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PostSubject: Mei Ling at Camp Zaag   Mei Ling at Camp Zaag EmptySun Sep 01, 2013 12:40 pm

"D.A.R.P.A.," Mei Ling muttered to herself, walking down the streets of the Fire Nation. She clenched the paper in her hand tightly, looking about as she made her way through the bustling crowd. It was sure rowdy today, but that would be expected since most within the crowd had just left the speech the Fire Empress had delivered. All around her she heard what the adults said about the speech, some praised the Empress whilst other critized the newly established rules. Either way, Mei Ling found no reason that she should have a say about the Empress speech. She actually was unable to hear the speech, having missed it due to some complications that she had, but wished she had been there to witness it. Even though she was young, Mei Ling knew that this day would go down in history. And only time would tell on how it would be view by those many years from now. Would people view it as the greatest thing that ever happened to the nation, thus singing the praise of the Empress? Or would they remember it as something that should had never happened, thus shunning the Empress and remembering her with disdain?

Mei Ling frowned a bit. Thinking about how the Empress would go down in history had her thinking about how she would go down in history. What kind of Avatar would the people remember her as? Would she had been at the side of the Empress as she struck down those who opposed her? Or would she be the one to band with the other Avatars in order to stop the Empress? So many things were on her mind that she hadn't notice arriving to her destination, the headquarters of the D.A.R.P.A..

Her gaze was filled with both surprise and amazement, Mei Ling nearly lost the piece of paper in her hand. But her composure was regain and she walked into the building. Everything looked so strange as she walked up to the desk, her eyes dancing about the place in wonderment. Her mind hadn't been paying attention to what was in front of her, a sharp pain in her side brought her eyes to the front of the room. She could feel her cheeks grow hot as she realized that she had the misfortune of running into the desk.

Mei Ling wanted to get things over with quickly, so she placed the paper onto the desk and looked innocently at the one behind it. "I would like to sign up for Camp Zaag,," Mei Ling stated boldly, her eyes filled with determination. She suddenly had the need to finish the camp before the time the Empress had predicted. Her mind was unable to find out how the thought sprung into her head, but it wasn't going away anytime soon. Something within her mind told her that she would need as much nerve and courage that she had in order to complete Camp Zaag.
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