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 The 4 Great Nations (WIP)

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PostSubject: The 4 Great Nations (WIP)   The 4 Great Nations (WIP) EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 2:16 pm

Intro - With the 100 years war never happening, all 4 nations enter a era of peace and harmony. 100s of years passed until the age of industrialization and mass production entered into the times and now on the height of the era. Things will start slide and change, which nation will you chose. Which nation will you lead into the call of battle?
*Notice you may join any nation, however the ones with WIP have no leader.

Water Tribes - The Water Tribe is a collective term for the nation of people who practice the art of waterbending. It is one of the four nations and its citizens primarily inhabit the most northerly regions of the Northern hemisphere and the most southerly regions of the Southern hemisphere. There is also a small community of waterbenders that populate the Foggy Swamp in the Earth Kingdom, although they were isolated from their sister tribes for generations and others were largely unaware of their existence. The people of the Water Tribes are peaceful. They strive to live in harmony with nature and the other nations of the world. There are two primary divisions of the Water Tribe, the Northern and the Southern.

Fire Empire - This is a constitutional Empire, they have the most rights and civil liberties in the world to date. The current ruler Empress Niki, has ushered in mass amounts of rights and voting. Despite these leaps in government, a type of pseudo-slavery has been brought in. They are also gearing up for war and have some of the most advanced technology in the world. Currently in the Fire Empire you can join the Tactical Operations Squad, the special forces. D.A.R.P.A, a technological power house in the world, it is filled with scientist and endless technology and some of the most advanced types of bending from around the world. You may also join the Fire Empire Navy and sail the ocean to other nations. You may also join the Fire Empire Army and deploy to keep the peace within your nation. By its name it is mostly fire benders, however its recently opened its gates to anyone with bending skills to join its nation. So a person in the Fire Empire, doesn't need to be able to bend Fire.

Earth Kingdom - Someone from this nation write something up and pm me.

Air Nomads - (WIP) Someone from this nation write something up and pm me.

Wanders - This is a simple group that travels across the lands. They never take sides and normally keep to themselves. They are most accepted in the Air Temples and Fire Empire. If you are looking to do a lot of traveling this is the group to join.
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The 4 Great Nations (WIP)
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