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Basic Character Information:

Name: Arashi Wu
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Arashi Wu (wip) Tonou_Tamekaze_by_osy057-1

Arashi is an easily identifiable individual. A tall pale skinned young man with handsome features and prominent, almost patented, green hair. A lean muscular form betrays his years of vigorous martial training and the obvious pale blue arrow tattoos on his limbs and peeking out from the verdant hairline, alert those in the know of his status as a master airbender.

Like most airbenders, Arashi has a tendency towards comfortable robe like clothing and long swaths of cloth wrapped around himself as accessories. Most often he strays from the norm by wearing white and various hues of blue as opposed to the vibrant yellows and oranges of mot airbenders.v Even more abnormal, when he ventres out into the world with the intent to do harm or other serious work on behalf of his people, he dons black clothing.

A closer look at his nude body would reveal a profound lack of blemishes or long healed injuries which belies the truth to the fact that he has sustained no critical injuries in his time walking and gliding around the earth. Perhaps more startling however is the fact that his warm brown eyes are not clouded with self doubt or guilt or any sort of forlorn emotion despite his divergence from the usual spirituality of the Air Nation.

For the most part, Arashi isn't much like most airbenders. Sure he likes to enjoy life and laugh and experience new things, but over the years he has been trained in self discipline in an attempt to tame the boisterous exuberance he once possessed.

This has manifested in the form of a more tamed curiosity and philosophical outlook on life. He now has a tendency to get wrapped up in contemplating the universe as it operates around him in an endless endeavor to discover the inner machinations of the world.

Of course being cooped up in a temple for most of his life doesn't make that easy so an insatiable sense of wanderlust gnaws at his mind these days urging him to go and explore the world. Arashi wants to meet new people, see the other types of bending in action, try new foods, see exotic animals, and maybe find love out in the world.

At least that's how he is when he's allowed or rather supposed to be wearing what he likes to think of as his mask for the others. Arashi has been trained to be able to suppress his feelings and transform into a cold analytic beast willing to do whatever is necessary for the Air Nation. When tapped to do his duty for the air people's Arashi dons black attire and a much more serious no nonsense expression.

Now of course this odd dichotomy would seem antithesis to the spiritual enlightenment that the Air nation usually endeavors to achieve but part of this belief structure is that there is balance. Yin and Yang, opposites that most both exist in order to achieve harmony and perfect flow in the universe. Following this belief, monks helped Arashi to develop his philosophy an understanding to be a balanced being with both kindhearted traits and cruel merciless actions from time to time. When he dons his black cloaks, he becomes the Air Nation's spearhead, lethal and cold and unwavering.

He is less hung up on moral quandary than most of his countrymen. He is much more focused on how things truly are, for he does not paint the world in black and white with things etched so finely and permanently in stones. His mentality is that of the air, all encompassing and shifting as it needs to move forward, never being trapped and hung up for long.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Air Nation
Bending Element: Air/Sound/ Void
Specialty: Tracker-Trackers are expert hunters, they know how to track people, use the terrain to their advantage and sneak up on a target. they are skilled in the art of silent killing, stealthy walking, and can track an opponent for days.

In short, Arashi is about as close to a ninja assassin as the Air nation can possess.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:



Specialty skills:


Special Abilities:


Name: Golden Swallow Knives and Shurikens
Appearance:  Gold and silver bladed throwing impliments with graceful curves and aerodynamic holes.
Range: 60 meters with any real accuracy (using Airbending) can be thrown regularly up to 20 meters.
Rank: General?
Special Abilities: These throwing weapons are excellent for being manipulated by the likes of Airbending by wrapping tendrils of air around them and can be made to spin and move even faster than their normal aerodynamics would seem to allow. Using Airbending, the projectiles can be made to remain in the air for extedned periods of time and then the blades can be used for both offensie and defense, able to deflect some attacks.

The intricate forging method and special metal that comprises them allows Arashi to use his soundbending abilities to manipulate them further by adding strong vibrations to the items which turn them into tiny drilling and buzzsawing projectiles that even after sticking into their target, can be made to wiggle even further inwards to shatter or cause more pain. For example  by impaling a a thick wooden door with several of the throwing knives then bringing a vibration to them, they can be used to crack the door apart, a feat usually not possible with air bending alone, wind blades not withstanding.

The blades were forged at such high temperatures that the impurities have been burned out of them, making them immune to metal bending.

Origin: Arashi forged these himself after several years studying aerodynamics and learning to forge metals.

History and RP Sample:

Rp Sample:
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Arashi Wu (wip)
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