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PostSubject: Yoko Yotori, Shiva's Inheritor (Complete)   Yoko Yotori, Shiva's Inheritor (Complete) EmptySat Apr 14, 2012 3:56 am

Yoko Yotori, Shiva's Inheritor (Complete) J8pmro

Basic Character Information:

Name: Yoko Yotori
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Looks: Yoko is a pretty, tall girl. She has vibrant red hair that extends down to her lower back even when held up in a ponytail by two small needles for hairpins, and also has two locks that fall symmetrically down from the head in front of the ears and to her lower breasts. Her skin is light in tone and creamy like a model's; her blush is ripely pink. Her eyes are honey golden in color. The most noticeable traits however, are her breasts and butt, that add to her extremely curvy figure.

Yoko commonly wears a black bra with a red flame design; and black, leather spandex type bottoms. She wears a skull accessory on her head to cover her imprinted third eye tattoo inherited from her Shiva origins. The tattoo itself is fashioned as a sideways red eye with three pointed red pennants poking outward on either side. She wears loose white boots with more red flame designs, and skin tight pink spandex 'socks' that run all the way up past her knees. For her hands she wears black fingerless gloves. But in all... not much is covered; she stands out like a thorn. Occasionally she wears a large black over-cloak that covers her ridiculous outfit, that comes with a hood in case she ever needs to keep out of view.

Personality: Strangely, most people usually have two sides to them, giving them depth. Yoko's personality is split just like the majority, and comes in youthful immature playfulness or serious generally-cynical coldness. Though for the most part, Yoko is most prominently characterised as being exuberant, brash, inattentive, and heedless to formality or social standings. She is also somewhat arrogant and egotistical, being as she inherited such great power from Shiva. It is not uncharacteristic for her to possess a great degree of confidence in herself, and will loudly proclaim it whenever she gets the chance and feels like it. Yoko developed a craving for acknowledgement due to her childhood, always kept indoors, always kept out of trouble, always locked up by the strict rules of her parents. Because she was held back and down by her parents, she strove for the inverse by attempting to make a big name for herself with an exuberant attitude and a knack for being the center of attention—this would explain her lack of moral when it comes to dressing.

Yoko's darker side rarely sees the light of day, and is usually brought on when the situation around her becomes to stressful and too heavy that she just can't overcome it with her playful mood. She feels her hand is forced and cannot maintain her happiness or playfulness as she shifts her attitude into something a bit more mature and serious. However, this is how Yoko shows her hidden intelligence and cunning, as well as her own protective side. Though it was her parents overprotecting her that she hated, she feels protective of her friends and ready to help them if they need her.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Fire Nation
Organization: Bounty Hunters
Bending Element: Fire

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:


Specialty skills:

Name: Larceny Artist
Specialty: Feint
Ability: Since her childhood, Yoko had been stealing. It would begin as simple filching of bread and drink from the market stands, but would get increasingly worse from when she stole the Burning Broom, and onward in her life. Each time it got easier, and Yoko would actually put effort into perfecting her thieving skills. At this point her heists have become systematic, and Yoko excels in all of sneaking past defenses, quickly finding her item of interest, and escaping like a pro. At her current proficiency, Yoko has mastered silent running, lockpicking, quickly scanning buildings, and figuring out multiple routes in and out of various buildings or areas at efficient speeds.


Name: Burning Broom
Appearance: This appears as a long charcoal-painted metal staff—5 feet long and 2.5 inches thick. One end is rounded off but the other has a thick cylinder attached to the end like a exhaust chute. It is thicker but shorter, being 5 inches thick and 8 inches long. It also bears a similar paint style. Since the staff itself is mostly solid, it works as a decent whacking weapon, but is mostly meant for... flying.
Range: 5 feet 8 inches.
Rank: General
Special Abilities: Besides whacking, this "broom" has one special ability; and that is the ability to use the general manipulation of fire to unleash a jet of flame from the exhaust chute to create a forward propulsion so strong that it can carry itself, Yoko, and an excess of two other people on it into the air. It is quite dangerous, flying at speeds of fifty miles per hour, but as long as Yoko is riding it, things should be okay.
Origin: Airbenders for the longest time had ruled the skies with their precious airgliders; but what about the ambitious fire nation? This single "broom" was a collaboration project residing in Yoko's homeland, and this was their final product. It was too bad for them Yoko was crazy enough to break into their vault where this item was kept the night after being finished, and stole it. She never showed her face in that village again, but so far so good the inhabitants of the village were never able to afford to make her crime well-known enough.

History and RP Sample:
- Childhood: Yoko's village was an urban industrial center, one of the more massive in scale in the Fire Nation. She was born into a family of three others; two highly protective parents and an elder brother. She shared a great bond with her brother, but had a child-like detestation to her parents; they overprotected Yoko, as well as her brother... and at least that was one thing they shared and constantly conversed with each other about. Neither of them were allowed out of the home much, only permitted during school hours. They were dropped off and picked up from school on the dot, never giving leeway. Yoko was able to make friends with her classmates, but she never was able to have any recreational time with them while her parents still existed. It was because of that that she developed a rebellious attitude toward her guardians, willing to break a rule or two to have some fun.

She first snuck out of the house at the age of eight, wanting to finally explore the village outside her home and school—and everything on the path between them. It was truly-awe-inspiring, even if it came to such dull things as factories or supermarkets. But due to the constrictive nature of her parents, Yoko didn't understand the rules much. She wound up taking food without payment, and got caught quite easily. She had to apologize, explaining that she didn't know she had to pay, and she was let off with a warning. The issue was, Yoko's rebelliousness had already taken root within her; next time, she would learn the art of sneaky thievery... and she would not be caught. It quickly became a habit, under the noses of her parents and under the noses of the authorities...

Though, Yoko didn't exactly have a track record. She was caught outside the house by her parents once, and often ever since. It quickly became a sort of war between her and her parents, as she continuously snuck out and stole from the innocent, while she got terribly punished every time she was caught. Her brother was actually excited and envious of Yoko, but never brave enough to do it himself. Yoko told him that it was okay, and that she would do it for him so that he wouldn't have to, and sure enough next time she came back she came bearing an entire basket of bread. Cheers and laughs all around, except for her parents. Rules kept getting tighter for Yoko, but her endeavors kept getting more ambitious...

- On the Lam: Eventually strings broke. Yoko was a goddamned firebender by now, yet she was living under the most terrible restrictions ever. She was not even allowed to continue her classes at school anymore, and all the authorities knew her name and looks now, looking out for her twenty-four seven. Yoko just couldn't live under such conditions anymore, and she decided to escape, even if it was at the expense of losing her family. She would be sad, yes, but she really needed to get out. At age 12 is when it happened, as she began packing all she could—food, drink, stolen coin, toothbrush, and an outlandish set of apparel. Then at the dead of night she would sneak out once more, but for the final time of her life. She mentioned it to no one... she couldn't afford to.

Recently she had overheard her father mention some interesting news, about how a bunch of smart-ass scientists had come together to develop some ground-breaking technology in the creation of a magical flying broom, and Yoko was now set on stealing that. It would be the perfect escape method, over the walls surrounding this village, as well as the troublesome guardsmen. And so on the fly she planned her biggest heist ever, breaking into the high security building and locked vault that contained this item of magnificence—her results came out as success. Figuring out how to use it too some time, and she almost caught herself on fire trying to. But eventually once she realized it was powered by firebending, she was able hop on and ride it off into the night, laughing at the guards below and mocking them as they feebly attempted to give chase.

She never looked back after that...

- Bounty Hunter: From that point on Shiva would become a lone wolf who survived on her own power. She realized she would run out of food, water, and even coin eventually, and thus would have to figure out a source of income somehow. She asked herself what was the most appealing occupation to her right now, and her answer was adventuring. Unfortunately, the guys who would actually pay her any money didn't list adventuring as a real job. She was told the next best thing was being a bounty hunter, after kicking a rudely oppressive man's ass in the bar with her firebending of course (She just didn't look that threatening at first). This would be her new path in life, as she took her first hit ever. It was the lowest on the list and thus supposedly the easiest... they said the hardest thing would be finding the guy.

She ventured off into the lands of the fire nations, practically dropping her jaw. Really, every new place she went was like having sex to the common man, which tells one just how suppressed Yoko was by her parents. To sight see and explore such beautiful and bountiful lands was truly the experience. But there was also the task laid out before her; hunting down this wanted man. She thought the best option was to try and get tips from the dirtier areas of random towns, and surprisingly it would work. When finally she arrived at the supposed hiding place of this bandit, and at first she could not find him, she would resort to her own knowledge. Shetoo had the mind of a thief, and thus she would figure what she herself would do if she were to hide here. Needless to say... she found him, and when she did his ass was surely kicked, and he was brought back to her point of origin alive and bound, as the job offer demanded. The bar owner gladly paid her the sum lump of cash, and Yoko skipped off a happy camper.

Yoko's career only improved, and with it her abilities as well. Unlike most who had to train their abilities, she seemed to just be getting stronger and stronger the more bounties she took down. She didn't really have a value for the life of people she didn't know, so she took both dead and alive bounties, getting comfortable with both types. With time, her outspoken personality, eye-catching apparel, crude effectiveness, and reputation for success... it would all come together to give her a name amongst bounty hunters, amongst the entire nation if they were looking for someone to perform such a sneaky job. Yoko got what she wanted, a real name.

- Shiva's Inheritance: As aforementioned, Yoko seemed to be growing in power without really training, leading to her great success at so fast a pace. But when Yoko finally decided to take a break (She was set for money at this point), and begin a some actual training, what resulted was quite amazing and destructive. Rather than getting what she asked for, she got more as she shot a beam of chi from her forehead; this launched her far back off her feet, while the beam of chi continued onward into the face of a hill where it spontaneously combusted into an explosion so powerful it incinerated a massive chunk out of it. This was the first time she had ever used an ability so deeply ingrained within her blood, called the inheritance of Shiva, the God of Destruction. Like the abilities of the avatar, this ability was passed down the generations to a very select few, so rare that usually only one being in the world knew how to utilize it at once. This time it would be Yoko.

She had a troublesome time when she looked into the mirror, seeing the tattoo of the third eye engraved into her head with some weird red ink. Under no circumstances would this symbol wash off, and so she would have to resort to hiding it under a special headband with a skull trinket on it. It would take a while and a couple more bounties before she was comfortable with the eye again, enough to pull the headband off and start training again. There was just too much great power in this Will of Shiva to deny as inheritance. She would incorporate it into her battle style, and it would become her signature technique. Yet whenever she wasn't in battle, the headband was always replaced to hide the eye once more.

Rp Sample: The month was March, the day was the twenty eighth (my physical birthday), the hour late at eight... the minute marker was at thirty seven, the second marker at fourteen, and the millisecond marker at eighty three. Midnight blue was the current color of the sky, speckled with points of lights called stars that served at blueprints to the constellations above. The moon was before me, shining brightly as it reflected the sun's light, yet the sun itself hid neatly below the horizon at some point behind me and to the left; its position was indicated by the waning crescent phase my eyes focused on at that very moment at eight thirty seven, fourteen seconds and eighty-three milliseconds. My eyes shifted to a new focus in the span of thirteen milliseconds: the swaying trees. The wind was quite substantial this fine night on the island, with the chilled gusts assaulting my uncovered face with an irritating consistency. May the tree's trunks have bowed to and creaked in the winds—I remained upstanding with my tenacity. Only my black cloak and dark blue hair ceded to the winds, yet I would not. I managed a perfectly vertical form even as I strode forward through a naturally-formed path in the woods, large enough to allow the moon the shine through, yet narrow enough to beg the question of what lied in wait around me.

Eight thirty seven, forty one seconds, and fifty one milliseconds: The sound of my footsteps were beginning to grow as perpetually monotonous as the wind, boring myself. I had a principle about boredom, which was more or less along the lines of, 'If it gets boring, I'm out of here'. I was nearing that point where I figured I should just call it night, turn around and head home to my unpretentious hideout. One might wonder what the hell I was doing out here in the first place, marching through the woods alone and in the dark. Well, it was an allure; and all good things started with such a draw. So far throughout my life, I had experienced only splendid events from trusting the mystical feelings that stimulated like a soft whisper and tugged at my essence like the smell of food to a beggar. Some of said experiences even consisted of life-changing phenomena, so who was I to argue with that? The only issue I seemed to have here is that the feeling didn't grow stronger or weaker as I progressed forth. I could tell in which direction I should be heading, but otherwise the sense could be considered... vague. With conflicting thoughts, I continued onward in hopes of finding something beneficial.

Eight thirty nine, twenty seconds, and eighty nine milliseconds: It was only seventeen seconds ago that I had switched to tree-by-tree travel, leaping from branch to branch on the safest path possible. This decision had created chaos within the sound of my footsteps, as the taps of my feet were no longer consistent in time, but distraught based upon the differing lengths between branches. Additionally, the sound of my footwear on wood was much more satisfying than on dirt, pleasing enough to continue a little longer. The last factor attributed to the decision was that I was moving at a much faster pace, several times quicker than my previous walking speed. It was of course because of that, that at this time of eight thirty nine, I stopped myself just on the edge of a clearing—there was no tree in front of me to leap to. And being a clearing of course, the light of the waning moon illuminated the grassy field before me quite decently. And it was because of that, a sight as bright as day, I spotted a larger-than-average monkey; from what I could calculate, he would be almost twelve feet tall if he stood erectly. The image became even more unusual due to the fact that this bipedal creature was wearing a pair of leg bracers, as well as a belt with a luxurious loin cloth. He also wasn't doing what was considered normal for monkeys either, seeming to meditate in a cross-legged position with his eyes closed.

I crouched into a frog-like position, observing this strange creature from afar. After twenty four seconds I determined that this was the object of beckoning, and a reason to stay awake a little longer; however after another six minutes and forty five seconds, of which my expression gradually shifted into a grimace... my impatience began to emerge. There had no change in the situation down at the center of the clearing, and no actual movement aside of breathing. Giving up, I exhaled loudly by groan, and that would be my mistake of the night: Like lightning the creature jerked its head directly at me, eyes practically ripping open to reveal a pair of savage fire red eyes. Without even pausing to give me a shocked inhalation, the being spoke in an overbearing bellow that filled the entire forest with its presence, ruffling leaves as the reverberations echoed outward. "Human. You would do well to withdraw from this region, and disregard any recollection of this night. Abscond..." And then as his words subsided, only silence remained. Not the wind nor the trees even had a rebut to his great voice.

Yet I was a masochist and had a thing for trouble. It would be out of character for me to do as the talking monkey requested, so I would hop down from the tree and into the massive clearing and begin pacing forward with a sense of purpose. A wry smile and a mischievous gleam of the eyes was plastered onto my face, and the monkey would appear to raise an eyebrow. It would happen and disappear so fast that I couldn't even be sure it had happened, but when it became absolutely clear that I was not intending on leaving the beast alone, he frowned. Slowly, he stood up all the way, the full twelve feet that gave him such a dominating presence that overshadowed mine. "Human, you walk the border of annihilation," he announced in his domineering voice. And I would answer the monkey with a hum of agreement...

...As I continued to walk the fine line.

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Alright, sorry about all of that, but you are now approved Smile
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Yoko Yotori, Shiva's Inheritor (Complete)
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