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 The boy who wouldn't speak

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PostSubject: The boy who wouldn't speak   The boy who wouldn't speak EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 3:59 am

Mori resides in the more dry forested areas. He has more things to look at that way, he does not speak much so he observes everything. He even notices the smaller things such as the ant-flies crawling up the tree sitting seven yards away from him. He had great eyesight and he was verycapable of using it for more than just observing. Mori would be sitting up the tallest tree in a radius of three miles. He could still see things on the floor level even though he was 45 meters above ground level. He looked down he was without a bow which would be very dangerous if not for his throwing knives he always has on him. He looked around and he could spot several swamp benders he was not so well fitting with them so he does not live with them.

Mori was too different from the swamp benders and it was not because Mori was constantly depressed. Mori is actually a very happy child he simply does not speak as much as they do, they always try to make him speak and make loud noises with them as they sit around camp fires and talk about their times. At first he would sit and listen to them as he joined them at the fireplace at the center of their small society but soon they realized he would never engage in their conversationa and began to try to force him to speak. He began to like the tricks the try to make him fall for but even though he is young he is way too smart to be tricked into speaking.

Mori now would jump down the tree swinging and spinning on branches to keep from gravity harming him. he would land on the soil of the forested area with a thud. He looked to the left for he had heard a noise that bothered him he would have thought it was one of the swamp benders but they are well fed people with rather round bellies so them having made so light of a sound was rare. He would quickly jump back into the trees second branch from the floor which was about 7 feet off the ground. Mori was very agile and capable for his age and he would be silent as so nobody who passed would even know he had been there a few seconds ago. He watched the spot where the noise had come from and he waited. After waiting for 5 minutes a Squirrel-rat would scurry from out of the bush.

Mori would then let out a small, unnoticeable sigh and look up through the holes between the leaves to see the sky above.At this moment Mori could be seen easily his guard was down and he felt like he had nothing to worry about. If anything dangerous was to pass through the swamp benders would try to handle the situation making quite enough noise for Mori to know to leave the area. He was dressed in a hipster version of the earth nations military clothing it was green so wearing it in the forest would be a smart idea for blending in.

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PostSubject: Re: The boy who wouldn't speak   The boy who wouldn't speak EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 4:38 am

It was a bright and sunny day in the earth kingdom again but the location wasn't the best of choices. As it just so happened, Loki and Izzy were currently flying over some of the smellier swamp of this part of the earth kingdom. The aroma above trees was so foul that Loki couldn't even fall asleep. Without his daily nap time every hour or so he got be very grumpy. Loki was pitching a fit in his head about the smell and he was sure Izzy was doing the same. "Oh my god Izzy how much longer are we going to be over these swamps?!" Izzy responded with a few grunts and then turned his head to the trees and grunted to some more.

"What do you mean you don't know? Oh. Ooooohhh. Swamp benders... Bring us down a bit so I can see them." Izzy grunted a few more times and did as he was told. He began his descent and started circling around. It didn't too long till they got close to the tree tops, even though they were under some super thick brush Loki still managed to get a glimpse of them through the occasional gap in the trees. "Alright Izzy, pick a spot farther up ahead or just follow me in sky. I'm going to go have some fun."

Loki stood up in Izzy's saddle and let the wind blow him backwards and off when he thought he was at an appropriate spot. Angling himself so he could see the target zone better. Wrapping himself in a cocoon of air bending he figured it would come him handy as he crashed through a bunch of trees. With the last few moments he had before he would crash he began to think that maybe jumping into a bunch of trees wasn't the best idea he had. He hit the trees hard as he crashed through, the cracking of branch echoed here and there. Even though he had a cushion it still hurt like hell. The branches managed to slow him down quite a bit and when he hit the ground he used a bit of earth bending to make a crater beneath him. Looking around he landed right where he wanted to, right in front of a group of swamp people. Most of them had surprised looks on their faces, only one or two looked to be ready for combat. With the help of a little sound bending Loki made his voice bellow and probably hurt their ears slightly.


This was going to be really funny and awesome, or turn out not so great.

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PostSubject: Re: The boy who wouldn't speak   The boy who wouldn't speak EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 5:49 am


Wakka looked at his grandson to his left and scratched his beard. "Gawd huh? I duun seen Gawd before and he Aint nuthin like this man here!!". Oakka who was the oldest son of Wakka and one of the two men who had gotten up into an offensive position, had glanced back at his father as if acknowledging his father's words and accepting them into his mind. "Yeah! Grandpaw has died about 7 times and came back because he always prayed to the swamp spirit!" said a young man sitting next to his grandfather Wakka. There were five swamp benders in total two standing before the man who claimed himself god and three sitting on a log no more than 5 feet behind them. Oakka would then run at the self proclaimed god and stop about half distance between the mysterious man and where he once stood. "Hey Nappu, doesn't this guy look like that wanted poster of the Air Avatar we saw in ba seng sei?" Oakka would say to the other man who rose up to challenge the self proclaimed god. "That does look like him Oakka. Hey Sal, Wakka, Krunk lets get outta here! Wakka you too lets go before the Avatar destroys us with his freaky powurs!!" with those words Sal and his friend Krunk would help the elderly Wakka to his feet and while holding his arms would lightly pull him the opposite direction of the supposed Avatar. "Nappu make sure they get outta here safe Aha?" Oakka would say before turning his attention back on the Avatar before him. "Oakka what are you thinking man!! That is the Avatar man we dunno what crazy powers he could have!!" Nappu would yell at his older brother while running in the distance with his family trying to get to the nearest river so that they can use their water canoes and waterbending to get away faster. "Oh yea.....thats  a good point Nappu. Hey! Avatar why are wanted by the Earth Kingdom anyway?" Then an image of the Avatar answering "Ill show you why" and then ripping Oakka apart flashed into the poor swamp benders mind. "Nevermind Ey I dun think I wanna know anymore." With those words Oakka would turn tail and try to catch up with his family.
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The boy who wouldn't speak
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