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 Candle Life

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PostSubject: Candle Life   Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:49 am

The night was still young and the warmth of the soon approaching midnight, was ever so inviting to a night owl such as Lei. His haze-green eyes and love for adventure would lead him to the city's limits, into a neighbor hood that was still and very quite. Although the small neighbor was very much inside the city, it was in a part of the city that was not populated like the core. One could almost say that this was the country of the Capital City. It did not hold the sky scrapping buildings or the hustle of the night, in fact Lei found it more peaceful than anything, well that was mostly, except for the god awful sound of whining coyotes that seemed to be off in the distances. The sounds would get the best of the young man as he would be drawn in by his curiosity. His haze-green eyes would find that a small pup had been separated from it's mother and may have been crying out for help. Lei would find a tree to climb up into as he would allow his back to rest against the base of the tree and watch quietly.

Lei would watch with great interest as he was very intrigued, with the actions this pup would take to get back home. His eyes would watch as the pup would whine and roll on the ground and cry a little more loudly. The pup’s whining would slightly amuse Lei until it would be finally stopped by a louder cry of a larger one. Lei would softly chuckle to himself as he would watch the pup get up and run towards the larger one. “Well I guess that’s the end of that.” Light would slowly go to hop down as he would find his foot brushing up against a small bush of flowers, Lei would quickly step out of them and skip into the dirt path. His eyes would draw to the sky as he stared blankly at the stars. He would drag his eyes back down as he would make his first debate that presented a good question. "Should I hit up a bar to night or one of the night clubs?"

The debate would be ended shortly as he stomach would begin to growl and grumble. He would let out a sigh as he would check his pouch for coin. It would seem that he had enough to get some food and get into a little trouble if he felt like it after a good meal. He quickly turned back as he gave the stars in the sky a final glance, and a smile that could be read only to him as an until next. It didn't take him long at all to make it to the inner city as he would look upon all of the shops that were open with plenty of cliental. He would find a small quite shop that had soft music pouring out of the window, upon entering the shop his eyes would be lite up by the candles filled room and lots of couples sitting everywhere. He would debate on weather to live, but it seemed so peaceful and the food smelled so good he couldn't help but want to stay.

A waiter would greet him at the door and ask, "Who many people in your party?" Lei would simply hold up one finger and look around some more. "Well sir there isn't anymore room at the bar, but I can seat at one of our tables, it's just if another party of one comes in, we may be seating them at your table too." Lei would nod his head as he would say okay, and why shouldn't he be okay he would probably be gone before things came to that. Besides it was always nice meeting to new people and what better way than a candle lite dinner. "Please sir... right this way." Lei would be led to a small table in the back of the shop. The table wasn't as nicely decorated as the others and felt more relaxing with a great view out of the window as the small pond that rested in the back of the shop.
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PostSubject: Re: Candle Life   Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:30 pm

Coming to the Fire Empire was a slightly refreshing experience. Amarante had not accomplished what she originally had come to the fire nation for and instead accomplished something slightly more productive. Mounting her pet Eel Hound, Rocky; the young earth avatar began her trip home but not before searching the empire for a few supplies. The surprise meeting with the Fire Empress was... Something. It was clear she was a strong leader though to Amarante she was a little too ambitious.
" Hm? Something smells... Good.
Being pulled from her thoughts of the Fire Empress Amarante looked around to locate the source. Not being very bent on food it was a wonder something as simple as a scent could pull her from any thought. Then again this was no scent, this was an aroma and it took her back to her childhood. She didn't know it but a smile was creeping softy onto her face and she soon found herself hopping down from rocky and pulling him into the direction of the aroma. Her heart raced as the smell turned into a inviting taste in her mouth. By this time she was letting Rocky go to do as he pleased,  pushing her way into a shop with a most inviting name.
" Burning Midnight" The name rolled off her tongue in a tone that was  unknown to her. Her voice wavered a bit as she spoke the name again this time realizing that she was speaking softly.. Sweetly!  
The mere thought had her cracking up inside and she decided right there and then too see what was inside.

Entering the building the aroma that pulled her in caressed and dulled her senses. Everything looked nice and comforting even the voice that began to speak to her.
" Good Evening Mam How many in your.... The voice trailed off and Amarante looked at the man which the voice belonged too. On his face a look of confusion and mild disgust appeared as if something was very off.
" Excuse me miss we don't serve anyone without a shirt or shoes. It would also be nice if you were a bit more clean cut!
The man spoke curtly. In a situation such as this Amarante was not about to yield to this man or the rules of this establishment. Clearing her throat she let out a hearty chuckle.
" Oh you. Of course you don't know who I am. But then again how could such a lowly civilian such as yourself possibly have been informed. I am here on official business on behalf of the Earth Nation. I am to meet with a representative of the fire nation.
Pushing her way past the man she looked around the restaurant scoping out some sap who looked good enough to take the bait. Her eyes settled on a man sitting alone at a table meant for two. Smiling Amarante nodded and pointed at the man.
" See there he is. This needs to be kept quiet no one out of the fire empress and those of her choosing need to know we are here. Telling you at all puts your life in grave danger. It's best if you just settle down and let me pass.
Amarante smiled as the man who was confused and scared nodded and directed her towards the table. It was almost adorable too see him scramble around preparing the table with a menu and even a bottle of wine. Like a master pulling the strings Amarante watched him until he moved on back to his position.
" The things that some folks will believe..
Shaking her head she turned to the menu and began looking over it completely forgetting about the man in front of her. Too her he didn't seem like much and didn't bother to acknowledge him. In her eyes he was just some fire empire civilian until he proved otherwise.

Since her time with the Fire Empress and the child who's name she didn't not catch, Amarante has been in the same clothes. Her greenish tan shirt with the earth nation symbol on the back hugged her loosely. Her light pants were rolled up slightly as her feet covered in dirt were visible with no shoes on. She let her down earlier and the earthy brown locks gave off its normal earthy scent. This was really her everyday attire and it hardly change besides when it needed too. Her olive colored eyes still gazed over the menu, not too sure what she wanted. Her mouth watered and she put down the menu her eyes looking up to be met with the man in front of her.
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PostSubject: Re: Candle Life   Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:19 pm

Lei would not bother to turn his head as it would seem that his plan to take a quick meal and go was short lived. His eyes would focused on the window as the sounds of a bottle of wine and menu being placed on the table grabbed his attention. He would turn to the host and look at the bottle.

"Your guess from the Earth Nation has arrived sir."

Lei would look up at the host and draw a blank stare as if he was confused. His glance would move across the table towards the woman who bared a clear appearance of what would be though of as causal Earth kingdom attire. He would wave his hand at the man to shoo him off as he would look back out of the window.

"The Lies some people will tell." He softly mumbled to himself.

Lei slowly picked up the bottle of wine and held it over the edge of the table; his hands would slowly open as he would watch it fall only for a seconds and be caught by a waiter. The waiter would then place a set of glasses on the table and pat Lei on the back.

"I see that becoming a Lieutenant General has changed you at all, Lieutenant Fang."

A soft chuckle would be exchanged between the two men as the waiter would fill the glasses with the red wine. Lei would pick the glass up by the stem and swirl it around for a second before sipping it softly. The sweet drink would slowly make it's way down the back of his throat, after dancing lightly across his tongue. The wine was sweet, a little bitter, and smooth.

"No not at all, I was just wondering how the service was around here."

The waiter would bow softly as he would place the bottle of wine down into a bucket of ice and drew the curtains. He would then push Lei lightly as he would take a more relaxed stance.

"Man it's good to see you're back home. I swear the City hasn't been the same since you and Juan were sent out. I keep hearing the stories about several fleets going missing and not being found."

Lei would pat waiter on the shoulder and smile lightly. "They're nothing but rumours that the civilians tell to spoke out the inactive duty. Besides you're on leave to take care of your folks and you can't do that if you're worrying yourself silly over nothing."

"Yes Sir." The waiter would reopen the curtains and take his professional stance.

"So how long will I have to wait before someone can take my order." The waiter would chuckle lightly as he would pull out his pen and pad.

"I guess I will have the roasted chicken and rice, a mixed plate of egg rolls and a light salad.... Also please don't be silly and bring me a whole chicken. I just want the legs and wings."

The waiter would nod softly and turn to the woman that had been trapped in the middle of their little conversation. "And you ma'am?"

Lei would not bother to listen to her order as he would be drawn back out of the window. Once the waiter had left he would stand up and push the curtains closed. He then turned his glance back across the table.

"I am Lieutenant Lei Fang, and for some reason they think you're my guest. Who are you and what business do you have with me?"
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PostSubject: Re: Candle Life   Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:45 pm

Amarante ignores the conversation between the two men. It seemed as if they knew each other well and she didn't want to get between them. As they spoke her eyes gazed out the window until the two decided to cut the chit-chat. The man had ordered first and it was Anarante's turn. Everything the man had ordered sounded so delicious and she was tempted to get what he got. Looking at her menu once more she began to speak.
" I'll have a whole roast duck, Jasmine rice, Steamed vegetables, and spicy pork dumplings. Smiling she handed the menu back to the waiter who had a look of surprise on his face. He quickly bowed and departed leaving the two alone once more. As soon as the waiter was out of sight the man closed the curtains and began to speak. Amarante must have been very lucky to continue to run into such high profilers. First the Fire Empress now a lieutenant this could prove to be very beneficial. Before speaking Amarante picked up her glass of wine and took a sip. It went down smoothly and she acknowledge the taste before taking another sip and responding to the man.
" Well, well how lucky of me to have pointed out a man in such a powerful position. In all honesty I have no business with you whatsoever. Though maybe we can fix that. My name is Amarante Sheng. Just a humble Earth Kingdom Native.
Taking another sip from her glass she swirled it around studying the color. She didn't know how this would play out but giving out anymore information like the fact that she was indeed the Earth Avatar could have end up pretty bad. Her name though was less used by most people because no one other than those on Kiyoshi Island knew her actual name. Still she had to be careful not to give herself away.
" I was on my way back to the Earth Kingdom actually... I'm pretty much done my business here in the fire empire for now. " Amarante leaned back in her chair pushing her fingers through her hair and moving the curtain open with a bit of air bending.
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PostSubject: Re: Candle Life   Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:31 pm

"Amarante Sheng... that is an interesting name." Lei would allow his gaze to shift from the woman and back to the window.

His mind would allow the situation to roll around in his head for a second or tow before taking another sip of the wine. He wondered what business could she possibly have in the Capital City. It wasn't as if the Fire Nation had open hospitality to the world.

"So why did you point out me? Are you saying that it was it just an accident that you picked me out of a group of people to have dinner with?" He felt a sense of uneasiness wash over his body as he sat the glass down.

His gaze would turn from the window in time to see the curtain open back up and see a large plate of salad placed down in front of the them. On the side of the plate was a bottle of ranch and two forks. The salad had been dressed up with fine slices of carrots, cucumbers, olives, cheese and diced chicken.

The waiter would smile and pat Lei on the back, "Don't worry it's on the house, so why don't you two just enjoy your date." He would quickly disappear back behind the curtain before Lei could say another word.

"A date tsh." His hand would move to grab a wet wipe from the side of the table as he would quickly wipe his hands and discarded the wipe into a decorative trash-can that sat on floor next to table.

He would pour a little dressing onto the side of the salad that was closest to him and pick up his fork and stab a small portion of the salad before biting into it. He would look up to the women and notice all the signs that would make people think this was a date. They were sharing a table, at one of the nicest restaurants, the City had to offer. There was nothing but couples dinning here, and above all else she was beautiful.

"Don't worry about him, he thinks everyone woman, I have dinner with is a date, although up until this point it has been true." Lei would place his fork on to a folded napkin, and sip the wine once more.

"So tell me, how did you find your visit here in Capital City? Was it everything you had hopped for?" His body would shift slightly in his seat as he would look the woman in her eyes.

While looking in her eyes he noticed something that was quite unique, a portion of the sparkled and made them seem a little brighter than any he had seen before. Could it have been the candle light? No he's had dinner with several women over candle light dinners and none of their eyes ever sparkled like this. It couldn't be because she said, there were no tears and what could she be sad about. Did the naturally have this shine to them, because this was the first time he seen someone with a genuine smile. It was almost heart warming.

"You should try the salad it's actually pretty good." He would use his hand to point towards the salad as he would look towards the curtain as if expecting it to open once again.

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PostSubject: Re: Candle Life   

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Candle Life
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