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 Slave Rights Laws

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PostSubject: Slave Rights Laws   Slave Rights Laws EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 3:25 pm

Slave Contract Laws and Property Rights:
A slave or person who wants to free a slave, may buy the rest of the contract of the slave for double the price of the remaining contract. Slaves that enter in the Benders Amendments have a 5 year contract with the Bender. The price per annual is 10 gold for each year.

A slave cannot be rebought or bought out. Once they are free, they must willingly go back into the contract.  

A civilian is not considered a civilian when in the military. All men in the military and D.A.R.P.A are consider to be under both the benders and civilian rights. Therefore can never be slaves even after service.

A slave is given basic workers contracts. They cannot be physically punished or harmed. They are there to do the work and leave. They also have limited freedom of speech and can still vote.

The major changes that are caused is the force of movement and they are required to stay within a certain distance of there working area. Defined by contract, they must also never be late. If so fines can be added.

Slaves can enter a coitus contract, if done they cannot refuse anything asked of the master as long as its outlined in the contract.

The master of the slaves must provide full fooding and clothing and a independent room for them.

Prisoners who are purchased as slaves have no rights at all. However any prisoners who are bought as slaves must agree to this. However if on the death or life imprisonment. They can be bought without consent.

If the master breaks the rules of the contract or any basic outlines given, the slave is freed and the debt is forgiven.

Any Land taken by benders for their military service will be payed in full to the owners by the Government of the Fire Empire.
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Slave Rights Laws
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