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 Mei Kuo (Done)

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PostSubject: Mei Kuo (Done)   Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:42 am

The Frozen Woman:

"My heart may be cold, but I will freeze yours solid."
Name: Mei Kuo
Age: 25
Gender: Female

Looks: Mei is a very attractive young adult. She has long flowing blond hair and icy blue eyes. She has a very womanly figure. She stands at 5"7' and weighs in at around 120 pounds. Mei has a tan and smooth complexion despite her body temperature being so low. She normally wears a black cloak with a hood that reaches all the way to the ground. Around her neck is a necklace that was made by her fiance, now deceased. May he rest in pieces. When she is not wearing her cloak however her clothes are pretty much the standard of the water tribe, a blue coat that has fur on the cuffs of the sleeves, hood and hem of the skirt. She wears black sandals that strap across the top of the foot, the ankle and across the ankle horizontally.

Mei is a very reserved person, remaining detached from the rest of the people she works with unless needed. She has a very calm demeanor, rarely showing any sign of stress or flicker of the loneliness that plagues her heart. She is not very social, rarely going out of her way to talk to anyone or engage in conversation. Mei is a very impatient person with a short temper, even though she is a very calm and collected person, she can have bursts of aggression. Not being very social, Mei tends to have trouble making friends due to the fact that. Mei can tend to be slightly Bi-polar at times, her happiness can turn to anger in almost an instant usually without and sort of provocation. This makes her a very volitaile person and not the easiest to get along with. Mei is very fearful that she will never be able to get close to anyone due to her emotional instability which makes him prone to depressing episodes where she will not eat or speak for days and will cry constantly. This was due in part to the death of her fiance, that was the time at which many said that her soul turned to ice.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Ex- Water Tribe
Organization: Nen Ken Po
Bending Element: Water, Plant

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Water Form
Description:Residents of the water nation have extremely flexible and agile bodies. They can bend twist and move in very odd ways that would hurt a normal human body. This makes them very slippery and agile.

Name:Water Walk
Description:Residents of the water nation are extremely skilled in, near and around water. They can swim faster than others, are really agile in water. They can run walk and move in water with out being slowed or hindered, and are a force to be reckoned with in the water.

Name: Frozen Woman
Description: Due to her growing up in the frigid poles, Mei's natural body temperature is considerably lower than most so that her body conserves more energy. Her body temp is 55 degrees F.

Name: Frozen Breath
Description: Due to her naturally low body temperature, Mei's breath is able to frost over objects without an internal heat source such as metal or grass.




Specialty skills:

Name: Light of Justice
Specialty: Feint
Ability: Mei bends the water molecules in the air around her, counter rotating them making the light trapped. This creates a blinding light around her, temporarily blinding (1 post) anyone who looks in her direction. Looking at this for too long will cause partial blindness (2 posts cannot see, next post can see but is blurry, Next post can see clearly but eyes hurt)

Name: Liar!
Specialty: Feint
Ability: Mei is very good with words, she can smooth talk and entice others with his words, making him even more deadly. She is able to lie with out being caught, speak very fluent in any language and trick others into believeing her. Only others in the art of Feint can pick up on his lies well.

Name: Child of the Water
Specialty: Feint
Ability: Due to her intimate knowledge of his main element and having mastered it she is able to move through the waters at incredibly high speeds (Up to 35mph). She is also able to bend the water around her so that she is cammoflauged/ making the water break up her figure.

(Having a pet or animal that assists you in battle or just to be around to cheer your character up when sad)

Type: Open
Name: Jianxu
Species: Eel Hound
Element: N/A
Description:An eel hound is a large, amphibious lizard that exhibits the ability to swim and run very quickly. They are at least eight feet tall and roughly twenty-five to thirty feet long, with dark green scales except along its belly, from its jaw to its tail. Eel hounds are green in color with a lighter shade on their underbellies, and a darker shade of green on top of their bodies.
Special Abilities: Able to run 65mph and swim 65mph
Origin: Mei came across this creature during her travels to the earth kingdom where it was regarded as the fastest creature on land and sea. Wanting one of her own, she tamed one however it was not easy. She and Jianxu became best friends, Jianxu is her one true friend.


Name: Water Satchel
Appearance: This Ancient Northern Tribe Water Satchel is not very large at all. It only holds 2 gallons of water and has a large strap that sits diagonally across ones chest and rests on the back. It also has a strap that wraps around the waist so it stays on tight when moving at increased speeds. The actual satchel rests on ones lower back and has a removable cap that can be opened by the water rushing out of it, but must be closed manually. It sits comfortably on ones person and is made from very thick and durable hide that can withstand cuts from a sword, water bending cuts, fire bending, but crushing it with earth bending and advanced fire bending Lava can destroy the hide that it is made of.
Range: N/A
Rank: Recruit
Special Abilities: The hide on the inside was soaked in poison so any water that comes in contact with it becomes poisonous. The poison acts as a blood thinner, making the blood unable to clot for 4 posts.
Origin: Mei received this as a gift from her mother when she was twelve, commemorating her ascendance into the ranks of the Bender Class.

Name: Bone Knife
A knife that is made of bone.
Range: 6 inches
Rank: Soldier
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: A keepsake from her days that she lived in her tribe.

History and RP Sample:


Frozen Woman:

Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Mei Kuo (Done)   Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:05 am

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Mei Kuo (Done)
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