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The four nations: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. Come join and start your own journey as a bender, weapon user, or a common cabbage vendor. Welcome to Avatar RPG!
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PostSubject: T.O.S. NPC 1   T.O.S. NPC 1 EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 12:13 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Zokan Crutzon
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Uniform :
His classic style is this and never really pressing anything else on himself. He never gets outta uniform and keeps this the way he wants. This is his ideal uniform. However he caries T.O.S. symbol on his arm as reminder of himself.


He is a normal cool head. Not someone to get furious and to bring rage out. He is extremely serious in this way and will never fight back. This of course can change if needed. He will do whatever it takes to finish the mission. This is his own personal creed.

Rank Information:

Rank:  Captain
Military Rank: Lieutenant
Branch: T.O.S./Navy
Nation: Fire Empire
Organization: N/a
Bending Element: Fire
Specialty: Tracker

Skill Information:
Special Characteristics:




Specialty skills:

Tracker-Trackers are expert hunters, they know how to track people, use the terrain to their advantage and sneak up on a target. they are skilled in the art of silent killing, stealthy walking, and can track an oppponent for days.




Name: Zaag Sword
Appearance: Its a basic sword with little or no difference from anything
Rank: Solider
Special Abilities: It is capable of absorbing and being used with a users fire. The sword is used for when someone wants to lick out flames, by concentrating one can use it to fire out flames and blast it into his foes. It can also absorb a recruits fire and use it against them.
Origin: Basic weapon given to swordsmen.

Join Army when he was only 5, from there he trained day and night on looking and fixating for betterment. After his long training he became apart of T.O.S. He was the youngest to become apart of T.O.S. until the avatar joined and went through Camp Zaag training. He seeks to better himself and become a strong person within himself and for the future.
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