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 Keiude Sanada, The Earth King

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PostSubject: Keiude Sanada, The Earth King    Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:47 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Keiude Sanada
Age: 28
Gender: Male


Sanada is a very tall, burly man, just how big he is is usually hidden fairly well within his official clothing, which he only wears long enough to flex and rip the upper half off with muscle strength alone. Sanda is a huge, 7 feet tall, weighing in at 260 pounds of pure stacked muscle. Some would describe him as a wall of muscles. He has a very manly, squared off face, with a beveled chin that is fairly large. He is mostly bald, except for a glaringly noticeable tuft of curly hair jutting from just above his forehead. The hair is a golden blonde color, that matches his handlebar mustache in volume and bounce. The tuft of hair and the mustache are upkept very well, as they shine brightly and seem to be spun from gold. Sanada's body type is extremely muscular, and is suited to be described as that of a body builder. The muscles are not only huge, but are extremely toned as well, meaning that there is almost no fat on his body at all, although he is a giant.

He often wears his official Earth King Uniform, which comprises of military garments, that is a dusty brown color, just as the earth that he rules over. A military jacket, with a thick collar, as well as a long flowing, almost cape like protrusion going to about Sanada's knees, which is split in the middle and has a grey border. A white belt with no buckle separates the jacket from the pants, which are pretty normal, although it follows the color scheme of the dusty brown as well. They are a bit baggy, flowing down into the slicked black combat boots that look like they are mixed with dress shoes.

As an additional note, there seems to be sparkles constantly surrounding Sanda's face, especially when he makes one of his patented epic poses.

Personality: Despite his towering presence and intimidating physique, Sanada is decidedly softhearted and almost comically emotional, quickly bursting into tears of sorrow, compassion or joy in most situations. He is a particularly caring individual, who goes out of his way to offer aid to people in need and takes great pains to look after his friends, allies and subordinates - though his great propensity for giving hugs frequently does unintentional harm to those unfortunate enough to be embraced by his powerful biceps. With a rather boisterous demeanor, Sanda appears rather fond of loud, grandstanding speeches and dramatic comments, can be unwittingly pushy in his attempts to help others and is particularly protective of youths like Edward, demanding that they eat, sleep and exercise well in order to grow healthy and strong. Proud of his own physique and believing it to be a supreme work of beauty and art, Alex frequently removes his shirt to show it off in unwelcome attempts to buoy the spirits of those around him.

As a member of the illustrious Keiude family, Sanada takes his honor very seriously and proudly wields his great strength of body and character for the military he believes exists to serve the people of The Earth Country. As such, he is very respectful to his fellow countrymen and an adamant protector of others on the field of battle. Sanada is very seriously affected by the deaths of innocents, friends, compatriots and even enemies, freely shedding tears when faced with another human's untimely demise. As such, Sanada dislikes violence and, while always ready to fight, prefers to settle disputes peacefully despite the known fact that his softheartedness and unwillingness to kill have resulted in a few deaths in his past. Sanada has also shown himself to be particularly perceptive, as he was the first to figure out that there were spies in Earth Country as well as an attempted Coup and he is quite skilled in delivering and deciphering secret messages.

As a result of his failure during the Great Civil War, Sanada silently carries a personal sense of shame and strives toward fulfillment of his duty in an attempt to redeem himself.

Rank Information:

Rank: Earth King
Nation: Earth Country
Bending Element: N/A

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Devastating Power
Range: Self
Description: The user has trained their immense muscles passed the normal human limitations countless times over, and this has resulted in raw physical power beyond human comprehension. The user's strikes can smash through most things as if the hands were made of steel and launched out of a canon, and this can often mean that just a single direct blow can spell doom for an opponent.

Name: Muscled Flash
Range: Self
Description: It seems that instead of hindering him, Sanada's muscles have made him extremely aerodynamic, and because he also has an immense amount of quick twitch muscles, he is extremely speedy, normal eyes usually not being able to keep up with his speed. He is able to jut around the battlefield, and dodge most direct attacks. Opponents must get creative to have a hope of laying a hand on him.

Name: Reinforced Iron Soul
Range: Self
Description: This is a greatly improved version of the Earth Country's own Rough Hide SC. The user has trained and beaten his body, working every section of his body to the bone, making the body unnaturally resilient to attacks of all kinds, especially elemental bending attacks. Being assaulted by many benders in his lifetime, he has become slightly resistant to elemental techniques, meaning anything non physical(air, fire) will be slightly reduced in the damage they deal. He is by no means immune to them, but simple attacks will seem to do only light damage to him, where they would do moderate damage to others.

Name: Reinforced Iron Body
Range: Self
Description: This is a greatly improved version of the Earth Country's own Rough Hide SC. The user has trained and beaten his body, working every section of his body to the bone, making the body unnaturally resilient to attacks of all kinds, especially physical attacks. Being assaulted by many people in his lifetime, he has become extremely resistant to physical attacks, even being able to break stone and dent metal across his chest.

Name: Reinforced Iron Mind
Range: Self
Description: Sanada has an indomitable will, that is bested by none. He can power through pain and injuries as if they weren't there, and resist almost anything that deals with his will power. He cares little for things that play on his emotions, as they are his and his alone. He can literally muscle through almost anything with sheer power of will.

Name: Immovable Object
Range: Self
Description: Being at one with the Earth from years of living along side Earth benders, as well as learning the ways, even though he can't bend, it is nearly impossible to uproot or shake Sanada around. His footing is strong, and even being hit with something extremely heavy, such as an incoming boulder, will barely stagger him. Only power equal to a giant tornado or earth shattering earthquake would cause this man to lose his footing.

Name:Rough Hide
Description:Residents of Earth nation have strong stone like skin. They can take small blows like cuts and light attacks. They are not resistant to pain and can still take damage, however weak blows from punches, kicks or small weapons have less of an effect on their flesh.

Name:Brute Force
Description:Residents of Earth nation are strong brute like people. Their physical strength is increased and unmatched by others. They can punch, kick lift and move things with so much more power than those not from the Earth nation

Fighting Styles:

Name: Boxing
Rank: Lord
Element: N/A
Range: Close (0-3m)
Description: Boxing is a style of martial arts that focuses on powerful and swift punches, and the ability to weave in and out of the opponent's defenses and attacks. The fluidity of movement combined with straight punches, light jabs, and staggering haymakers and uppercuts makes this an incredibly strong style. This can be further increased if the user is very strong.

Name: Wrestling
Rank: Lord
Element: N/A
Range: Close (0-2m)
Description: Wrestling is a style of fighting that focuses on grappling, grabbing the opponent or their extremities, either locking them so they can't move, or simply smashing them into the ground or whatever nearby object they happen to be around. The sheer power of these grapples and throws is something to fear. Piledrivers, suplexes, and lariats are examples of this style. (See: Zangief)

Name: Chi Qong
Rank: Lord
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Description: Chi Qong is the martial art style of manipulating the natural energy within oneself, to increase energy flow. This usually means using some inner energy to increase the user's physical prowess, such as strength, speed, or endurance, for short periods of time. This style is also about keeping extremely calm within situations. This style allows almost complete mastery over one's own body, able to buff it, or remove hindering things from it, such as resetting nerves that were pinched.


Name: Shōgeki no Faasuto Buretto (Shocking First Bullet)
Rank: Adept
Element: N/A
Range: Melee or 20 feet
Description: Sanada uses around 10% of his maximum power to shoot his fist forward, causing a sizable crater into whatever his fist happens to strike. The crater is 2 feet across, which is still sizable for a simple punch. He can also use this ability to punch a small object, sending it shooting forward at 30 mph, with enough force to cause a 1 foot crater at the maximum distance of 20 feet.

Name: Gekimetsu no Sekando Buretto (Destructive Second Bullet)
Rank: Journeyman
Element: N/A
Range: Melee or 60 feet
Description: Requires First Bullet to be used once previously per use. Sanada uses around 40% of his maximum power to shoot his fist forward, causing a sizable crater into whatever his fist happens to strike. The crater is 10 feet across, which is incredibly powerful for a simple punch. He can also use this ability to punch a small object, sending it shooting forward at 120 mph, with enough force to cause a 5 foot crater at the maximum distance of 60 feet. When this is used, it gives a one post cooldown before the user can use another Bullet technique.

Name: Messatsu no Rasuto Buretto (Obliterating Last Bullet)
Rank: Expert
Element: N/A
Range: Melee or 150 feet
Description: Requires Second Bullet to be used previously, can only be used once per topic. Sanada uses this technique to become living artillery, able to punch anything smaller than a house, sending it spiraling forward with immense force. This can also cause an earth shattering hole in the ground, as well as knock most people clear off of their feet if they were standing on the ground. The item he punches, should it be around the size of a basketball, zooms forward at blinding speeds of more than 200 mph+, causing a shockwave around it as it travels through the air, which can carry off people who aren't ready for the wave. The crater made by this can be as large as 40 feet across, as well as the object making a 15 foot crater. If something overly large is punched, than the object will most likely be obliterated, sending shrapnel forward. This gives the user a one post cool down before they can use the Sparkle Buster.

Name: Sparkle Buster
Rank: King
Element: N/A
Range: 200 feet
Description: This can only be used once per topic, and requires third bullet to be used previously. The epitome of pure, brute force, this devastating move requires one using their immense strength to lift a section of earth out of the ground, and gently tossing it up in the air. A large haymaker will be pulled back, as well as the influences of Chi Qong are used, which causes the arm to vibrate violently, increasing the overall energy that is transferred into the earth, as Sanada punches the boulder. The immense force of the punch will condense the earth into an extremely hard diamond like substance, that will make the size of the boulder be reduced to the size of a baseball. The diamond rock will race towards the target at speeds up to 300 mph, leaving a large trail of sparkling dust behind it. The destructive force for when it impacts something is unimaginable, being able to topple entire palaces.

Name: Juke Jumps
Rank: Adept
Element: N/A
Range: 5 feet
Description: A simple technique that allows martial artists to close the gaps between them and their opponents, or to dodge things. This requires the Athlete Job. The user will use their nimbleness and speed to lung their body forward or sideways, which will slide them across the ground to the range of the technique. This move can be used 3 times in quick succession, meaning the user can clear 15 feet in almost an instant, and then this has a cooldown of 1 post.

Name: Flash Shield
Rank: Adept-Lord
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Description: This is a Chi Qong technique that puts a shield of energy around a body part for a few seconds, allowing that body part(or the whole body at Lord), to become almost temporarily invincible. This shield blocks all forms of energy in general, from fire to the kinetic energy of something like an arrow, and even energy that attempts to enter the body. This only works for one attack, and then the shield will fade. This has a cooldown of one post before it can be used again.

Name: Sparkling Reset
Rank: Expert
Element: N/A
Range: Self
Description: This is a Chi Qong technique that can be used to reset a body part, making it good as new. This effects anything EXCEPT physical damage, as in, this can not heal wounds. This is simply for if a nerve gets pinched and makes a body part unusable, or if the user gets blinded or deafened by something perhaps. This has a cooldown of 2 posts before it can be used again.

Name: Diamond Squirrel Buster
Rank: Lord
Element: N/A
Range: Melee
Description: This is a wrestling technique that is known for it's ability to instantly knock out anyone, even if they have a some sort of miracle defense. The user will grab the enemy, either by bear hugging them preventing arm movement, or by the waist, and then smash them forcefully into the ground with immense force. Chi Qong energy will be isnerted into their body, preventing bending temporarily, as well as preventing extreme injury. This move will only ever knock the enemy out, nothing more and nothing less.

Specialty skills:

Name: Gattling Fists
Specialty: Athlete
Ability: The user can punch extremely fast in quick succession, without losing very much power. this also means that can unleash a flurry of small punches to overwhelm their foe.

Name: Iron Grip
Specialty: Brute
Ability: The user can grab a hold of things or people, and only some sort of advanced mythical force could dislodge them. Once the user has a hold of something, they are usually stuck until the user decides to let it go.


Type: Closed
Name: Keirisu
Species: Squirrel
Element: N/A
Description: A mighty squirrel, a body proportionately larger than other squirrels, but not by much. Has incredible power for such a small creature, and an incredible ability to strike a pose along with it's master.
Special Abilities: The squirrel has all SCs of it's owner, making it extremely powerful, even for a pet.
Origin: Sanada's life long friend, when his siblings wouldn't play with him. He learned the ways of his body, and the squirrel seemed to sneak into the teachings and copy them, so it was as if they were both learning at the same time, the same teachings. Sanada has never won a fight against his squirrel friend.


Name: Squirrel Knuckles
Appearance: Top picture, iron gloves that cover the back of the hand going to the knuckles. There are small rounded spikes on the end that are blunt.
Range: Melee
Rank: King
Special Abilities: The Squirrel Knuckles increase the already frightening damage that the user can deal with their punches, but the knuckles are actually designed to specifically stop projectiles, including bending abilities by punching them. The knuckles are treated so that the sheer power that the user can put into the punch allows them to knock projectiles away, split them, or even punch them back in the opposite direction.
Origin: With his family and the majority of his enemies being elemental benders, these knuckles were crafted by the best black smiths in the Earth Country for the defense of it's people.

History and RP Sample:

Birth Arc: Sanada was born into the prestigious and rich Keiude family, which were known for their extremely adept Earth Bending prowess. Sanada was a relatively small and frail infant, which no one would have ever guessed with what he would look like many years later. He needed constant attention from his mother, and his father was a bit disappointed in himself, that he couldn't pass on the mighty strength to his third child. Sanada's two elder sisters also cared for him when he was young, and when his mother needed a break from the labors of being a mother to a small child. He was 5 years and 8 years younger than his elder sisters, and was quite the finicky child. He was very picky in what he would or wouldn't eat after he was done breast feeding, and while this wasn't a problem for the wealthy family, they didn't want to spoil him too much and cause problems in the near future.

Early Childhood Arc: As a small child, Sanada was almost constantly sick, usually with illnesses that kept him in bed, and he couldn't even go out and play with his sisters. This combined with him being the youngest child, he got most of the attention from his mother and father, which made the eldest sister hold a grudge with Sanada his entire life. If he wasn't bedridden with illness, he at least had the common cold non stop, which led to him usually shunned by the other children around his neighborhood, their parents telling them not to go near them for fear of them catching whatever disease he had. The children also yelled that he had cooties, and used his humiliation as a game. As he grew, he learned to not quite like the outside world, and instead focused on learning things, such as his family's ways, but then, tragedy struck.

Humiliation Arc: With him becoming the age of 12, it was time that he learned the art of Earth Bending, just like all the family members before him, and thus, he went to the training field with his parents, and his elder sisters, as they had already learned and gotten years of experience under their belts. Over the course of a few weeks of training, they figured out that not only did the sickness rob Sanada of his physical strength, but it seemed that he couldn't earth bend at all, leading his sister to insist that she take the place as head of the house, instead of the long tradition of it being the male that inherited the fortune. The parents reluctantly agreed, which made Sanada extremely sad, considering that it was now set in stone that he meant very little to the Keiude name. This put a spark of fire in him that would cause him to never again lose to his sisters. He was determined to make his parents proud, and with the middle child, his sister, supporting him, he started physically training in secrecy, while trying to maintain his normal attitude within the house.

New Spark Arc: Over the course of the next few years, Sanada trained intensely to try and earth bend, but it was useless, so instead, he focused on training his physical body. He would go back and try to earth bend every time he felt that his body had gotten much healthier, but it seemed that he was destined to never earth bend like his other family members. A lot of toil and secret hospital visits shook the illness from Sanada's body, and it seemed that the years of illness also brought his immune system to peak condition, and he never got sick after that. He trained in the Earth Temple, along with the devout fighters that were there, and he even went to underground fighting competitions(literally under ground). Once he turned 18, he was extremely healthy, and physically toned, as well as being a great fighter, so he joined the military.

Military Arc: The generals of the military didn't quite believe that Sanada belonged there, because he couldn't earth bend, but made an exception because of his family name. He trained constantly, and he could do most of the physical drills they asked for, as long as it didn't require bending, but this was getting him into quite a bit of trouble with the other recruits, because they had to shoot boulders a far distance into targets, while he could just relax, or so they though. Sanada actually did grueling physical exercise once they started target practice, but he understood how they felt, so he decided that he would also learn to hit the targets. He could throw the boulders quite far with his above average strength, but it simply wasn't enough to make it to the target, and not accurately. So, he started to develop a way to get the rocks to the targets the only way he knew how, by punching them. He started to develop punching techniques from the style of Boxing he learned from the fighters of the kingdom.

Eventually, he perfected a punching technique that would cause massive damage to anything hit, as well as turning him into a living cannon, and after working on his aim with the other recruits, he earned some much needed respect from the officers for being able to punch that hard. This respect garnered him a normal position in the military, and not just a desk job, which is what they had originally planned for him.

Battle Arc: The world was never truly at peace, so Sanada got to witness and take part in countless battles, both foreign and domestic, and became a studious and well seasoned military veteran over the course of a few years. He climbed the ladder, and even though he was thought of as simply a powerful military tactician, he opposed killing and violence, even though fighting was needed most of the time. He would rather settle disputes by talking it out and coming to a compromise, and his overly emotional state led him to actually turn a few enemy's into friends, by avoiding war. These small disputes that he had been in weren't quite up to par with actual war from other nations, but during his years of service he had been attacked and assaulted by numerous benders of all kinds, including air benders which he thought were all monks that also opposed violence. Still, over the years of becoming hardened into iron, he kept his ability to stay calm and oppose violence in almost all circumstances.

Civil War Arc: After years of unrest with an Earth King that was insane, and on the verge of being called evil, there was suddenly a huge revolution, attempting to overthrow the military and the Earth Kingdom itself. Many battles erupted, but it seemed that it was simply an internal affair, as the other Nations didn't take it as a sign of weakness and attack, which was good. This restored a little faith in humanity as a whole to Sanada, thinking that the Fire Nation would attack and try to topple the city. The revolt was being fought off, but it wad the military against normal citizens, women, and children, and instead of opposing the war, Sanada attacked a revolutionist outpost which resulted in a few deaths. this brought the large man to tears, and he couldn't go on, which got him a mark against his performance and a demotion, along with him being sent home during the war for instability.

Sorrow Arc: Sanada being the cause of death for innocent civilians haunted him for years, while he sulked in sorrow and refused to fight, taking up a simple desk job handling paperwork. He was publicly mocked by the others of the military for being so soft, and even more so by his eldest sister, who mocked him at home as well. This would push Sanada to want to leave the military, and as he was signing his resignation papers, his nice sister came to him. She said that it was human nature to make mistakes, and that a large mistake like this one would need to be dealt with by using an even larger set of actions that would make up for it. She convinced him to stay in the military and try to change things, and he genuinely believed that he could change the world, thanks to his sister. The sulking and depression would stop, and he retook the test that would get him into a field position again.

Ascension Arc: Sanada still refused to kill anyone, which made him be looked down upon by the higher ranks of the military, but over the course of his work, he periodically took trips to another city in the earth kingdom, to visit his uncle. His uncle was a devout practitioner of Chi Qong, the art of manipulating the body's energies, but this wasn't why he wanted to learn from his uncle. He was training under his uncle to attain his own personal enlightenment. He learned that everyone was connected in a way, and that enlightenment wasn't something that turned you into an emotionless person that abhorred violence in all forms, but it was simply different for everyone. As he learned the ways, he simply couldn't attain whatever his uncle said was enlightenment was, but his uncle eventually explained to him, after a year or so of training, that he had already attained his particular principles that could be considered enlightenment, and so Sanada left with the confidence that he didn't need any more changes to himself, and his sister agreed, once he got back to his city.

King Arc: The Earth King was relatively sick, and he had no living relatives in which to claim the throne, so he set up a competition. The best fighter that wanted the throne to be passed to their family would receive it, and they would be the new Earth King. Of course Sanada wanted the position, as he could make sure the world was a better place from in the center of it. He entered the competition with a new found confidence and power that was nearly unmatched by others, even those who could earth bend. Everyone laughed at him for attempting it, but one by one, they fell in battle, and he had nothing but honor and a dream pushing him forward. Eventually, it was the "finals" for this competition, and of course he would fight his most difficult opponent, his eldest sister. The battle was grueling, and Sanada had a few opportunities to end the fight, but he simply couldn't use his full strength against his sister, and she knew it. she was a smart one, and figured out that he had been pulling his punches throughout the fight, and before the final blow was struck against Sanada, his sister surrendered. He found a new love for his sister, although she didn't outwardly return the sentiment, just that act alone showed it.

Rp Sample:


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1/2 approval along with discussed changes

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Keiude Sanada, The Earth King
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