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 Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]

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Lie Ren
Lie Ren

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PostSubject: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:06 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Lie "Juan" Fang
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Lie Ren:
Formal Wear:
Combat Uniform:

Lie stands right at the six foot mark and weighing barely 160 pounds. Despite his older age Lie still appears very young, especially his face. Len hair is long running wildly down his back and much of the time doing as it pleases, yet it always seemed to have a bit of grace to it. His hair also has a hint of purple tint to it in the light. Like his hair his eyes also seems to lean more to he odd side as they to have a purple tint to them.

Lie body is tone and muscularly a clear showing of his years of training within the army. However along his right side, starting from under his right arm to his hip, Lie has a large burn scar which he received on a mission which both almost cost him his life and changed his view on life although.
Dedicated, but Lazy: On of best noticed traits of Lie is his lazy attitude, which seems to almost completely counterbalance the story of this General. Know as a hard worker and a fine soldier, but yet still can be seen many times laying about sleeping or reading books. The reason for this man so much free time is that he beloved in Work Now! Play Longer! Meaning he often finish his work as quickly as possible in order to nap more.

A True Soldier: Despite his lazy and easy going nature Lie stands true to his beliefs and teaching to the army. Never one to have other do his work for him he is often the first man in and the last one out of any operation. This has won him the respect of many of those who have fought long side him and work under him. With a steady hand a clear head Lie has steeled himself long ago for what he might and is willing to do for his Empire, if it should ever ask of him.

Social Unlike his younger years Lie have mellowed out quite a bit. His is never seen without a smile or a kind word to those around him. Often joking and lighten the mood of other he seen, by many, as a men who does not take life serious.

The Playful Joker One of Lie greatest joy is teasing those around him, especially the ladies. Always in a playful manner he tends of pick on those around him from smalls jokes to assigning nicknames to many people. Because of his playful nature he tends to out reach his limits to even teasing those of higher ranks. With women he often joke and tease about them "At last has fallen deeply in love with him".

Rank Information:

Rank:  General
Military Rank: General
Branch: Army
Nation: Fire Empire
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Lightning || Fire
Specialty: Defender

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Furnace Flesh
Description:Residents of the Fire nation have lived and are around fire all the time. They have built up a resitance to heat and will not feel hot from their own fire or others. They can still get burned and feel pain from fire but will not be bothered by heat.

Name:Cunning wits
Description:Residents of the Fire nation are extremely cunning, they are good at battle plans and are very devious. They can formulate ideas quick in battle and are very sly indviduals.

Name: Black Lightning
Range: Self
Description: A rare form of Lightening that few even see let alone master. Unlike most lightening, which range from blue to white, this form his Black with a hint of red within it center.

Fire Bending:
Lightning Bending:
Name: Kick Boxing
Rank: Solider-Avatar
Element: N/A
Range: Close
Description: A fast hitting form of martial arts base mainly around quick and fast hits with the fist and heavily blow from kicks. With a balance form of both attacking and defense it is ideal for “In your face” kinds of fights.

Specialty skills:

Name: Level Head
Specialty: Defender
Ability: No matter how hard or bad the situation get Lie never lose face and panic. He is able to keep a calm mind when most would panic.

Name: Iron Endurance
Specialty: Defender
Ability: Accessible to those who have undergone intensive training in increasing their raw power. The possessor of this talent has an increased endurance which makes them remarkably tougher and harder to down. At this stage their endurance has transcended so high that they can now withstand even life threatening injuries and continue fighting, even at a point where others would have passed out. In addition, the user can now even fight through the effects of poison and paralysis.


Type: Lightening Wolf
Name: Repede
Species: Wolf
Element: Lightening
Special Abilities: Volt Tackle | Repede will gather lightning around his body and then tackle into his target. The tackle also as a possibility of paralyzing
Lightning Bite | Gathering lightning within his mouth Repede will proceed to bite his target, the lightning allows the bite to break through armor from light the middle. The bite also as a possibility of paralyzing
Lightning Endured | Due to its ability to handle lightning, it is normal okay for it to take a blast of lightning. It can withstand solider rank lightning, but will on last the a five seconds under the sparks of a Captain.
Extreme Intelligent | Repede intelligent is beyond what most would even believed possibility for a animal. Repede seems to understand everything that is said to him and often will even reply back from barks to growls and such. It has even been time when Lie has left Repede in charge of his soldier dills.
Size | Is about 5 feet tall from head to toe, 6 feet from nose to tail and weighs about 200 lbs
Speed | The Wolf's running speed is normally 40 mph and can max out at 80 mphs.
Origin: Little is known about Repede past beyond the day Lie was saved my him upon the battlefield. Judging by it battle scars and experience in fighting Lie have only placed together small ideas of where the wolf could have came from, but yet Lie himself could care little. All that matter now is where they are heading for in the future, not where their walking from.


Name: Bara no Hanataba: "Rose Bouquet"
Range: four feet
Rank: Grows with solider
Special Abilities:
Thunder Slash | After running his hand along the back of the blade Lie added his Lightning to the blade and then will slash within sending a blade of lightning at his enemy. The attack ranger is from 5 to 25 meter.
Thunder God | Using a special handle on the sword Lie is able to use the blade as a conductor for electricity to block or perry other lightning attacks.
Origin: Bara no Hanatabe was a gift given to Lie from the former General who when stepped down gave the sword to Lie.

History and RP Sample:
Birth: Lie was born on June 11th in a house of four, him being the oldest of the lot. His father was a solider in the Imperial Army of the Fire Nation, like many before him within their family tree. It would go without saying that his father expected the same out of his son as his father did him. So with a life already planned out before him Lie enter this world.

At a young age Lie showed great promise to one day becoming just as strong as his grandfather, who was once known for his power upon the battlefield. It was around the age of five that Lie younger brother was bought into his world, named Lei Fang. Lie was nothing less then impressed with his brother development as he quickly chased after him in learning his skills. Seeing a promising future for the boy Lie often would slow down his own training to allow his brother to train with him.

However that would only last a few years as their paths would soon fork. For Lie Bending slowly moved away from fire and toward lightning bending. With the boundaries of safety between him and his brother now growing to dangerous Lie had little choice but to move on with his own training leaving his brother in the hands of their grandfather.

In the hands of the Army
Lie would shocked and amazed many when he enlisted a whole two years below the age limit allowed. This was only allowed because of his family name as well as his display at the testing ground when he easily blow away the test.

With the mind and soul of a soldier Lie quickly moved through the ranks of the army. Within only a few short years Lie reached the rank of Captain and was quickly heading for another one, much to the distaste of many of this pers. Many detest how quickly Lie was moving up in rank, believing it was because of his family name and not by his own hands. However Lie would never allow them a opportunity for them released their frustration on him so they did the next best thing: they aimed for his younger brother.

Using their influence they would block any new for his brother from reaching Lie ears making him unknown just what was really happening around him. But events would soon come changing everything.

Death on the battlefield
It was a few years after his promotion that Lie was sent on a mission with a rather small squad to take out a group of rebels who have started attacking and raiding those living along the countryside. The Intel they had reported that rebels size was small in number and with no benders among them. This would prove to be horribly mistaken. It took little time upon arriving that they was attack by the rebels, many of them benders.

The battle that followed slowly dripped down to a game of cat and mouse lasting over the course of three days. With loses heavy on both sides, Lie was badly injure in the mist of combat, they had little choice but to fight onward. After three days of fighting Lie squad of eight now only consist of only anther and himself and one new added member: a wolf which had saved Lie life within the last hour of the battle.

It was during their return back to the Capital that Lie began to think about his life. Up to this point what had he done with his life? Aside from living the life that his father wanted from him if he had died out there would there been anything left behind? Have he truly lived? It would be the first time in a very long time that Lie would smile and began thinking maybe there was more to life then being a soldier.

The Rank of General
Upon returning the Capital many was shocked to see Lie squad return and to make matter worst Lie soon learn of his brother trials in front of Imperial Court. Using is his new Rank and the pull of his family Lie quickly intervene the court. It was a simple matter as after years of working under the former General the man had seen that Lie was ready for the last great step for any soldier and passed along his rank a General.

However with his new rank he did not buy or even help his younger brother along his rise in rank, as he knew Lei would have never forgave him for doing such a thing. But he did do one thing for the boy as he made a list of all the Corporals and made sure that they were all place under his brother firm care.

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Nikki Z
Nikki Z

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PostSubject: Re: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:32 pm

Branch: Capital City
Wrong Branch Is Army or Navy

Lightning manipulation is basic, so all manipulation you have should only have one or two basic lightning techs.
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Lie Ren
Lie Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:01 pm

edited I believe
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Nikki Z
Nikki Z

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PostSubject: Re: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:22 pm

Name: Advance Lightning Manipulation
Rank: General-Avatar
Element: Fire | Lightning
Range: 10-65 meters
Description: From the rank of general, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Lightning bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Lightning is all in the mind of the bender, and takes a lot of skill from a well endured fire bender.
Needs to be basic lightining manipulation.
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Nikki Z
Nikki Z

Posts : 83
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]   

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Lie "Juan" Fang [Complete]
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