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Xian Sun
Xian Sun

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Basic Character Information:

Name: Xian Sun
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Xian Sun [DONE][Earth King] Kyoshi10

Unlike most Earth nation men who are bulky, Xian has a lean yet very muscular tone for someone of his age. Standing at 5'10 he weighs roughly 165 lbs which compared to his older brothers is small. Xian's hair is jet black and spikes from the back forward, with the front of his hair extending forward. The eyes of the young earth king vary although his most notable eye colors are green and light blue.

Xian's choice of clothing consists of a pair of jet black umanori, on occasions a sleeveless vest although this is when he has to take care of important business, and he refuses to wear any type of footwear due to the fact that he cannot feel the earth underneath him. Other notable features of Xian include a cross shaped scar located in the center of his back that was given to him during a fight with his siblings/

Xian has three different distinct personality traits aside from his usual attitude. Through his childhood he had refined many traits and quirks that would have inhibited his abilities to govern and rule when his chance had arisen.

Calm- Xian can under any circumstances remain calm and always finds the option that allows him to live. Growing up to be not only a kind king, but a strong one for the most part he learned not to be scared of almost anything, even in a fight where the odds are against him, he would remain calm and fight until he found a way to escape. Through tough situations or even the most difficult of tests, Xian can remain calm and even smile about it when others are scared shitless.

Smart- Xian is smart and has been called a genius by his own peers. Able to figure out almost any task given to him, he is quickly able to dissect a problem to where the solution is simple only to him. He always applies this to anything he does, even with the most mundane of tasks such as dealing with nation issues or reading a simple book. Because of this he has been called a prodigy simply due to the amount of knowledge he knows. In battle, he can assess an enemies tactics and movements and make a strategy to combat.

Understanding- Xian can understand most situations and actions of someone, unless they are unjustified by selfish mean and goals. He has an innate ability to feel when someone is under stress or not feeling well emotionally. Usually able to help others out, he sometimes lets it pass because it helps for better recovery.

Rank Information:

Rank: Earth King
Military Rank: (Applies only to Fire Nation)
Branch: (Applies only to Fire Nation)
Nation: Earth
Bending Element: Earth/ Metal

Tactician-Tacticians are smart battle ready individuals. They can focus in battle and have increased reaction time. They are fully aware of everything going on and can stay alert no matter what. this allows them to interact with multiple targets and be aware of everything. They act as sensorys, being able to be alert at all times.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Earth's Grace
Range: 15m- 50m
Description: Earthen Grace is an ability that belongs to the King of the Earth Nation. This ability allows him to strengthen himself in times of need. The user is capable of picking up on small vibrations in the ground and also through the constructs or objects that he makes with his earth abilities. This ability does not allow him to see through the earth, only interpret vibrations in it to determine ones location, sort of like how a bat finds its way through the darkness. When it comes to physical aspects, it allows them to strengthen their bodies to that of a strong mountain, allowing them to take large sums of damage.

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation



Specialty skills:

Name: From One to One Hundered
Specialty: Personal/Offensive
Ability: Xian use his earth bending skills in conjunction with is immense strength to make a single strike feel like an opponent has been hit over one hundred times.


Special Abilities:


Special Abilities:

History and RP Sample:

Birth-5yrs: Xian Luang Sun was born in the hot summers in the earth kingdom, during the time his father officially brought stability and peace. Being the youngest out of six boys and two girls, Xian was graced with the looks of his father although he also inherited his mothers eyes. As a small baby he was a bit of a troublemaker, giving not only his mother a hard time but also his siblings hell and was often called a little devil by his sisters. At the young Xian turned five years old, he was already showing his knack for literature and politics as he was seen in the great library of his home. Day after day he could be seen or heard in the large room reading book after book on politics so he could assist his father in his work. Both his mother and father could tell that he was different from the other siblings since most of them were applying themselves into their military studies or something else. Being home schooled, Xian had a higher intelligence than others of his age group, due to the fact that he wanted to be more than an average kid.

As Time Went By:

Now the age of 15, Xian was now spending his time in the Earth Kingdom Cities, more specifically the more commoner portion of Ba Sing Se. He figured if he wanted to become king he needed to understand its people and how they lived. As he ventured through the city, he would sit and talk with many of the teenage refugees who told him different stories of their lives outside of the walls of the earth kingdom and Ba Sing Se which had interested him greatly, but he knew that he would probably never get the chance to leave his home. After spending many months studying the people of Ba Sing Se, it was finally time for him to undergo and finish his earth bending training.

His training instructor was none other than his older brother, whom had just arrived back from his time in the military. Reluctant and eager to learn more technique's and fighting styles to aid him in his future endeavor, however the training was not what he expected. Xian had passed his brothers expectations and even kept up with him even though he was barely trying which pissed the older sibling off greatly, thinking that Xian was just showing off. Letting his anger get the best of him, Xian was not pushed into a deadly fight with his brother who refused to let up on the young boy, until he had struck Xian with deadly force. The result knocked him into a state of unconsciousness as well leaving a gash on his back.

Xian spent the next two months in the hospital recuperating from the fight, although he did not allow the experience to shatter his determination. When he was finally able to get out of the hospital he sat off to the only place where he could work towards getting stronger- Serpents Pass.

"Though Time has passed, Home has always been on my mind. Now that i am stronger, i can grab my future and make it a reality."

Xian spent the next three years in this dangerous place inside of a cave not far from the trail on the opposite side of the pass. Although many had came out to look for him, he had trained himself to stay hidden and continued his training during the night. His mind and body were sharper and shaped more than it was in his youth, although one thing was missing from him- his home. The dark haired boy was ready to go home, and after determining his best options he had finally returned home. Upon walking into the house he was first greeted by his own sister who at first did not recognize him, but after hearing his voice hugged him and began to scream to the others to come and see who had came home. The last to show up was his father, who was not only furious with him for leaving but also upset for not coming home. Although his father was relieved to have him home, being a father he was obligated to beat the shit out of his son. Instead of actually pulverizing him, he punched him in the gut and hugged his son, just glad to have him home.

The months went by as his life finally returned to normal, since he was eighteen he had enrolled into the Ba Sing Se college to live a somewhat normal life although he was the kings son didn't mean he was going to neglect his studies. Taking a course in both politics and the study of earth bending, he would apply his natural genius to his studies to push himself to the top of the class. During his second semester he had just turned 19, where he started to take a small course in philosophy just for something to do in his spare time.

"Although the world has changed, one thing that will never change is the resolves that push me towards the future.

Xian had spent the next two years in college, where he had learned a vast amount of new things and even made some friends which was new to him at the time. After his graduation he went on a small trip to visit the water nation for a small vacation. He was only gone three months before coming back to see his home destroyed. Although many knew what had happened he was kept in the dark from the horrid truth. It was only two days after the confirmation of his fathers death, he was appointed the Earth King as his fathers successor. Though he did not want this responsibility yet, he knew it was finally his time to thrust this nation into a new era...whether it be for good or bad.

Rp Sample:
(Suggested but not required)

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Xian Sun
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