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 + Second Pass Weyr | AU 18+ Canon Pern

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SP Team

PostSubject: + Second Pass Weyr | AU 18+ Canon Pern   Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:02 am

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Second Pass is an AU, Canon Dragonriders of Pern RPG, set at the tail end of the First Interval. With an over arching plot catering to the IC politics, the site is heavily player influenced, with a strong 'slice of life' take on things - what is it like to be a dragonrider? A child of the Weyr? A Stolen longing to go home?

With the opening of Telgar Hold, there are abounding opportunities to play in a more fantasy-medieval setting, where rank and blood ties are of the utmost importance, where peasants are struggling for a day to day living, while their lords and ladies gossip behind one another's back.

Second Pass offers Players countless opportunities to RP - Want to RP a gold dragonrider? A Wingleader? A Second? A trouble maker or a brown-noser? We have room and would love every single one! Is romance more your style? We have countless room for that, too, with couples abounding. Want drama in your character's life? Or rainbows and sunshine? We have both, and everything in between and beyond!

Is heavy involvement in site plots more your thing? Sign on up! We have opportunities for characters from all scopes of life - from weyrbrat through to bronze and goldriders! Any enterprising individual will be able to find a place within our plots!

SP runs on 1:1 time scale!
SP has Hatching approximately every other month!
SP encourages everyone to try their hand at Impressing gold!
SP has room to RP themes and stories not always welcome on other boards!


18+ age requirement for members.
Site does contain some NSFW content.
Ad boards are PG rated.

<a href="http://second-pass.net"><img src="http://second-pass.net/BadgePictures/SPWBadge.jpg" title="Second Pass Weyr; Adult Canon Pern"></a>
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+ Second Pass Weyr | AU 18+ Canon Pern
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