Detailed Basics
Amarante stands at a hight of five feet and eight inches a tad taller than most women her age. Weighing in at a healthy one hundred and thirty-five pounds. Her body was meant for a beating but she does well in avoiding attacks or reversing them.

Atop of her slightly oval shaped head long, earthy soil colored locks of hair fall upon Amarante's shoulders. She keeps it in a simple style, taking a few strands from either side she pins then behind her head in a ponytail while letting the rest fall neatly. Her hair is soft and clean another surprising trait since she likes to get dirty. It gives off a fresh earthy scent of soil and grass. Amarante's hair can grow to extreme lengths very quickly but she frequently keeps it cut only letting it grow out every once in a blue moon.

A pair of almond shaped eyes adorn Amarante's face. Her eyes are a light olive green color, holding a condescending stare that can see through the bull shit. Inches above her eyes dark brows sit that complement her gaze. Short, thick lashes complete her eye description.

Her nose is small almost button like.
While her lips are shapely being slightly thinner on the upper lip than the pouter bottom lip, they are in a constant neutral state. Her facial expressions are wide ranged so her lips smile, smirk, grimace, frown, pout  and whatever else they do as far as expressions go.
Her skin is a tan color almost like sun kissed sand. She is a little darker looking in some areas because of the dirt but all in all her skin is soft to the touch. The only exception are her hands and feet which she uses alot for dirty work.

The Attire Amarante's has much Earth Nation pride and it shows clearly in her attire colors. Her clothing rarely changes and her usual attire consists of a loose, pale greenish beige shirt that hugs her in a comfortable way that has the earth nation insignia on its back. On her bottom half she wears a loose pair of pants, almost like sweat pants in the way they hold up but with lighter materials. The pants are the same green color as her shirt with hold strings to keep them up. As stated before she does not wear footwear but if she has too she wears a dark pair of boots. Amarante's dresses very simple. She feels that too much clothing hinders her, and too little clothing ( with a few exceptions ) degrades.


"Who are you? And why should I care?. "

The first thing anyone notices about Amarante is the look she gives a person upon first meeting them. Sizing you up, filling you out, whatever you want to call it. Its a look of curiosity at first, but can slowly change to either one of distaste or one of cool acceptance. She is silently judging you from the first word you say, to the moves you make, and even how you look .
Most people Amarante meets are nothing but lowly people who she could give zero fucks about. She makes it perfectly clear that no one is above her and will be quick to put a person in their place, without any hesitation. The only real respect she shows is to those who are at the same power of level that she is or those who are in a position of power. Still she won't hesitate to talk down on them and will frequently do so unless she has taking a liking of some sort.

" So you think you're in control? Perfect.

A spark to light that fire, that one word to move the angry masses. Amarante is that bullet in the gun and the voice in the gunman's head making damn sure he pulls the trigger. To further her needs no one is safe from being that next pawn in her personal game of chess. Words twisted, molded into a weapon of such destruction and such perfection it would almost look like she gave a damn about the person. Emotional, Mental, Physical warfare are all tools for her to pick and play with. No one is safe unless you managed to figure out what's being done. It takes very little for Amarante to make others bend to her will. She understands clearly that not everything needs to be done with brute force, but sometimes an encouraging word.
It's rare for anyone to get over on Amarante. You can't bullshit a bullshitter and Amarante has a sixth sense to weed it out. In her world manipulation is a game and in order to play you must know the other players. She never second guesses her gut feeling, it is her first line of defense and supplies her with much luck.

" It's not all Arts and Crafts. Being Creative is having an open mind and letting it go wild "

Something is always brewing in Amarante's mind. Though these things may not be logical or make any sense at times. During these times she comes up with some of the most wonderful if unorthodox things and applies them to whatever she does. This creativity goes greatly with her earth bending as she likes to mold and shape them. This creativity fuels other things in her life and contributes heavily on her hobbies and likes. Cooking, sculpting, gardening she enjoys doing things with her hands a lot.

" No I don't think you understand. There is no changing my mind

The better word would be stubborn but either way the fact is Amarante is like a mountain, unmovable. Once she has decided on something nothing can or will change her mind. She thinks each choice over carefully and when she is sure of herself nothing else can make her think otherwise. This defining trait rest ( or should rest ) In all earth benders because it allows them to grasp one of the important aspects of earth bending. That being said Amarante won't go down without a fight and won't take no as an answer. It's literally like talking to a wall once her mind is set on something. This will is Stubborn and does not allow for easy change. This makes it difficult to learn certain things and connect with people and even worse to activate her avatar state.

Rank Information:

Rank: Earth Avatar
Nation:  Earth  Nation
Organization:  Dia Lee
Bending Element:

Defender-Defenders are experts in the art of defending and protecting. They are most of the time strong strong physically and strong willed. They have a need to protect others and thus will devote themselves to defending people. They take reduced damage and can block attacks more skillfully.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Earth Avatar
Nation Earth
Avatars of the Earth Kingdom live for abnormally long times and can live for up to 250 years of age and still hold the power and talent of a "Fully Realized Avatar". The skin of a young earth Avatar is impenetrable at birth but by the age of five it softens and from that point on only adept rank weapons and on can penetrate this young Avatars skin. This is how Earth nations were able to tell if new-born babies were the Avatar. Avatar's of the Earth nation can speak to Giant Badger moles and are given a Baby Giant badger mole once the Avatar has reached the age of 10 to accompany him/her on their pilgrimage.

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation



Specialty skills:
Name: Rooted
Ability: Knocking Amarante off her feet will be extremely hard due to her long hours of earth bending training. She can withstand waves of water from a general and blasts of wind from a general earth bender without budging from the ground.

Name: Rocky
Species:Eel Hound
The eel hound is a large, amphibious lizard that exhibits the ability to swim and run very quickly. It is at least eight feet tall and roughly twenty-five to thirty feet long with dark green scales (except along its ventral side) from its jaw to its tail. The eel hound is green in color with a lighter shade on its underbelly, and a darker shade of green on top of its body.

The eel hound has a very wild nature which can make it challenging to train. For this reason, very few people attempt to do so, and as such, they are not as commonly used as other animals, such as ostrich horses, for steeds.

The eel hound is a tame, calm animal once it is properly trained, and can be used for transportation over large bodies of water or running on land at great speeds; it was credited by Piandao as being the fastest known animal over land and water.[1]

Special Abilities:
Can run very fast over land.
Can swim very fast in water.
Can run half a day straight without rest.
Is able to track it's owner down by scent or who ever else it has been around for three years or more.

Amarante had gained this pet as a gift on her thirteenth birthday.

Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:
Amarante was born to the previous earth king and a fire nation native. Upon her birth the earth king was very much afraid for his daughter because he was an earth bender and did not want her to be born with the abilities. Unfortunately after five years of watching his daughter grow she displayed abilities of a earth bender. But this was the very least of his worries because his worst nightmare came to life. After hitting the age of eight years old she displayed the abilities of the Avatar.
This put the earth king in a state of panic and paranoia. He knew nothing good came from this. For days and nights the troubled king thought of ways to protect his family. He tried his best too keep Amarante from the eyes of the people so that they wouldn't know she existed.

One night after a long night of thought the earth king broke down in tears as his only option was to kill his daughter. He was really a hopeless man but his wife saw the troubles that he was going through and decided to step in and see what was wrong. Usually a quiet and meek woman she learned of her daughters demise as the king could not settle on a solution. The wife of the king smiled softly and told the king not to worry anymore because she would take care of things.

The Wife of the king was unlike her husband. She was proud her daughter was one of the Avatars and over the course of a month prepared her daughter for a life an Avatar should lead. Once her daughter turned ten years old she had prepared a map and instructions for her daughter.
Amarante was not in the bit confused because her mother frequently spoke of this journey.
Amarante was to travel to all the nations and learn not only bending from the appropriate teachers but a fighting style and to learn to use at least four different weapons as well. Her mother stressed the fact that she should be careful who she chose as a teacher and to pick up on politics as well. Amarante listened to every piece of advice her mother gave and took them as guidance.
Her first stop was Kiyoshi Island where she would practice under the Kiyoshi warriors and under the leader who was an earth bender. She stayed there for three years and at the end of her training she gained a pair of metal fans for completing and her pet Eel Hound Silver. During her time with the Kiyoshi warriors Amarante learned to use metal fans and the Katana on top of her earth bending. Beyond just the training she also picked up on the teachings of many things including cooking, gardening, how to identify poisons and other practical things. Upon hitting the age if thirteen it was time to move on to her next destination...
The Water Nation

Arriving at the water nation Amarante knew who she had too look for. Searching she found her teacher in isolation. He was a strong bender and did not like the way the Avatars were being treated. He had learned of a way to unblock chi and even open the chi up even more too allow for greater use of the elements.
Once the chi has been blocked it becomes impossible to use the elements temporarily and it paralyzes. Tori ( the teacher )
Found a way to reverse this and even turn it against the attacker. Using the the chi in his body as soon as the hit from a chi blocker would connect he at that very moment would expel the chi from his body opening all of his chi paths and forcing the blocked chi open while expelling chi energy and knocking the attacker back. This takes years to learn which coupled with her water bending training and learning to use a spear took the young female six years to complete. Upon leaving the water nation Amarante was gifted with healing water from Tori. Tori blessed Amarante and saw her off. All the traveling tired out Amarante and she began to miss home. Putting her training on hold she returned to Kiyoshi island. Upon meeting with the Kiyoshi warrior leader she learned her father was killed and her mother has been put as the blame. Amarante couldn't believe what she was hearing and quickly returned home. Anger fueled her but she had to remember that very few knew who she was. Keeping herself under control she worked her way into the Dai Lee.
Gaining their equipment and learning of the corruption planted in the earth nation. This fueled Amarante's anger as she continued to learn things about the Politics in the earth nation. For two years she stayed with the Dai Lee and without a trace vanished for a year to where not even she could remember. Upon returning to the earth nation after that short year she was able to access her avatar form and with a vengeance she. Destroyed the current earth king home and killed him. Taking out more than half of the Dai Lee Amarante freed her mother and returned to Kiyoshi island with her.
Once she was sure that her mother was safe she turned herself into the Earth Nation military. Charged with Treason and a slew of other offenses she was surprisingly spared. The Earth Avatar had shown herself and her power and now she must serve her nation. With no objections she agreed to be the protector of the Earth Nation.
Rp Sample:
RP Sample:

" Your mother would be proud of you. I'm proud as well you know, but this is no life for you.. I wish you would just, just leave this dangerous lifestyle. I-I can't lose you as well. You are my only daughter! I refus--"
A deep yet trembling voice that echoed pitifully throughout a dim room spoke words of caution. Clearly the voice belonged to a man, a man that had loved and lost and was afraid to lose again. But this voice fell on deaf ears as it was cut off silently. The man's heart beat slow as he felt a cold sharp blade to his neck. Closing his eyes and swallowing down the building feeling of sadness and fear the man stopped speaking. He knew it was no use speaking to her, but he had to try he had to save his only daughter.
" Mother would be proud? No she is proud! Don't you dare speak about her like she is dead! You are a disgraceful and weak man. I can't even believe I have your genes running in my body. There is nothing you can say or do that will ever make me turn away from what I was born to do! "
He felt his eyes water as the blade lowered from his neck. She was a strong, stubborn one just like her mother. The two were spitting images of each other inside and out though his daughter was a lot more hotheaded and unpredictable than her mother. After a silent moment he heard her angry footsteps walk out as she mumbled words that stung his heart and his pride. Dropping to his knees once he was sure that she was gone the man cried. His sobs were heavy, memories of a woman that he would never see again reflected from his tears. These tears ran down his face and inside the pool that began to form on the ground below he could see his daughter's face.

" How in the world did she end up with a disgrace like that! Yea! Jeez he such a sad little man I can't even pity him anymore.Yea! If he keeps it up I'll have to blow his heart out of his chest... That'll be one less parent to think about.Yea!"
Chuckling lightly to herself Asahana strolled away from her house and to the training area. She didn't have time to dwell on her Father and what he thought because it didn't matter what his thoughts were. She was a ninja and nothing and no one was going to change that.
As she walked the blond haired female dug her hands into a pouch of clay. Pulling out a small chunk she looked it over and moved her fingers over and around it. Quickly she began to mold the clay into a lotus flower paying much attention to the detail of it. Her delicate fingers were perfect for crafting and it was her passion along with many other things that seemed out of her personality. With the lotus done she admired her work for a second not noticing the small child in front of her until she bumped into it.
" Hey watch where yer go-
Looking down Asahana's eyes blinked at the small, scraggly child with the red hair which was wild like fire and blue eyes as crystal and clear as the ocean.  The child looked to be female and she looked as if she had been crying. Asahana felt her eye twitch slightly and quickly handed the girl her clay creation. The clay had not been infused with chakra and so it was harmless. Though it was a hard to get material Asahana thought the girl needed it more. Scratching the back of her head as the small child looked at the art in awe, Asahana awkwardly smiled.
" Uh.. Sorry. Just watch where ya stand. Yea...
Shuffling off Asahana looked behind her to catch the girl smiling. Shrugging it off she continued to the training area.

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PostSubject: Re: Amarante Sheng    Tue Aug 27, 2013 2:54 pm

This is lazy work.
I took some of the techniques from two other apps.
One from the last earth avatar and I believe another earth bender.
I really hope that's ok. I mean I would ask for permission but they are not here.
I'll give credit where credit is due.
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PostSubject: Re: Amarante Sheng    Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:01 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Amarante Sheng    Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:09 pm

*tears up a little*

approved you beautiful bastard
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PostSubject: Re: Amarante Sheng    Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:43 pm

Unapproved, Sand is no longer a first element. Currently Crystal would be the one, Sorry for that.
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PostSubject: Re: Amarante Sheng    Wed Aug 28, 2013 9:52 pm

FIXED reapproved.
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Amarante Sheng
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