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 Ammanas Ruse, The High Priest of the Seven Seas

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PostSubject: Ammanas Ruse, The High Priest of the Seven Seas   Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:59 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Ammanas Ruse
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Looks: http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/hack/art-08-elk.jpg
Rather short at only 5 feet and rather lightweight at 98 pounds, Ammanas is not a very intimidating person to look at. He has green tattoos on a rather pale face with light brown almost auburn colored eyes. He has medium length light blue hair which along with the green tattoos are the signs that he is part of the Path of the Sea. He has long, thin fingers and is rather thin in general. Ammanas’ priestly clothes consist of navy blue robes over a grey medium length sleeve tunic with a hood. Dark brown, elbow length gloves with holes where the fingers would be cover his hands and most of his arms with the billowy sleeves of the grey tunic covering the rest. A round cap of the same color of his robes covers the top of his head. Brown moccasins on his feet complete his attire.

Personality: Ammanas is rather shy with a bit of a lazy streak in it. These two weaknesses of Ammanas do not take away from what can be classified as one of the top brains in the world as of now. In terms of sheer knowledge inside his brain, there is no one that he is behind. This knowledge all comes from his education at the temple. A side effect of having so much knowledge inside of his mind is that he has become a tad diabolical and a bit of a megalomaniac at the same time. These symptoms often are seen when an evil glint in his eye appears and he begins rubbing his hands together in anticipation. There is a habit which Ammanas has picked up after one incident. He was once able to get his hands on a bottle of wine and after sneaking off to guzzle it down, he has from then on become a wine snob and sort of addicted to the alcohol.

Rank Information:

Rank: Captain
Nation: Water
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Water

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name: Bojutsu Master
Range: Self
Description: Due to the grueling training in the art of fighting with a staff, Ammanas can be considered a master at the wielding of his quarterstaff in battle.

Name:Water Form
Description:Residents of the water nation have extremely flexible and agile bodies. They can bend twist and move in very odd ways that would hurt a normal human body. This makes them very slippery and agile.

Name:Water Walk
Description:Residents of the water nation are extremely skilled in, near and around water. They can swim faster than others, are really agile in water. They can run walk and move in water with out being slowed or hindered, and are a force to be reckoned with in the water.


Name: The Seven Paths of the Sea
Rank: Captain
Element: Water
Range: 18.92 meters cubed
Description: A style of fighting which combines Ammanas’ bojutsu fighting and water bending. His fighting motions with his staff dictate the movements of the water which he is bending.

Specialty skills:

Name:Classical Education
Specialty: Priest (Tactician)
Ability: Being a priest, Ammanas has studied various languages, classical music, literature, world geography, geopolitics, agriculture, finances, economics, seafaring, navigation, biology and military tactics.



Name: Quaterstaff
Appearance: http://www.martialartsplanet.com/forums/geek/gars/images/5/3/3/2/9/quarter.jpg
Range: 6 feet
Rank: Captain
Special Abilities: A staff 6 feet long made out of red oak blessed by his god Mael, it is very durable and can block weapons and bladed attacks.
Origin:Given to him by his teacher at the temple which he lived at before he was sent out into the world.

History and RP Sample:
Ammanas was born to the wife of a sailor who then for the want of money, sold Ammanas to the temple of the sea god, Mael. It seemed that the sailor, being a man, had found himself someone much prettier, younger, and overall better in quality then his first wife and now resides somewhere far far away. In being sold, Ammanas was now an unwilling acolyte of that god and so his ambitions grew with his first diabolical plan at age five. This plan’s overall objective was to get Ammanas to the position of High Priest as fast as possible; though first Ammanas must complete his training.

What that training consisted of was a grueling series of physical exercises to hone his body and a constant high level academic course to hone his mind. Each day started out with five mile runs and then in the afternoon classes began. Failure was not accepted and any student which did not gain a 90% or higher was dropped. Combat came after the first five years and each acolyte was taught in the art of bojutsu, otherwise known as staff techniques. It was here that he gained his red oak staff and became proficient in its use. These combat learning years also covered military tactics and theory, for the priests knew that war would always be a part of this world and it would do their acolytes quite a bit of good to be well-versed in such things. By their definition, well-versed meant knowing it all and able to recollect each and every single piece of information.

Another five years has passed and now those who made it through the training are able to graduate to the next level, Acolyte Priest. Here each of them are assigned different posts which function as their domain. Each Acolyte Priest tend to the people spiritually and with their vast amounts of knowledge to help in the defense of their domain and with helping it prosper. Ammanas was to be a wanderer and so is left to travel the world to become wise in its way which his education could not cover. And so the second stage of his diabolical stage starts this day.

Rp Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Ammanas Ruse, The High Priest of the Seven Seas   Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:21 am

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Ammanas Ruse, The High Priest of the Seven Seas
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