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 Discussing the future.

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Lie Ren
Lie Ren

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Discussing the future. Empty
PostSubject: Discussing the future.   Discussing the future. EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 7:42 pm

The time was mid-day as the sun was just hitting it peck in it blue sky lighting up all of the world below it. The scene this day would be within the imperial court yard where a rare event were about to play out. A meeting was being held in the court this day consisting of many high ranking members of the Fire Nations Army. If the info upon the letter was true the meeting itself was the work of the Fire Empress herself. A truly rare sight indeed and one Lie was not about to miss the man thought to himself with a slight grin as he walked slowly down the path toward the court yard. The day was truly a beautiful one to spend in the outdoors as the clouds dotted the sky allowing small patch of shadow here and there. The court yard was arranged in a beautiful manner with the pathways lines with flower leading to a large water fountain right in the center of the yard.

The clicking of Lie shoe would soon come to a stop as he reached the fountain. A small smile was set upon his face as he watched the water dance before quickly taking a sit along the fountain wall. "Well it appear I arrived a little early to day." he said to himself. With a small sigh the man would only lay back along the stone wall and prepare for a quick nap. This day Lie would be wearing his daily attar from his black vest to his black pants. With the sunny sky and fresh air around him Lie could not help but feel at peace, at least till the other arrived. But no matter how much he tired he couldn't shake the feeling that this meeting was one that was going to change much about his life and maybe even more.

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Fire Avatar
Fire Avatar

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PostSubject: Re: Discussing the future.   Discussing the future. EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 7:50 pm

Mei Ling had walked briskly to the meeting place, her mind wondering why the Empress had called the meeting. It wasn't everyday that high ranking individuals would gather together, especially since from what Mei Ling heard, a fight normally broke out. It wasn't like the general immediately started fighting with one another, far from it. More like they start talking, which turns into an argument on whose right, which than turns into a fight. But since the Empress would be there, she doubted any of the generals would misbehave.

Unless the generals liked being treated like children, which she doubt they did. A giggle escaped her lips, having found the image of the Empress putting a bunch of men and women into their place. Her walk had ended, having arrived at the meeting place, and saw someone else was already there. But Mei Ling wasn't going to waste her breath introducing herself, since that would be done when the meeting started. Instead, she decided to stand around, not caring if she looked like a lost puppy.
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Discussing the future. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Discussing the future.   Discussing the future. EmptySat Sep 07, 2013 8:28 pm

Loud heels clicked along the concrete as Chaelin walked poised. Her body covered in a splendid frill - probably too much so - dress that did well in making her look good, but the corset around her waist and the amount of material making her feel hot did no help for comfort.

Her red painted finger nails, dug into her palms until it not only hurt, but reddened, threatening to tear. Her face while pampered and beautiful, didn't express any form of pleasantry, as bit into her lower lip barely concern that she was ruining her lip stick. I swear this bitch better have something good to say, she thought, her grumbling representing those very words.

She finally reached the door that looked out into the courtyard. Behind it she looked at the two who had already gathered. The other one she didn't know, the second was the avatar. She studied the young avatar girl for a second. She had truly forgotten about the young girl, and now that she thought of it it was stupid of her to do such. The young woman was a important asset to the Fire Nation, only second to the Fire Lords themselves. When she had been taking away from the Fire Nation the young girl would have been a simple toddler, so she had yet to meet her. Chaelin smiled, I think I just found what I need.

Still smiling, Chaelin stepped out into the courtyard. She mostly ignored the other male at the fountain as she walked to Mei Ling. "Good morning, avatar Mei Ling. It's a pleasure to be in your grace," she said as she curtsied.

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Discussing the future. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Discussing the future.   Discussing the future. EmptySun Sep 08, 2013 3:01 am

Lei softly sighed as he signed on the last piece of paper work. It wouldn't be until he as grabbing his jacket and headed out of the door that he would be stopped by one of the solider and handed a document that was marked with the official seal of the fire lord.

"Oh great what does she want now?" Lei would quickly glance over the note and mumble as he read it.

"Is the anything wrong Lieutenant Fang?" The solider would asked as he grew a concerned look across his face.

"No nothing at all... It would seem that my day isn't quite over yet." Lei would softly pat the solider on the back as he would walk out of the door. "Why don't you lock up and it call it a night, there's nothing else, for us to do here."

"Yes Sir," The solider would say as he saluted to the now unoccupied room, with a boyish grin across his face.

Lei would quickly make his way up the street, and stop into a small shop and grab a bottle of tea, and be on his way. It would only take him a few minutes to reach the Imperial Court Yard where the meeting was to be held. His shoes would softly drag at the end of each step as he debated what in the world this meeting could be about.

"I guess I won't know until I get there." Lei pace would soon pick up as his feet would stop dragging and he entered the front door to the Imperial Building.

A final sigh would pass over his lips as he would hang his jacket on the coatrack and make his way to the court yard. Lei quickly raise his hand to cover his eyes as he walked out into the garden and followed the stone path that lead to the water fountain. He quickly looked around the garden and saw that he was the last of the generals to make it and the avatar was already in attendance. He'd bow softly to everyone and make his way over towards the water fountain and seat next to his brother.

"Good to see that you're actually awake for a change Juan {a nickname Lei gave his older brother when they were younger.}.” He’s slowly cross one leg over his knee as he softly shakes his foot up and down in a bored like manner. “So any ideas about what this meeting is about?”

His hazel green eyes quickly gave the garden a second look as he debated if he was really dress appropriately for the occasion. He slowly looked down to his black shoes that matched his perfectly pressed black slacks. His hand would glaze over the black belt, than raise to his purple dress shirt and undo the second button. He then finally unfastens the buttons to his purple and black vest and pulled a silver container out of his inner pocket. He flips the lid up to the small silver box and pulls out a cigarette, he place the filter on the edge of his lips and allows it to seat there before tucking the box back into his pocket.
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Discussing the future. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Discussing the future.   Discussing the future. Empty

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Discussing the future.
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