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 Hirashi Kimura: The Black Flamed General

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PostSubject: Hirashi Kimura: The Black Flamed General   Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:38 pm

Basic Character Information:

Name: Hirashi Kimura
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Looks: Hirashi is of a very average height being at the height of about 6’2. This is a height that Hirashi is very comfortable with. A Hirashi sees it as not being too tall or to short. Hirashi has long black curly hair that comes down to the top of his shoulders. And though some see this a girly hair Hirashi could care less about what others think of his hair. As he sees it as his own personal trade mark. As Hirashi is always seen spotting his special hair piece that is red and black and worn on the right side of his head. This is a special hair piece given to Hirashi from his family, as it is a family heirloom.

Hirashi every day outfit is red, black, and orange full body armor like suite. As the outfit comes with protective materials that protect the chest, arms, and feet. The outfit is also said to remind people of fire. As they outfit is covered in fiery patterns all over it. This makes it a very good outfit for a general like Hirashi. Since it shows off the fire nation and lets people know who he is. As the suit is also one of Hirashi’s trademarks. As it helps people recognize Hirashi very easily. It is also said that the suit goes well with Hirashi’s orange and red eyes. As the suit makes them pop out and is perfect for Hirashi’s very perfect athletic figure.


Cold hearted: Hirashi is not much of a peoples person. As he tends to rather be alone and by himself. As he tends to see people as being annoying for the most part. This comes from Hirashi spending most of his child hood by himself. Though Hirashi did spend a lot of time with other people, he did not care much for them. And would rather be by himself. Though this does not mean that Hirashi does not get along with people. It is just that most people he meets he does not get along with. As only very few people get on Hirashi’s good side. And those people tend to be the people close to Hirashi. Like his parents and uncle.

Strategist: Hirashi has a very strategic mind. As he is easily able to figure out peoples plans, as well as come up with his own plans. This comes from all the preparing that Hirashi’s father Oda had him go through as well as Hirashi spending years at the royal fire nation military academy. As a big part of the lessons that Hirashi had to learn involved strategy. As the main part of being a general is war based strategies. Something that Hirashi tended to be good at. As he spent half of his life learning about some of the most effective strategies, and the ways to
counter them.

Silent: Hirashi is one who does not talk to a lot of people. This is because he does not see a reason to speak to most people. Though he does talk when he feels he needs to. Like when giving war plans to other people, or even talking to his family. Though when Hirashi does talk most seem to take the time to listen as what Hirashi is about to say is nine times out of ten is important. As for the most part Hirashi only talks a lot to the people that he sees as his friends and family.

Focused: Hirashi is one that is very focused on his goals. This is because Hirashi sees focus as the key to everything. As it was one of the first things that Hirashi learned when he was at the Academy, and that the Sword school. As without focus Hirashi feels that no one can reach their goals. As Focus is the key to everything. As without it one would not have the consists to continue with what they are doing to reach their goals that they have planned.

Rank Information: General

Rank: Bender
Nation: Fire Nation
Organization: F.B.S (Fire Bladed Swordsman)
Bending Element: Fire

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Furnace Flesh
Description:Residents of the Fire nation have lived and are around fire all the time. They have built up a resitance to heat and will not feel hot from their own fire or others. They can still get burned and feel pain from fire but will not be bothered by heat.

Name:Cunning wits
Description:Residents of the Fire nation are extremely cunning, they are good at battle plans and are very devious. They can formulate ideas quick in battle and are very sly indviduals.

Name: Noble Born
Range: Supplementary
Description: Because Hirashi was born into fire nation nobility. He is very well known throughout the whole Fire nation. This also tends to make most people of the fire nation give him some respect even if it is not a lot since; people respect him for his family.

Name: Black Flames
Range: Supplementry
Description: Unlike others Hirashi’s flames do not take on the color of Red and orange. They take on a strange black color. This is something that is unknown why but has come to give Hirashi a name and reputation. Though this comes from Hirashi's cold heart. Though his flames are not as blacks as his uncles.



Specialty skills:

Name: Swingblade
Specialty: Athlete
Ability: Because of training with the sword for so long. Those of this specialty have come to be able to swing their blades at amazing speeds and be very versatile with it. Being able to change the direction of their blades with just a small flick of the rest. This allows for my versatile attacks that can sometimes be harder to notice because of the changing of the direction of the blade so fast.


Name: Shira Kosaku
Range: 80.6 cm
Rank: General
Special Abilities:This blade is able to withstand intense heats as it is made from a very special metal. On top of that the blade is able to be covered in fire so that it becomes an even more deadly weapon. As its cutting abilities become even better while it is set on fire. This makes the blade a very good asset for someone like Hirashi who uses his sword with his bending to fight.
Origin:After Hirashi finished his training at the academy, his father and mother went out and brought the best sword that they could fine. And stated that this sword was made by a master blacksmith that lived on a island very far away from the fire nation. Though truly the blade was a very special made sword. As it was made in the memory of the black smiths daughter who died.

History and RP Sample:
Child Hood
Hirashi was born in the capital city of the fire nation. To one of the noble Family’s of the fire nation, the Kimura. And so as a noble child Hirashi had a very nurtured uprising. As his parents and nanny’s monitored every single little thing that he did. This was because he was the only son that the couple of Oda, and Kira Kimura had and wanted him to be as safe as possible. This tended not to always be the best thing for Hirashi, but it soon became what he was naturally accustom to. But soon Hirashi’s father would see that Hirashi would need more than he life he had, if he was to become a great fire bender and take over his spot as one of the five fire nation generals. Science that general spot had been in the Kimura family for many many years. And Hirashi was the next in line for it.

So Oda convinced Kira that they would need to start letting Hirashi out more so that he could become more accustom to other people, and learn his fire bending. Since Kira was not a bender and Oda did not have the time to teach Hirashi. So as soon as Hirashi turned six years old they sent him to the Royal Fire Nation Military Academy. A place that many of the Kimura’s had went to get their education. And at first Hirashi did not take a liking to the Academy that he had been sent to. As it was mainly a military boot camp in his mind and he had no thought of joining the military, like his father wanted him to. Though Hirashi had no choice but to stay at the Fire Nation Military Academy. Since Hirashi needed to finish learning his fire bending. So Hirashi finished out the rest of his school year, before he was able to go home for a break.

Hirashi now twelve years old, had barley come home in his six years of being at the Academy. Since Hirashi’s father Oda, had asked that Hirashi spend a lot of time working and training at the Academy. This was something that Hirashi did not care much for, but he did not want to disobey what his father told him. And Hirashi had even started considering that becoming one of the Fire Nation Generals would not be so bad. Especially since his time at the Academy had brought Hirashi knew found light. As Hirashi now knew great things and ideas on how strategically win a battle. Hirashi even learned more about the history of the Fire nation that he did not know. Like some stuff about the battles that great Kimura generals won. Even some battles that his own father Oda won.

Though Hirashi still did not want to go back to the Royal Fire Nation Military Academy. Since during Hirashi’s time at the Academy he had also started to learn more about the art of sword fighting. So Hirashi would start to take an interest in it. But sword fighting lessons where only a minor class at the Academy. And so if Hirashi wanted to learn more about the art of sword fighting he would have to take his training somewhere else. And Hirashi knew of the perfect place. Since not far from the capital there was a small school where one of the best swordsmen in the Fire Nation ran a school to train swordsman. Hirashi figured it would be the best place for him to go to finish his learning of the sword. So he convinced his parents to let him go. And at first Oda was not to fond of the idea, but soon let Hirashi go due to the pushing of Kira to let Hirashi do his own things.

The Rest of My Life
Hirashi sent off to the school of swords when he was at the age of 13. And at first Hirashi was very inexperienced in the art of swords compared to most of the other students at the school. Some even teased Hirashi of this. But unlike most of the kids at the school Hirashi was a trained fire bender. As most of them where non benders, and the ones who where benders where not as well trained as Hirashi. So this soon became a big reason as to why most of the students of the School did not mess with Hirashi. They also soon learned that Hirashi was of the noble Kimura family, and next to be in line as one of the five Fire Nation Generals. This made them realized that in the future they may need Hirashi for something and he could always remember back to this time at the School. So a lot of the students started to treat Hirashi with more respect. Some of the more experienced students even started to help Hirashi become a better sword master.

Hirashi would soon graduate the School at the age of fifteen. And under instructions of his father Oda, Hirashi went back to the Fire Nation Royal Military Academy so that he could finish up his lessons there. And so Hirashi would do his best to try and finish his classes as fast as possible. Managing to graduate at the age of 16, the age he would have graduated at if he had not left for two years. This made Oda and Kira very happy and proud of Hirashi. So they allowed for Hirashi to have a journey around the nations so that he could put his skills to better practice. This journey would go own until Hirashi became 17. As Hirashi would finally return to his home in the Fire Nation shortly after his 17 birthday. During this time his father would start the preparations for Hirashi to take his spot as a general in the Fire Nation. And after spending a year of preparing to become a general, Hirashi would finally take the position. Reliving his father of the job.

Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Hirashi Kimura: The Black Flamed General   Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:32 am

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Hirashi Kimura: The Black Flamed General
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