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 Huǒ líng: The Third Fire Emperor

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Huǒ líng

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PostSubject: Huǒ líng: The Third Fire Emperor    Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:56 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Huǒ líng (Fire Spirit)
Age: 27
Gender: Male


Casual Attire:
Battle Attire:
Formal Attire/Emperor Robes:

Personality: Huo was raised on tradition and history, always drilled into his mind that national pride and security came before personal gain and respect. He kept these ideals with him all the way into adulthood, and to this day has not made a single personal decision that didn't involve the development of the country. This means he has not had a single marriage, nor a gone on a single date. Human interaction is not his forte and normally he leaves that to his interpreters. For meetings he prefers to simply arrive only to sign documents, however let it not be known that he doesn't know how to socialize, simply he does not know how to do it properly without either A) Insulting the other party, or B) Ignoring their feelings completely.

He is an over thinker, often taking time out of his day to plan several events in a row, and an expert in chess and shogi. He'll often carry around small pieces with him merely to help with his thinking. He'll often compare his life to the game itself, imagining himself as one of the kings and his objective as the opponents. The many factors and people as merely extra pieces on the board to him.

In battle he will not give his opponent time to breath, already having guessed the outcomes of the match up in his head moments before it even began. He'll often try to psyche them out, preforming moves that would seem as tho he's copying, or predicting them when he's actually just causing them to make mistakes through anger and misdirection. He'll use his overbearing speed and reaction time to pressure them into a corner, performing predictable moves that are easy to counter. Because of this he is not easy to anger in battle and will often not take a calm exterior, often smirking to give the pretense that he is cocky and manipulative when he is really humble and contemplative.

Rank Information:

Rank: Fire Lord
Nation: Fire Nation
Organization: Fènghuáng (Will of the Phoenix)
Bending Element: Fire, Lightning, Spirit Fire

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:
(These are special perks that help your character in battle)

Name:Furnace Flesh
Description:Residents of the Fire nation have lived and are around fire all the time. They have built up a resitance to heat and will not feel hot from their own fire or others. They can still get burned and feel pain from fire but will not be bothered by heat.

Name: Cunning wits
Description:Residents of the Fire nation are extremely cunning, they are good at battle plans and are very devious. They can formulate ideas quick in battle and are very sly indviduals.

Name: Spirit Fire
Range: 10-65
Description: Spirit Fire is a special Fire Bending skill Ling's as it revolves around his connection with his spirit thus allowing his flames to contract special properties. The flames of Spirit Fire instead do not burn the body but the spirit (or chi network) and do varying levels of damage depending on the rank of the technique. It's said that the strong Spirit Fire techniques can completely destroy a persons chi network.

(These techniques give you an outline of what your character can do as a bender)
(Anything that is the use of an Advanced Element form is required to be a Technique)

General Bending:
Fire Bending:
Lightning Bending:

Specialty skills:
(Skills and techniques useing the job or specialty that you have. Pleas ebe as detailed as possible.)

Name: Calculated Thought
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: The tactician being the quick witted person he is does not waste idle time pondering other details and as such will perceive actions and come up with counter actions for those actions in an increased amount of time compared to normal people who would ponder on these things. Any extra time would be devoted to thinking of possible counters of their own counter which would lead to multiple paths from a single action. The downside to this is that the tactician must be still for the moment of thought and not in motion as even motion takes up a certain part of the thought process. It is advised that this specialty be used before battle and is ill advised to be used in the midst of battle.

Name: Intuitive Misdirection
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: Having played a number of similar war and battle simulators, a tactician who excels in the art of war will find their ability to guess their opponents next move so great that they will be able to confuse and enrage their opponent into making simpler and more wasteful moves due to lack of focus. The longer the misdirection the more likely the opponent will make a severe slip up. Similar minded people would not be affected by this. Strong willed people will find it easier to simply plow through the misdirection no matter how ill advised it is.

(Having a pet or animal that assists you in battle or just to be around to cheer your character up when sad)

Type: Open
Name: Tǔ wèi
Species: Monfernotops
Element: Fire/Lava
Description: A rather massive Monfernotops even by his species standards, he's actually considered to be a Grand Monfernotops, only achieved by living more than 50+ years. His body stands an a staggering 637 feet, almost taller than most small buildings and has a rather bulky body. His tusks are always lit aflame because of his home within one of Fire Nations countless volcano's, and his roars are said to have the power to cause volcano's. Known as the guardian of the earth he is known as the last defense for the Fire Nation and only responds to the will of the current Fire Lord. As a Monfernotop his diet consists of large quantities of steamed rocks and magma.
Special Abilities: Is able to create massive earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions and fire blasts, Monfernotops tend to Control all three elements very easily. Grand Monfernotops are very rare as they are the only ones who can cause what many consider apocalyptic reactions to their every day routine, as such spend most of their time sleeping unless awakened by the will of the fire lord or roused away by a Flame Stone held within the Temple of the Fire Lord. *This Pet may only be used as a last ditch effort to save the Fire Nation from any invaders and requires a special topic of activation, and usage. This is a one time use pet due to the powers, however may be used for any plot reasons, such as Mentioning/interacting with/and showing off.
Origin: Monfernotops are a recently unheard of species due to their nature to stay within the cones of the active volcanoes. Due to their insistence and the reluctance of the Fire Nation people to actually go into an active volcano, most do not know that they even exist except those who's fire bending power exceeds the heat of the volcano itself. Also because of this, their true creation is not known however it is thought they were created due to bio material being in the rocks and magma and slowly evolving into the beasts we see today.

Type: Personal Pet
Name: Sī Huǒ
Species: Awakened Phoenix
Element: Fire
Appearance: Check Noble Wear
Description: Awakened Phoenix's tend to be loyal supports for life, generally only following the person who claims them. Their eternal life spans are spent as constant companions and will often follow an entire family line all the way through. They really have no use in battle, having very few bending powers and will instead be used as a support their legendary tears healing most small wounds.
Special Abilities: As a Phoenix it lacks any real special abilities beyond it's ability to sense deception and it's healing ability the Tears of Sacrifice, which can heal most small wounds similar to a water benders healing.
Origin: Originally was Huo's Grandfather's Si Huo has been passed down from father to son similar to the Tiandi Zhu and remains a constant companion to the current family leader.

(Make a small weapon that helps your bender in battle or as a non-bender make a sword or other assorted weaponry that shows your characters fighting style)

Name: Tiāndì zhù
Heaven's Pillars:
Range: 2 1/2 feet
Rank: General
Special Abilities: The Heaven's Pillars are a family heirloom that has been passed down from father to son for generations. With the unique ability to stream your element down the weapon and use it as though you were bending caused the weapon to have to be developed with some extra enhancements. First it is highly resistant to damage from chi based attacks. The metal won't melt due to normal fire temperatures, and has a high weight/pressure threshold. The weapons are connected to a large chain that wraps around the user and can be thrown and then retracted (if anyone has played FE then you'll know the class i'm getting this from).
Origin: Created almost three generations ago by Huo's grandfather who was a general under the First fire Emperor. It was used as a deterrent by the man to keep any and all harm doers away from the country. The two polearms were said to be legendary in craftsmanship, and deadly in skill, and could pierce the center of a washer from over 100 feet away. Even though these legends aren't confirmed, the facts remain clear, the twin polearms are a pair of powerful weapons indeed.

History and RP Sample:
To One Day Be King

Born in the capital of Fire Country, Huo has always been surrounded by royalty. From the day he was born into the hands of the royal midwives, to the day he entered the Esteemed War Academy, he has always lived in a world of the upper class. Since his father was the current Emperor most people simply bowed down to him, accepting him as a natural leader in most things, particularly pertaining to any games or events they would be doing. It would be awhile before anyone actually gave him a challenge due to his butler, Zhǐdǎo fāngshì, instructing him on the many workings of any strategy based game.

With his father always working, he spent most of his free time with his mother, her constant smile a well based balance to the harsh frown his father would give after a hard day at work. He knew his father would try to be happy for his sake, the corners of his mouth sometimes twitching upwards whenever he'd show him his high grades or a particularly good art project, but the constant ignorance his father gave him made him believe that he wasn't good enough which caused him to train to be stronger, faster, smarter than his peers.

Eventually he graduated from the academy at the top of his class, his family among the crowd he gave them the brightest smiles he could give anyone. After this he would go on to be one of the most decorated tacticians in the Fire Nation Army.

Death of the Man Called Father

Upon reaching his 22 birthday Huo was already was a decorated general his prowess earning even the praise of his father. The current leader had been detailing to a plot that would lead the nation to greatness, and so he sent his son to the southern water tribe to seal the deal. Arriving there early he met with the leaders and upon signing was given a token of faith, his pet Gamera Hei Wei.

Returning to Fire Nation he was instantly ushered into the palace where his father lay breathing deeply. His eyes were wide with shock and his chest was rising and falling so suddenly. Collapsing to his knees he grasped his fathers clammy hands and held the man who helped give birth to him until his final breath. Until the final sigh the two talked, his fathers wish for him to succeed him as Emperor was accepted. Upon dying his body was cremated as was Fire Nation a fire nation standard.

Right after the funeral he assumed command, taking control over the entire country and locked it down. Starting up an investigation he unraveled a plot to take over the country and consequently had every single person it, as well as their families executed. Unlocking the country he inherited the two treasures of his family, the Heaven's Pillar and his pet, Sī Huǒ. After hearing about an earthquake in the northern province he traveled up there heading and discovered a temple at the top of one of the more massive volcanoes. The rim of the volcano brimmed with steam and ash as the guardians of the temple mediated with rest.

Talking with them, he was ushered inside before he talked with the elder of the temple who told him about the group. Learning about their goals, he joined them his Phoenix cawing to the heavens. The elder seeing this smiled and motioned him to follow him deeper into the temple, which lead subsequently underground before opening into a massive cavern within the temple. He could see the lava flowing underneath, the heat turning the metal and rock underfoot cherry red yet it never melted. Eventually he looked about finding nothing but a flock of Monfernotops, the massive beasts roaming the half melted ground searching for the best rocks to grub on before a massive bellow was heard alerting him of the largest beast he had ever seen in his life.

The Grand Monfernotops towered over him like a great skyscraper, it's girth almost covering the entire central pile that it rested on as thought it were blocking the volcano itself. The beast send awe inspiring waves of terror throughout him as he watched it look directly at him before simply snorting and nodding, apparently approving of the ownership he had apparently acquired by coming here. Satisfied the elder turned around, hands clasped behind him and with a hearty chuckle walked away. He muttered something about excellent as Huo stayed there and studied his new companion who would one day be called upon to help defend the nation.

Current Day Activities

Now 27 and wizened, Huo has achieved the dream that his father wanted, with plans of expanding outwards, he hopes to achieve the grand goal of uniting the world under one banner so that all nations may live peacefully without having to resort to unnecessary destruction.

Rp Sample:
Línghún sighed he stretched out in his chair, the outdoor cafe he was resting at was a good spot to watch the proceedings of the locals and allowed him to enjoy his afternoon with his contact. The person he was sitting with was quite pudgy, yet still maintained an air of importance and strength, the cloak he wore to conceal his appearance only gave him an aura of mysteriousness and made Ling wonder, What if? But alas the meeting was getting them no where, as his contact was from an outside source and was trying to sell him information. Scowling he stared the dirty bastard in the eye and tried to burn him with sure will and mind power.

Sighing he shook his head, temples aching he picked up his cooling tea and took a deep swig from it as the man attempted to once again strike a deal. "Alright this is my last offer... I'll give you the location of the Marquee for 85,000 Ryo. This is top dollar information kid, not something you can miss out on!" The man was hoping that he would bite the bait, and he could tell that, but he wasn't observational for a reason. Shaking his head he took another sip before setting the cup on the table he stood up from his seat, eliciting a gasp from the elder man. "Where you goin kid?" he questioned causing Ling to turn his head towards him, his face covered but his darkred eyes visible causing the man to flinch back from the glare.

"I'm tired of these discussions, we can reschedule for later on this week. For now i'm retiring to my quarters..." with that he turned and walked away, his cloak whipping behind him as he stepped out into the busy street. Gazing up he sighed and slid a cigarette out his pocket before placing it in his mouth and lighting it. Taking a deep swig he stepped into the crowd instantly blending in before disappearing from the other mans view.

Stepping out of the crowd near the beach he leaned against a post before enjoying the scenery. Even if he was an assassin in training he had to admit, his growing horomones allowed him to enjoy the simple things, such as the young civilian females in very provactive swimsuits. Giving the young females a small grin and nod he watched them giggle before bounding off, the jiggles and swaying catching his eye for a moment before he finally noticed the commotion going on closer towards the waters edge.

He could see the boy with the large sand cloud surrounding him, reminding him of a kid he had faced a few months prior. The blond haired sand using nin seemed to enjoy using his strength to scare off the civilians, then again if he had the same mentality, he would probably do the same. He watched the boy approached a female, the elder woman seemingly catching his attention more than the other women on the beach. He sighed and studied the woman, her dark blue hair reminding him of the woman on the island. A small smile crossed his face as he thought about her, from the first encounter to the last time he saw her, her cold indifference left a warm thought in his heart even if she acted like a robot.

Hopping over the pole he began to jog up to the two, whispering apologies to the passing civilians who had been ruffled by his appearance. Approaching the two he removed his hood to reveal his appearance, his darker tanned skin a byproduct of the training he did on the joubon. His concealed clothing was a stark white, made primarily of cloth and leather with a little chainmail hidden underneath. He had leather straps going across his chest that lead to the weapon holsters on his back which contained Rekki-maru and Mekki-maru. Near his waist Shirubārain & Gōrudo kage rested in their own sheaths, held in place by a leather strap that was tied to the harness that held his other Kodachi. Strapped his right leg was a tomahawk and on his left leg was a pack of throwing knives. His hood had concealed his dark hair and dark red eyes, the glowing flame dimmed from disuse overtime, however it still flickered showing that it still held it's ferocity.

He gave the female a small disarming smile before nodding to the other male as he attempted to insert himself into whatever conversation they were having, "How are you both today?"
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Huǒ líng: The Third Fire Emperor
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