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 Mikki Nakamura WIP

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PostSubject: Mikki Nakamura WIP   Tue Oct 08, 2013 11:19 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Mikki Nakamura
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Looks: She has chocolate brown hair, which is usually hung up in a high pony tail, crystal blue eyes and white as snow skin. Her head is in the shape of her heart and her eyebrows are bit thick, but not too thick. She usually wears a ocean blue jacket with white fur at the edges and around the rim of the hood, and inside of the jacket she wears a black tight turtle neck, which clings tightly to her skin. In the middle of her jacket are three sliver strings that wrap around her stomach, connecting above her belly button, attached to some green crystal circle. The sleeves only reach to her elbows as well, the rest of her arms are covered by the black turtle neck sleeves. She also wears a black skirt that reaches down mid-thigh, its rim is the same ocean blue color as her jacket and underneath her skirt are black tights that cover the rest of her legs. Last, but not least are her coal black boots.

how she looks.:

Personality: Mikki is a somewhat joyful girl who seems to mask all of her emotion with a believable smile which seems to fool everyone she talks to. Despite lying about her true emotions, she sometime truly feels the beautiful joy when she’s around the people she loves, even if they think of her as a pathetic reject.  Mikki sometimes hides her likings as well, afraid people would make fun of her, calling her some kind of pansy.  These fears always seem to bug her when she’s around other people, even if she’s friends with them. This is only because of her somewhat depressing past, which haunts her to this very day.

Rank Information:

Rank:  Soldier
Nation: Water Nation
Organization: Water Nation
Bending Element: Water

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Mikki's Techinques:
Specialty skills:
Specialty skills:


History and RP Sample:

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Mikki Nakamura WIP
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