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 Ushio, Seiei

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PostSubject: Ushio, Seiei   Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:58 am

Basic Character Information:

Name: Ushio, Seiei (in First-Last it means "powerful tide")
Nickname: Sei / Sea
Age: 38
Gender: Female


Seiei stands 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has a slim build, athletic but not bulky or overly muscular. She has a feminine build to her, but her body clearly shows the rigorous exercise she gets from the sometimes eccentric motions some water-bending forms require. She has dark brown hair color, with some slight lighter brown in it. She keeps her hair slightly long, but it is kept in an elegant braided knot between the back and top of her head. She hairs some "hair loopies" as Saka from the series once called them, as is common in water tribe girls, but they are short, and proceed no where near as big as Katara's got. The emerge shortly before the ears, and fall no lower than a couple inches below the ears before being merged with the rest of the hair. She has blue eyes as well, a bright icey blue color not far from sky blue, but closer to the color of thick frost or ice.

Seiei wears rather simple clothing, that makes sense considering her tribe. She wears a simple pair of light blue pants, that have white accents to them, such as the stitching. However they have no real pattern. Over her feet and socks she wears simple boots designed for maneuverability and keeping her feet warm on the frigid ice. Over these, she wears a simple dress in warmer climates, such as in other nations. It is the same light blue color, and has a few water tribe symbols that give away her nation, and likely her bending element. The only reason for the thin pants beneath the dress being colder climates. While in very cold climates, such as the north or south water tribe, she wears the same clothing, aside from the dress, which is substituted for a long sleeved shirt. Over that she wears a darker blue coat that is shaped like someone fused a dress and a coat, similar to what other female water tribe members wear. It has light blue colors as accents but mainly is a medium blue color, the color of the ocean. Age has been kind to Seiei. Though she is currently 38 years old, she has stayed fit with strenuous exercise, an taken great care of her body. She is quite fast and strong. It is said she appeasers to be in her late 20's due to her fitness.


Seiei is a rather relaxed and calm person. She doesn't favor running around wasting time, and would be quite content to lay down and simply watch the sky on a cloudy day, or else sit and watch the squirrels climb trees and the birds fly around and call to one another. One mustn't think she is lazy, she just doesn't like wasting energy, and would prefer a calmer activity, such as reading a book or watching the birds, when compared to other activities those females her age might do, such as run around chasing boys. When it comes to sexuality, she is normal, and does feel attracted to guys. But she feels if she was going to meet someone, she'd rather it be a kind, friendly relationship, a more mature bond than some pointless relationship only about someone having a good body.

Seiei is rather kind and fairly compassionate. She treats everyone with respect, though often the person doesn't deserve it. She tends to do her best to be kind to everyone, regardless of how mean spirited or arrogant they are. Seiei also has a nice balance between being overly timid, and overly talkative. She isn't afraid to talk to new people, or to strike up a conversation with someone she has never met before. But that said, she isn't someone who talks too much. She strives for balance in her life. She has learned how to meditate, and is known for making that a part of her routine as well. It is because of this that she is able to sit still and think calmly. She favors control in terms of her emotions, and she has learned to change her emotions seemingly at will at times. When scared she can get rid of her fear, and continue. One could say she is a very stable, grounded, and level-headed person.

She retains some of these characteristics in battle. She is not easy to provoke into anger or fear. But by the same token she tends to be merciful, perhaps missing opportunities to finish a fight quickly should it result in maiming or killing unnecessarily. She is doesn't strike lethal blows unless she has no alternative. She is odd perhaps in that she respects honor and loyalty. She will be merciful as possible to a foe if they have been honorable and decent. She views it as a waste to slay someone like that. Killing a foe is a waste of a life, and they have families, friends, and killing one person will often result in hurting so many more.

Where loyalty is concerned she is a bit unique. She is not blindly loyal to the tribe, and that is a fact. She is more than willing to lay down her life, yes, but is a moral person. Should the leader become downright immoral, she will not follow him. Her duty is to humanity first, the tribe second. And she is very dutiful. Perhaps it comes from the age at which she became a bender, or her uprising, but she believes in a strict policy of doing as little harm as possible to achieve the necessary goals. She has sworn herself to a code to do as little harm as possible to achieve the necessary goals. If one wants her to follow instructions that go against her morals, they need to give her reasons as to why. Want her to kill someone? Explain why she can't just disable them and spare their life. (Someone may know that this personality comes dang near word for word from one of my Narutor characters. It does. I altered it to fit the site because this character I envisioned has virtually the same personality. This may be plagiarism, but as I am stealing my own intellectual property...I I officially pardon myself and give myself full license to use it.)

Rank Information:

Rank: General
Nation: Water
Organization: N/A
Bending Element: Water, Plants (Advanced 1)

Tactician: Tacticians are smart battle ready individuals. They can focus in battle and have increased reaction time. They are fully aware of everything going on and can stay alert no matter what. this allows them to interact with multiple targets and be aware of everything. They act as sensorys, being able to be alert at all times.

Skill Information:

Special Characteristics:

Name:Water Form
Description:Residents of the water nation have extremely flexible and agile bodies. They can bend twist and move in very odd ways that would hurt a normal human body. This makes them very slippery and agile.

Name:Water Walk
Description:Residents of the water nation are extremely skilled in, near and around water. They can swim faster than others, are really agile in water. They can run walk and move in water with out being slowed or hindered, and are a force to be reckoned with in the water.

Name: Elemental Studies
Range: Self
Description: Seiei has spend much time studying the other elements as well, and has learned to use water to imitate some other elements. For example, she is able to use ice in ways similar to earthbenders. For example she might use rigid motions and freeze water into a massive hunk of ice, and hurl it like an earthbender hurls boulders, or perhaps create ice gloves and freeze them to a wall to stand or hold onto vertical walls. Or else mimic a firebender slightly, perhaps shooting scalding jets of steam to burn similar to throwing fire. Her studies allow her to use water in more unique ways that many other water benders think of. Water is an immensely flexabile element, capable of being solid liqui and gas, and she is able to use them in styles unlike most water benders.

Name: Fluid Motions
Range: Self
Description: Seiei has trained herself to be still more flexible than he average water tribe member, but what is more, is that she is able to move with a grace that may awe some. She in general moves faster than others, performing the strange motions of water tribe members with grace and more importantly, speed.

Name: Water Form Alteration
Range: Self
Description: Seiei is very skilled at other moves some may not notice. She is able to change water to ice or vapor faster than most benders. In additino she is able to alter water pressure better than many waterbenders, allowing her to reach higher pressures, or else to reach normal pressures faster.

Name: Healing
Range: Self
Description: Seiei has learned how to use waterbending to envoke healing abilities. She is able to heal others by coating the wound in wanter, and then creating a silver-blue glow. This method is used to heal flesh wounds such as burns, scrapes, bruises, cuts, and other surface and skin wounds. However it can not heal internal wounds like broken bones, or damaged organs.


Name: General Water Manipulation
Rank: Recruit-Avatar
Element: Water
Range: 1,000-12,000 Gallons
Description: From the rank of Recruit, all the way to the rank of Avatar, the abilities of a Water bender are almost infinite. Manipulating the element of Water is all in the mind of the bender.


Specialty skills:

Name: Analytical Eye
Specialty: Tactician
Ability: Seiei has spent years studying about bending and combat styles, read a small library worth of books pertaining to such subjects. And as such, she has a unique insight into the stances and movements to many styles and bending styles. Combine this with her tactical and analytical mind in terms of observation, and she is able to pick up details and form split second plans based on any information you give her. She is keen at observing and coming up with plans to break someones stance or style.


Type: Pet
Name: Hara
Species: Polar Leopard
Element: N/A


Hara is a strange animal, a polar leopard. They are splices of polar bears and leopards found in the north and south poles. (Saka once mentioned his boots were made from polar leopard fur) Hara takes the form of a leopard, but far larger than normal, reaching beyond the size any polar bear could grow. It measures, standing on all 4s, with his head facing forward, about 5 feet 9 inches total from feet to ear tips. It is on eye level with Seiei when she stands erect. In fact due to it's size, it easy serves as a mount similar to polar bear-dogs or s shirshu. The few bearlike traits of Polar leopards is mainly size, in addition to muscle mass and a bit of fatty insulation, though not quite to the proportion a real bear has, due to their lack of hibernation. She often has a custom saddle of sorts on her, and pair of bags attached to it while traveling. However the saddle and pair of bags full of camping gear and such don't hamper her much due to her amazing physical strength, due in part to having the muscle mass more similar to that of a polar bear than a feline.

Description: Hara, though being very large, is not ferocious most of the time. He looks far more intimidating than he is. He has been trained superbly well, and displays little aggression unless there is violence going on. Hara is calm, and quite often when around Seiei or one of her friends, very friendly. Though very large, he is very fond of being petted, and has a spot behind the ears and under his chin he loves particularly well to have scratched. He was trained to protect her however. It is for this reason she was allowed to start traveling in her upper teenage years. Seisei raised him from the time he was little more than a very BIG week old kitten. As such, she is very loyal. One should be wary around him when things turn violent. Hara will defend Seiei with her life. However, one of the reasons she is so loyal, is because Seiei will in turn defend her with her life as well. They are more than human and pet, they are almost mother and daughter.

Special Abilities: Hara really has no special abilities. But her sense of smell, hearing, and sight are far better than a humans. In addition, her size and speed can be useful, in addition to the claws and teeth.

Origin: When Seiei was about 15, her father and some other villagers from the tribe went out hunting and stumbled upon a large polar leopard. They hunted it, it was good prey, provided plenty of meat, and the furs were valuable for making coats, blankets, and other such things with. The bones were used as well to make weapons. They killed it, though a few villages were in great need of seeing the village healers for treatment with their waterbending. While moving the carcass back to the village, her father stumbled upon why it had fought so fiercely, a small cub. Thinking it would make a good hunting companion or "guard dog" of sorts if raised, he took it home. Seiei herself spent much time nursing the animal using milk, feeding it several times a day, and provided meat once it was weened. It developed a very strong bond to her. It grew very fast however. It was put under a strict training regiment, aided by her family. In the end, it became Seiei's best friend and companion. In it's middle age, Seiei would find someone else who had a tamed polar leopard in northern water tribe, and would mate it. She would keep a cub which she named Yu, after it's mother. Many years later, she would mate Yu, and gain Hara. Each time, she has only selected female cubs as a companion, so that the line will not be ended.

(Make a small weapon that helps your bender in battle or as a non-bender make a sword or other assorted weaponry that shows your characters fighting style)

Name: Water-Skins
Appearance: These water skins are a dark brown color, with some light brown markings across them. They are not too big, and are strapped to her lower back.
Range: N/A
Rank: N/A
Special Abilities: These are the 2 water-skins Seiei wears across her back, and they carry about a gallon and a half of water, that she uses for a source of readily bendable water when in situations where there isn't a readily available source or water to bend from.
Origin: Bought in the northern water tribe, ideal for traveling waterbenders.

History and RP Sample:

Birth & Childhood

Seiei was born in the northern water tribe, to an average family. Everyone in her family was a waterbender, and she natural was as well. Her father was a soldier when nessisary, like most other men, but when nothing threatened the northern water kingdom, he functioned as a hunter. Her mother functioned as a healer for the most part, as was northern water tribe custom, that women were in charge of teaching and passing on healing waterbending. Being a healer and having skilled healers present and around, the birth went fine. She was a healthy baby, and when she learned to walk, she was quite the ruffian, walking around getting into everything little toddlers can. The supposedly terrible twos came and went with nothing major occurring. She had everything she needed, and her father and his group made money by selling pelts of their prey to others, including not uncommonly earth, air, and fire kingdom citizens, who sometimes ventured up to aquire exotic pelts.

She wanted for nothing. Her father kept "the fridge" filled with food, and a steady supply of pelts from various animals from armadillo-wolves to polar leopards. Even the animal bones could be sold to people who made weapons, who would then shape some of the bones into clubs and whatnot. Teeth from whales and sharks was a good thing to sell, as it made for great weapon crafting as well. It was because of all of this, that she wanted for nothing. She had enough food, a few toys, good clothes. Everything was in balance. And things continued to be that way. The threes were exceptionally terrible though. Her parents wondered why some said the twos were bad, for Seiei, she was most rambunctious during the third year of her life. But her parents managed to straighten her out. For the most partafter that she became well behaved. Her parents set the rules down and made sure she knew what they were, and never hesitated to punish when needed. It is something she thanks them for to this day.

She started learning the absolute basics of waterbending when she was seven years old. It was only the basics, how to make very small waves in the water, how to turn a cup of water into a cup of ice, only the basics. It took a long time for her to get even that down at that age. She was no prodigy. But so very few people were prodigies to be honest. But she was learning. It was at the age of 10 that her mother determined she knew enough to start taking classes in how to heal wounds. She wasn't exactly wonderful at that either to be honest. She could heal only the most minor of wounds at that age, like, a bruise so small it barely showed. She just hadn't been able to grasp that essence of what exactly it was that would make waterbending "click" for her. The motions, the stances. She just wasn't great at it.

Adolescence & Teenage Years

It was at the age of 13 that she began to actuary learn bending to a useful degree. She had been able to do things with waterbending before, like, minor chores that bending could help with. She cold use bending to do things like pour drinks for people, and common household time things. But when she was 13 something just happened to "click" with waterbending for her. She began to be able to bend water in a more practical actually useful way. It was at that point that she started learning it in a more...use full way. However even then she only really could use it for larger practical purposes. To be honest her early teens were all full of the adventure all teens get at that age. That being, diddly squat. There was not much to say, she learned, she slowly grew more skilled, grew bigger, etc. It wasn't until he was 16 that her life took a more interesting turn. Her father went out with his hunting party once again. They managed to stumble onto some polar leopard tracks, and their hunt became more interesting. At the point they noticed the tracks a big polar leopard lept out of hiding, and landed on one of her father's partners, knocking it down to the ground where he broke his leg. The others quickly attacked it. The fight took fairly long, it just didn't want to die. It was big and powerful, but still it took them far longer than normal to kill it, many of them becoming injured in the process. They were hauling the carcass back to the village when her father found why that big cat had fought so hard, a week old cub.

He thought it might make a good guard dog type thing, or maybe he just thought his daughter might like a pet. whatever he thoughts, he brought it back, and gave it to her. He used the money obtained from it's pelt to get a few supplies. These mainly included supplies necessary to keep such an animal. Seiei raised it herself, feeding it from a bottle every few hours. It went with her everywhere, and she did remarkably little "went-ing" when it was young. It even slept with her in her bed, so that it could whine in her ear to wake her up when it needed fed. She grew incredibly attached to it, far more than people grew attached to normal pets. Maybe there was something about taking care of something to such a degree that helps the bonding process along.

Growth & Travel

Yuki grew fast, and after only a few weeks she was the size of a large domestic cat. This became a concern from their family, they knew just how big it was going to get, roughly. When a traveling merchant came to their village, Seiei and her father used some money to purchase a book pertaining to train large animals, bears in particular. Traveling merchants were not rare. Some things you could only get in other kingdoms. It was these merchants that often bought furs and hides and other such things that were not obtainable anywhere but the water tribe regions. Seiei began with the training from the time Yuki was about 4 months old. It was tough training an animal that wanted to be wild. But then again, Seiei had raised it herself, which made it more possible for sure than training an animal that grew up in the wild.

At the age of 17, Seiei was finally allowed to travel. It had been a year and a half or so since she had gained Yuki as a companion. She was allowed to set out only because he had gotten so large! Though not as big as he was currently, he was a capable ally. She had saved up money from hunts with her father, and bought a boat and the necessary supplies. And then, just Seiei and Yuki, they set out. It was a small boat, but she had learned how to sail well. There were 3 rooms to the ship, one was her and Yuki's room, another the general storage room, and the last being a "living room" and kitchen type thing. They spent a week or so before hitting the nearest non water nation port in the earth kingdom. Though hey had bought dried foot, they had eaten mainly fish and some fruit each day, in addition to drinking plenty of ocean water. Seiei had bought several unique "salt filters" which, when water was bended through it, produced mostly salt free drinking water. But bending the water through the filter was pretty hard. and slot going. If you tried to go fast you would break the filter.

Her journey was mostly all along the coastal shores of the kingdoms. She didn't really gain any ability to journey inland. But she did learn lots about the sea, and it's currents. Her journey took her months to get from the nrothern water tribe to the southern water tribe. Months mostly because she insisted on roaming around stopping at a great many port cities. She spent time in almost all of them, restocking, geting news, etc. She explored the nation, without anyone taking much interest in a teenage girl and her pet wanding around seemingly without a purpose. She learned how to truly waterbend though. She had a few run ins, with a pair of rogue firebender thiefs, managed to get into a disagreement with an earthbender, who tried to steal Yuki. It was in those conflicts that finally something "clicked" for her in a major way, and she learned to defend herself from others using water bending for combat.

But she learned most in the southern watertribe, where she found a master to truly teacher her like never before. There had been masters in the norther tribe, she was sure. But the journey had woken her up so greatly much that she was actually ready to learn what it meant to be a water bender. She spent a total of 4 years there, traveling between the southern water tribe villages. She earned a living as her father had, as a hunter, and also as a healer. She earned much money selling hides, bones and other such things. Yuki was a great hunting companion. Half way through her stay in the southern water tribe villages, Yuki had grown so large, Seiei often rode her.

After gaining much information, and learning a great amount about how to be a true waterbender, she headed back in her ship, and sailed back out of the water tribes. This time, things were different. She didn't stick to the costs as much, she traveled up major rivers, and down them again, only those big enough to carry her very small ship. She picked up a small library worth of books, and between destinations passed her time fishing, playing with Yuki, reading, and training. She made a visit to the closest southern water tribe nation when she got wind of someone else with a Polar leopard that was tamed. She spent another month in that village, and paid to get Yuki pregnant. She bought a great many supplies, and finally headed out once again. Yuki gave birth to her pups midway back to the northern water tribe. Seiei spent extra time catching fish, and the storage room became the cub's from the southern water tribe, to get back to the northern water tribe.

Life & Leadership

Seiei was a total of 25 years old when she made it back. She had been gone just over 6 years. She regaled her family with tales from her travels. She showed them Yuki, and her small cubs. Things were great for the most part. She lived still on her ship, which she waterbended out of the water and onto a special ice housing to keep it safe. She began to take a more active role in the village this time. She got more involved in the military efforts of the people. She studied and learned how to become a leader of sorts. Her favorite topic became the other bending styles. Water was such a ma liable bending tool, that she should to learn all she could from the other styles. She set herself rigorous training programs that involved tough physical and mental training. She had resolved to become one of the master water benders. She felt the spiritual aspect could not be ignored, and spent much time reading and learning to meditate, so that she could be more stable.

She made money doing what her parents did, hunting and trading. But by the time she was 30 she had done much studying and learning about the other bending styles. She had read book after book, meant to be teaching young benders how to firebend or airbend. In the end she did learn more about waterbending. She developed her own style. Water, being such a mailable element, allowed her to mimic the other styles to a degree. She began to develop her own style of bending. Yuki lasted to the ripe old age of 13. Yu had been her companion for a while for the most part. To be honest, though heartbroken about Yuki's death, she had hated seeing Yuki sad about no longer being able to go hunting with her and such. Yuki had been with her for 13 years, and she mourned her lost a great while. Yu, Yuki's cub, almost at maturity, seemed to mourn as well.

She began to take over a role teaching waterbending to others, mostly teenagers who ranged from 13 to 16. Surprisingly many had not been as exposed to it at the same age as she had been when she first started learning to waterbend. At either rate, she loved teaching. It was a wonderful thing for her. She would often have exibitions against her older and better students, sparing with them using waterbending. It was during these times she would practice her unique methods of using waterbending. Her students sometimes complained that she had a habit of fighting against them too hard. However some of the older students seemed to take it as a note that she took them seriously. At the age of 34, she finally came across someone who had another tame Polar Leopard, and payed similarly to get Yu pregnant. This time, things unfortunately went worse than before. Yu gave birth at the age of 9 years old, and died in the attempt. Seiei raised the single surviving cub, Hara, the same as she had Yuki, bottle feeding it until it was ready to be weaned. She had a blanket made from Yu's fur, something she had done with Yuki as well, as a token to remember them by. The rest of Yu was used efficiently as water tribe custom, food, bones for weapons, etc. Seiei kept none of it other than the banket made from the fur.

During the next few years, she felt the call of travel once again. She had studied all she could in the northern water tribe village, and it was time for her to set out once again, while she was still "young" enough to travel. She had studies alls he could from books, and now it was time for her to take her skills and her studying out into the world once again, and see what use she could have to the world. There was nothing wrong with teaching others waterbending, she loved it, but she had not traveled in nearly 14 years. So at this point, Seiei stands ready, Hara now big enough to travel with her, to head out and see what use she can be to the world, and see what has changed in the last 20 years.

Rp Sample:

Pondering Mutation I find perhaps it is best, if you would allow, for me to simply link you to a topic displaying my role playing abilities. It beats coming up with hard RP samples that just do not feel natural for me to create. my muse does not work well with them. So I would prefer if you would accept this as a sample.

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Ushio, Seiei
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