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 Traveling/Starting Location Rules

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PostSubject: Traveling/Starting Location Rules   Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:17 am

National Travel Rules

There are quite a few ways to travel from nation to nation and in our opinion they are quite simple. For a normal travel topic which involves your character travelling by foot you must build a topic with a combined word count of 700 words and upon finishing, you must meet with a Guard of sorts. This Guard can be NPC (Staff) or a military personnel of soldier rank and above. Any animal be it by sea or air travel will reduce your WC by 1/4. Animals of the Avatar can travel at a way faster pace so when being used to travel from one nation to another they may reduce the word count by 1/2.

Traveling from one city to another depends on the Nation you are in because of he different sizes in lands. Earth Kingdom being the largest land mass must do a topic with a 200 WC. Fire Nation is the smallest and most compact Nation so naturally their WC is lower than its Larger competitor the Earth Kingdom. The required WC for a travel topic from one Fire Nation city to another is 150 or more. The Air temples and the water tribes are located on different sides of the planet so travelling from one to the other requires the most Word Count. When travelling from one Air temple to another with and/or without an Animal the WC will be 800. When travelling from one Pole to another the WC is at its highest since you are travelling from one side of the planet to the other. The word count for traveling from one pole to another is 1000 WC or more.


At any point during a Travel topic before the creator ends the topic anyone of who is either in the land the creator wishes to get to or in the land the creator is coming from can interfere with the Creators travels with IC reasoning and very believable concepts. In order to successfully interrupt and run into the creator a  travel topic you must match up the creators word count or surpass it in the same travel topic. This is to give off the effect of the pursuer catching up with the traveler. Travel topics that take place in the air can only be interfered by something that is also in the air, This also goes the same for sea or land.

Starting places and Wanderers

Avatars and everyone who resides in a nation alike are to start in their home nation Unless given the rare but obtainable "Admin permission". All characters who are wanderers may start in a Nation of their choosing but in return pay a WC of 250 added over their regular travel WC for their first Travel topic only. From that point on a Wanderer may subtract 100 WC from every Travel topic he/she does including Interference topics.

Travels that are above the rules:

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Traveling/Starting Location Rules
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