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 Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private]

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PostSubject: Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private]   Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private] EmptyThu Aug 29, 2013 5:59 pm

Hot. The weather was hot - unbearably so. Being a fire bender meant one had all the perks of being generally heat-tolerant, but being the strange individual that he was, Hei still had a personal dislike towards over the top warm environments. Part of the reason behind this may be in relation to the fact that the flames he controls also give off an unnatural heat, but that was but a minor detail. It was his first day officially back within the populated areas of the Fire Nation after days of no socialization whatsoever with any human soul, and it seemed the only thing that came to mind was how hot it was.

There's a lot of people here, are you sure it's a good idea to just stroll through the capital city after so long? The voice in his mind startled him out of his thoughts, and Hei glanced down at his companion, a little white kitten who seemed to be struggling just to keep up with his long strides. It was true that it had been a long time since he had set foot in the Capital city, and strangely, it seemed as though there were much more people crowding around in the streets than usual. Something must have happened, but he had yet to pinpoint what. It wouldn't take long to find out - especially because he had already drawn upon his Yang personality, a friendly smile forming automatically when he made eye contact with anyone. It will be fine. I can still claim citizenship, and I have yet to do anything that will arouse suspicion. To anyone, I'm just a traveller passing through. Making a stop by a stall selling steaming buns, he pulled out a couple coins and took the bun offered to him with both hands, murmuring thanks to the woman and throwing in a quick compliment as well, drawing a smile from her face. It was easy, too easy.

Turning away, he took a single bite from the bun, continuing on towards the heart of the city, where the crowds of people were greatest. Large populations made him uncomfortable, having led such a solitary life, but he would worry about such trivial facts later. Today, in an attempt to avoid having unnecessary attention on him because of his appearance, he was wearing a low-hanging hood over his head, with dark shades shielding his eyes from view. Suspicious he may seem, but his upbeat expression seemed to make up for it, as no one seemed to spare him a second glance.
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PostSubject: Re: Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private]   Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private] EmptyThu Aug 29, 2013 9:54 pm

The Empress had left her regular situation and had begun to travel amoungst the people. She made sure none would notice her and keep her face hidden in the crowd. She walked quickly through the croward and wondered what she'd find. Most were drunk or celebrating the new rules. Nikki wasn't too excited this was a long road she was traveling down, freeing a entire world wasn't going to be easy. Not to mention the excess of new avatars. She hopped that it would be able to relax and calm down. However when a nation would be invaded the people would come up at harshness and anger. She hand't yet come up with something like that. She keep thinking about the events of the day and slowly began to pay less attention to the many people around her. She was wearing military garb and keep a helmet on. She was wearing the standard military uniform of the fire nation. As her mind processed more and more information. She managed to see a nearby stand to sit at. She slowly walked over towards it and sat down.

Next to her was a man eating a bun. Her moved onto the table top of the store counters and she looked at the woman running the food and she looked back. She held her thumb up and tapped twice on the wood. The woman nodded. Nikki often took trips and this place, it was her favorite. The staff all knew who she was and she'd sit down and often not say a single word. With her recent speeches, her voice would be noticed quickly. This was a easy way to come and visit her city while also being able to relax. The women was now cooking up noodles and a strange machine chugged out a drink. IT was large and looked with multiple buttons, it was a strange hing to look at. On the very top of the machine, it said 'D.A.R.P.A. TECHNOLOGY', she smiled at it.

It was nice to see them making a effect in the economy like this. The reason this stand got such tech, was obvious to the employees the Empress requested it so. People often thought of D.A.R.P.A. only as military, but Nikki allows funding into many things. She loves science and all its benefits. She smiled a bit. As her head turned to the left, she noticed that a large portrait that held the 12 Civilian rights in it. Her noodles and a green color drink were passed to her. She paid no money, which would look strange to most. However no one seemed to normally notice. She lifted her visor slot to show her lips. She grabbed a pair of chop sticks and broke them. She also did something odd, anytime a fire nation person breaks chop stick they normally hail the Empress or Lord. Nikki hates it and never understands why its even a thing. She hopes her rights will squash old traditions like that. What stood out more then anything was the fact that her lips were colored in the red fire lipstick that is commonly associated with the Empress, she had just gave a speech and had forgot to take it off. This did not stop her from chowing down on the food before her.
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Pleasant Encounters, Unpleasant Discoveries [Private]
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