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 The Great History of the Fire Empire

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The Great History of the Fire Empire Empty
PostSubject: The Great History of the Fire Empire   The Great History of the Fire Empire EmptySat Aug 31, 2013 4:05 pm

During Peace:
The Fire nation elected to not invade and destroy the neighbors this was made possible by the fact that a recency consul was around instead of a leader. The fire nation instead of rushing into war. The entire 100 years war never happened. Therefore endless peace occurred and no one fought. This peace would last for many years and has so up and till today, 170 ASC. The nation itself has concentrated on the advancement of technology and industrial production. The nation has become a true power of industry. The clouds fill with smoke as the world watches the Fire Nation chug along.

The Lost Heir
The Fire Lords passed from generation to generation. No problems had yet to erupt from the politics. After the death of Lord Zuko in 155 ASC, the thrown was passed to his son. Lord Zuko II, he ruled with a iron fist and slammed home many rights of the Fire Lord. He crushed and removed many people. He even refused succession to his daughter and exclaimed she would never be the Fire Lord. The only other heir was a bastarded that he claimed lived as a adopted child. He pressed home and keep his angry ways. However during the year 164 ASC, he came down with the flue and slowly began to die. Now the searched for the child by his order. Upon his death, they had found the child and made her the new Fire Lord. This infuriated the princess and his youngest son. The son being only 11 at the time, still understood what his dad did. Placing a bastard over his own children. His eldest daughter who had been thought to be dead. Soon also appeared from the mist and due to her own father claiming Nikki as Lord, there was nothing she could do to gain power. The 3 children of Zuko II would be sure to fight over the throne. Even though it'd already been lost to Nikki, not even a legitimate heir in the minds of most. Currently year 170 ASC, Nikki at age 18 as Fire Empress. Her two half sisters at age 26 and age 23. Nikkis half brother at age 17.

The Transformation:
When Nikki reached age 16, she was consider capable of making decisions and give limited power. Full strength would be with her 18th birthday. She founded D.A.R.P.A. and T.O.S. during this time. She also began to write up documents for the future of the nation. She spent most of her time training however her own sibling was furious at how she masted both of the advanced elements of Fire. While neither sibling could master either one. Soon upon her 18th birthday she released rules and regulations changing the entire system of the Empire. She created a new Empire and removed the Lord system. The people would now lead the nation. However she keep herself as ruler until death. Upon her death a president would be elected and given power. This was to ensure that no longer would lords be given power. Or her half-siblings. However the would retain there position as prince/princess but upon her death they would lose all titles and ranks and revert to nothing. This sparked much controversy over the land, but made her the most popular person in all the land. She would soon be known far and wide from bring a new nation upon the world. Unknown to other she had also started the military-industrial complex in the fire nation. With two years in, most reforms were in place and the nation was preparing for war.

Current: With the new found systems and the new nation of great of the people. It will be interesting to see how and what will happen in this great nation. How will you effect the nation? Will the old system return? Will the new system stay? You decide! Face the Empress or Join her, its up to you!
PM me for anything you'd want, as in be a prince/princess of the fire nation. Or if you have anything you'd have a character move to do.
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The Great History of the Fire Empire
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