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 Ruaxel the White Fox

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PostSubject: Ruaxel the White Fox    Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:56 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Ruaxel Ronin
Nicknames: "The Mirage" "The White Fox" "Blur"
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Ruaxel is a very toned fit man, almost ripped from the amount of excersize and training he does. He likes to keep himself attractive, well groomed and in shape. His skin tone is a light tan, not exactly pale but almost. His hair is a very bright white, not grey or silver, but white. He keeps it spiked back or to the side, but will never have it in front of his eyes or face. his eyes are a deep grey, but he wears thin layers of contacts over his eyes that make them look red, and keep wind from hurting his eyes.

For clothing he keeps form fitting things like body suits and tights on. They are always white, silver and grey so that it does not attract heat, keeping him cool while fighting. The suits he wears are normally suited with metal plates, shoulder pads, and other various items that compliment the suit. His sword case sits along the back of his waist. allowing for easy access to his sword.

Ruaxel is a very confusing man for several reasons, for one his personality does not match how he acts or how he feels. And he has two sides to him, which often confuse people who around him for an extended amount of time. Over all he is a decent guy to get along with, he is easy going, nice to talk to and enjoys a nice social enviroment. Its odd because many people misjudge him, they think he is some kind of evil merciless killer with no compassion or love for anything. This is totally not the case. Ruaxel is a very sensative man who feels all the time. His weakness is children, he absolutely loves kids. He enjoys playing, talking, hanging out with people and overall being a friendly person. He enjoys jokes, puzzles and having a good time, often trying to be the center of attention. He will make smart comments and snicker at funny jokes no matter how serious the matter is.

However Ruaxel does have a dark side to him. He can be a blood thirsty killer in battles when trying to achieve a goal. His weakness, woman and non benders. He will stop almost anything for an attractive woman, and is often led astray by beautiful woman. his bigger weakness is his hate for non benders, he feels like they are lazy weak people who are ignorant to the ways of the element. He was kicked from the air temples because of the deep passionate hate he held for these people. If a small child is growing and doe snot know bending, he will instruct that child, and instill a hate from non benders. Overall he is a nice guy until faced with a task of killing his foes, then its go time.

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Air Nation
Organization:Nen Ken Po
Bending Element: Air, Sound
Specialty: Athlete

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Endless breath
Description:Residents of the air nation have large lung capacities and are able to hold their breath for extremely long times. They can breath in rough weather like sandstorms smoke and ash, and are very good and holding their breath. Ruaxel Does not run out of breath and will only fatigue after several hours of continues work out. He will not lose his breath or gasp for air.

Name:Perfect Aim
Description:Residents of the air nation have extremely accurate aim, they can locate and pin point things quickly and accurately, and almost never miss their target. They are the best marksmen out there.

Name:Light Footed
Description:Ruaxel Is quick and light footed, he can walk in silence, keeping his foot steps unheard. He can bounce off of objects like walls or trees and be extremely agile and quick. If knocked off his feet he can recover quickly and is great on his toes.

Name:Focused Reaction
Description:Ruaxel keeps a check on his surroundings at all times. He his focused and alert at all times. He can sense when someone is around him or sneaking up on him up to five feet. He can pick up sounds and smells and is extremely good at picking up on people around him.

Name:Mighty Reflexes
Description:Ruaxel Has increased and mighty reflexes. He can move hims limbs and body quicker than normal humans, and if he focuses on a certain body part or limb to speed it up making it seem like its blurring around, normal human eyes will have a hard time keeping up with him.




Specialty skills:

Name:Muscle Tense/Release
Ability:When not in battle Ruaxel Keeps all of his muscle's and tendons tense, keeping them tight and stressed. When not in battle he feels less damage, he still takes the same amount, but feels it less. When going into battle he will release his muscles and tendons, making him much faster and quicker. He will move at a base speed of 15 mph while running jumping or moving. However since his body is relaxed he will feel damage more and is prone to deeper cuts and wounds.

Name:Quick Dashes
Ability:When running Ruaxel will make hopping like motions, pushing off of each foot, sending him flying forward, to the side or even back wards to dodge or keep up with attacks. This is used to dodge close attacks or get closer to finish a target off.

Ability:When off the ground, or in the air, he can apply wind pressure from his body, making him hover in place for a few seconds. This last from one to two post, and he is not flying. He just hovers for a delayed amount of time before touching back down.


Name:Zio, Separator Of Soul's
Range:4 1/2 feet
Special Abilities:Zio is a really thin red blade, that makes it extremely fast and quick, the red making it blur. The Sword has a large amount of oils coating it and made into it, meaning it is always soaked in the oil. At the base of the handle, above the hilt, is a small flint. Ruaxel can strike this flint with his thumb, causing it to hit the blade base, spark and catch the oil. The sword will catch fire and stay on fire unless put out or put back into its sword case. The oil allows the sword to be reignited if every put out.
Origin: Ruaxel created this blade in a deep forge on his own, making it thin and sharp and extremely agile. He crafted it to be agile and deadly in battle while he uses his speed and agility in battle. He has equipped it with a few tricks to aid him in battle, like oil and a flint. This is his favorite blade and his main tool of destruction.

Name:Horns of hell
Appearance:see picture above
Range:a foot
Special Abilities:These are two red horns attached to his suit at the head. they are made of metal and used for stabbing, he will often head butt a target causing the spikes to stab into them where ever he hits. They also protect his forehead from attacks and acts as a natural defense.
Origin: Aredynamic spikes made from very light metal that he fashioned to be used in battle.

History and RP Sample:
Childhood of an Air bender
Ruaxel was not born a normal air bender, sure he was born to a normal family, he had no special powers, and was not gifted in much of anything, but from the very start people could tell he was going to be a problem. As a baby he cried and caused trouble like every other baby, but there was just this small sensation that he was going to grow up to be different. His parents treated him right, they raised him the best they could, and even began to teach him the ways of air benders. Both being benders themselves they were skilled people who were proud noble air benders. They respected the laws and ways of their people, and attempted to instill this thought process into their son.

As he grew up, he continued to act like a normal boy, playing with others, being loud and playful. During lessons he would not sit still, he would not pay attention and most of all he was rude. Now this was still kind of normal for kids his age, however he was a little proud, he always thought he was better than others, and that he deserved more over other kids. He was a natural at air bending, being very skilled right off the bat, and was even fast. So his parents did not worry much about his lessons, which was the first mistake. As time passed he grew up becoming a master of the air element, he rose above his training, finally becoming the best he could be at his age. His parents were proud of him, however they began to notice some issues. He always looked down on others, exspecially non benders, and always expected people to put him first, they knew no good would come from this.

Growing up
As a teenager Ruaxel started showing disgust in people who could not bend, and treated them as if they were not even people. He only hung out with kids who could air bend, and was always playing at the temple. The monks began to worry, for he showed no signs in becoming a loyal noble air bender. He did not follow the rules, he hated the customs, he often mocked the nobles and ran away on many occasions. He was steadily becoming a nusiance to the air benders. One monk believed he could help, and thought that if he could find something to occupy ruaxel's time then eh would grow up to be a better adult. He figured that if he could teach ruaxel how to sound bend, the he would learn dicipline and respect, this was the second mistake.

Sound bending and screwing up
He spent about four years learning and training sound bending, doing his best to learn the next level of air bending so that he could become even stronger than he already was. It came pretty easily to him, and before anyone knew it he was already a master at sound. But he did not grow any better as a human. Knowing an advanced form only fueled his pride. Now instead of only thinking he was better than non benders, he felt like he rose above normal benders, even his family.

One afternoon he was tasked with heading down into the local town to fetch some food for the monks. While down there he began to cut up with some of his friend he took with him. They entered the shop and started messing with the owner, playing tricks and using their air to move things around. Ruaxel went to far and threw the man through a self. The guy was fine but a few local guards showed up to handle the boys. After trying to take him into custody, Ruaxel refused and began to fight the guards. One got rough and used a night stick on the boy, which infurated him. He felt a non bender should not take action against a bender, and in return killed the man. A large uproar went out through the nation, and Ruaxel was to be imprisoned as a criminal of the state.

Fearing for his life Ruaxel fled the air temple and the nation all together. He fled to the fire nation were he lived in secret as a mercinary, hunting people for money. He lived a lonely solemn life, until one day he meet Kanda, and was asked to join him. Kanda knew of not only the boys skill but his hate for non benders. So together they fled, creating a base for the new Nen Ken Po, and under kandas study he became a excellent warrior and leader.

Rp Sample:
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finally done
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Ruaxel the White Fox
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