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 Plot and Timeline

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Nikki Z

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PostSubject: Plot and Timeline    Mon Aug 26, 2013 8:17 pm


After years of knowing that there can be one Avatar at a time, the world was surprised to see that during this cycle of the Avatars reincarnation that 4 children were born with the skill of mastering all 4 Elements. Realizing this the lords of all four countries started to wonder " One avatar was always strong enough to take us out one by one, but we always could out number the Avatar 4 to one. However now that option has been vetoed and we have to do something about it. We must reduce the Avatar's number back to one but which ones should go?" That is when The nations start to realize that they needed their Avatar as much as they feared it so They were unable to decide who would lose their avatar and who would keep it so It became a Game of who kills who's Avatar first. And for the Lords it became a matter of Keep my Avatar safe and destroy the other ones or let them destroy mine and be weaker as a Country and vulnerable to an attack from a country who can lead an army with their Avatar. Without the Avatar being one person the world was thrown into war and the Avatars were now hunted by nations not their own which made the pilgrimage of an Avatar way harder. With the Fire Empire reeving up for war the 4 great nations sit uneasy. There are still people who believe that the Avatar is the hope to ending the war; Which one however is up to you to decide.


The current timeline is that of Korra, however there is no council or Equalist formed yet and the tech is just as advanced. No characters from Korra are around and all the Nations are in a icy situation with the Avatars.

The year is 170 ASC.
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Plot and Timeline
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